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Propaganda, Paganism, and Savagery—Origins of the New Orthodoxy by Russell L. Blaylock, MD

Recently I have been engaged with a number of people of Jewish heritage, and we discussed the origins of anti-Semitic beliefs among people. Of course, this is a very difficult subject. Many attempts have been made to explain it, and a few have come very close, particularly Modern Fascism: Liquidating the Judeo-Christian Worldview by Gene Edward Veith.[1] 

In the first chapter of his book, Veith makes two excellent points. The first point is that few people are able to actually define fascism as a philosophical system, which entails defining its structure beyond ideas about racism or as a totalitarian system. Furthermore, Veith makes the second point that fascism is not conservatism as Leftists today frequently characterize it. In fact, fascism is the opposite of conservatism. Fascism was based on National Socialism. Conservatism is based on reducing the power of government. In essence, how can one have a totalitarian system without absolute state control? You might recall that in the beginning of his intellectual life Mussolini was a socialist. It was only later that he developed the idea of a corporativist state—that is, a state that allowed corporations, through the auspices of the power elite, to determine what the corporation produced as well as how much and its distribution. In essence, the state controlled everything, but allowed a maximation of profits for the state mainly by taxation, an amount that satisfied both the state and the corporation.

The state was satisfied because it maintained its rule through a massive bureaucracy of control and taxed off substantial profits. The corporation was satisfied because the state eliminated any of the competition that threatened the anointed corporation. The selling point to both the anointed corporations and society as a whole was “efficiency.” If you read the history of industrial policy proposed by the power elite, it is all about efficiency. During the two world wars, the supporters of “industrial policy” concluded that regimentation by bureaucracies was so efficient it should be continued during peacetime. The fallacy of this way of thinking has been exposed and discussed in such books as Ordeal by Planning and Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation.[2,3]

What all this tells us about social control by the power elite, it that they considered themselves the “wise ones” of the world’s societies and superior to the “great unwashed.” Yet, they went much further. As they saw it, the enemy was individualism—the concept of the rights of the individual. For example, in a previous article I used the phrase from the movie Divergent 2 in which the leader of the society stated arrogantly, “When we let you make decisions, they are the wrong decisions.” In essence what she meant was that when given the opportunity, the individual often makes decisions contrary to the wishes of the power elite, and this cannot be tolerated. Therefore, the elite planners only must make the decisions in order to guarantee that the decisions are not contrary to the wishes of the elite or primarily advantageous to the individual.

The messenger RNA “vaccines” are a case in point. The individual may be an expert in the area and recognizes the vaccination programs as in contravention to the best outcome for his or her family. Yet, the state has many competing influences, such as money, a link to the pharmaceutical makers, a belief in depopulation, faith in “their science” (a foolish view, which is contrary to the evolving real scientific and independent research), and others.

The main part of the “plan,” stripped of its fluff, is the use of propaganda to control thinking and to foster trust in and perform only for the collective. And so “some” must be willing to die or be crippled for life for the good of the collective. This includes children, the elderly, the infirm, the chronically ill, and the deformed, as sacrificial specimens. Now that we have the COVID-19 “vaccines” added to the required childhood vaccine schedule, the power elites have included the most vulnerable members in society in this corrupt system of “thinking.” Parents are no longer included in the decision process. The biggest move by the controllers is to require it for day care and public schools. This should be a clarion call to pull the children out of public schools and homeschool them.

In truth, there is an even bigger and long-term reason. These children are being indoctrinated to reject their parents’ beliefs and teachings concerning morality and adherence to a capitalist economic system. They are also being indoctrinated about socialism, sexual behavior, gender, and rejecting trust in the Lord. We are seeing a move to allow children, no matter what age, to independently make vital decisions in the absence of their parents’ input.

A poll recently found that 50% of all college and university students admitted to lying regularly; and a psychiatry professor even made the statement that children who are not taught to lie are at risk of mental impairment later in life.[4] Will Herberg made an astute observation in an article in which he pointed out that the moral problem we face is not what the youth choose to do but what they accept as wrong; they challenge the idea of what is wrong in the first place. This is based on Paul DeMann’s idea of deconstruction that led to postmodernism. DeMann was ousted as supporting the Nazi (National Socialist) viewpoint.[5]

We see this also with challenges to normality—transgender philosophy, proper sexual roles, colonialism and oppression, religious belief, and accuracy of the Bible. Today, the youth are turning to paganism, and becoming more primitive, including celebrating violence and crude behavior. Some heavy metal rock bands glorify violence, blood lust, and celebrate cruelty to the helpless, and their concerts are providing a message of pagan savagery and heartlessness—for example, a Slayer concert imitates the cutting out of a baby from a woman’s belly and throwing the simulated baby out into the audience, which happened this year in Israel during the October attack by Hamas’ young men.[6] Veith also pointed out that in some death metal concerts they portray beheadings, torture, and mass murder for the audience of gyrating youth. Some of the bands call out, “Scream while I am killing you.” All of this influence is a return to paganism.[1] 

Young girls are not only demanding abortion at any age but some are also dedicating the souls of dead babies to Satan. Groups of girls are even chanting openly “Hail Satan.” The “right” to abortion has become a mantra among many of the youth today, especially young girls. Descriptions of babies being torn asunder and having their organs sold don’t affect these youths.[1]

Abortion has now become the leading reason political elections are either lost or won. The opposition to abortion will bring out the anger of young women, particularly university and college students. In England, a story was told that one woman even made a game of killing babies and stated that she hoped she was pregnant with a girl baby since she had never killed a baby girl before. This resembles the pagan worship of the false Canaanite god Molech or Baal, which was associated with the sacrifice of children, but something endorsed by the Nazis and the New Age.

Furthermore, tattooing has virtually exploded for men, women, young girls and boys; and the tattoos have gotten quite large involving the whole arm, chest, back, or leg. Now, tattoos have moved up to cover the neck and face. Recently, one young girl made a video in which we see her face with multiple crude tattoos, and she goes on a tirade about how cruel society is to require her to work and that she should be taken care of by society—while she gets her face tattooed and is fed, housed, and cared for by those of us who do work. This is why socialism appeals so strongly to the youth of today—as others work they loaf or seek entertainment. This is also the appeal of socialized medicine. It has the appearance of being free. In truth, it is a disaster and extremely expensive.

And unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. We also see metal spikes inserted in their tongue, ears with a row of metal rings, enlarged ear lobes and worse. It all smacks of paganism. The societies of the world are becoming more paganistic. Society is becoming more savage, violent, and desensitized to acts of heartless savagery. Movies are filled with this savagery, revenge, and lack of compassion. In films we view the brain conditioned savages stomp an unconscious person’s head and kick them to death. Brutally, they intend to kill helpless persons. And video games are filled with unbelievable violence—so real in fact that the U.S. military uses them for training purposes. Many of the video games and virtual reality games feature blood splatter and “head shots” to enhance the visual effects of the savage attacks. As a result, they are making psychopaths of our youth. The cold-blooded murder of a retired Las Vegas police chief by a youth who filmed the attack for social media, and the separate beating death of a white youth in Las Vegas by more than a dozen other youths testify to this heartless savagery.

This war is against belief in God and against those who believe. The first act by both the German Nazis and Russian communists was to destroy religion. Churches were burned or used for animal stables, priests were murdered or sentenced to long terms in the destructive gulags—in essence, every attempt was made to destroy ones belief in God.[1,7]

To the dedicated political elites, not just the communists, belief in God is the main enemy. One of the characteristics of the power elites, whether New Age, Nazism or communism, is that their aim is always the same—allegiance is to be to the power elites only and not to God.

In Western Judeo-Christian worldview, our law transcended from God, and His law overrides all of man’s laws. That was the overriding principle underscoring the founding of this country. Man’s law, especially within the totalitarianism sphere, is arbitrary. Morally, God’s law overrides man’s arbitrary law; but to the power elites, this cannot be tolerated. For them, as secular humanists, man has replaced God. We see this in North Korea and other communist states where the leader is considered a god, before and after his death.

Moreover, this unrelenting move toward a pagan world is not limited to the youth. The intellectuals, the cultured, and the well read are affected too. Read The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide by Robert Lifton to learn how the effects of indoctrination led the German medical profession to become killers for the state. Many people were shocked by the fact that one of the most cultured countries in Europe led the world in the pagan system of killing. Lifton’s book is very instructional.[8] It shows the power of indoctrination and what Gustave LeBon calls the psychology of the crowd.[9]

We are witnessing a return to paganism in the world, guided by the New Age movement and used by both the communists and the Nazis. Author Dennis Cuddy wrote a brilliant book explaining this rise of world Nazism linked to paganism, and his book also should be read.[10]


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Written by Dr. Russell L. Blaylock

Russell L. Blaylock, M.D. is the president of Theoretical Neuroscience Research, LLC, Canton, Mississippi, a retired neurosurgeon, and the Associate Editor-in-Chief of the Neuro-Inflammation section of Surgical Neurology International (SNI). He has written numerous path-blazing scientific papers and books, including Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills (1994), Bioterrorism: How You Can Survive (2001), Health and Nutrition Secrets (2002), Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients (2003), and The Liver Cure (2022).

This article may be cited as: Blaylock, R.L. Propaganda, Paganism, and Savagery—Origins of the New Orthodoxy., November 26, 2023. Available from:

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