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Fascism, Collectivism, and New Age Combined—Total Global Control of the Individual by Russell L. Blaylock, MD

In his book, The Big Lie, Dinesh D’Souza stated that only a few individuals know what a fascist form of government entailed.[1] When speaking of “fascists,” most people immediately think of institutionalized racism, hatred of Jews or certain racial and ethnic groups. In many cases, especially from leftist pundits, ex-President Donald Trump was the modern equivalent of a “fascist,” and, right-wing conservatives are tagged with the label “fascist” for whatever reason the left wishes. This represents a gigantic case of “gaslighting,” namely, labeling one person with a term that actually applies to the other person.

Antifa is a perfect case. They wear all black, hide their identity with masks, brandish weapons, are extremely violent to the point of committing murder, and act much more like Hitler’s brown-shirted mobs.[1] Their main goal is to silence their opposition, just like the moguls of Facebook, YouTube, Google, Wikipedia, et cetera, and the federal government. These social media moguls hide censorship under the fake label of “community standards.” What they don’t say openly is that the standards are those of leftist radicals and not the actual “community” of society at large. When a majority agrees with the dissent, they are labeled, as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton once said, “a basket of deplorables.” 

The leftist controllers, the power elite, have even labeled “free speech” as a weapon that can “oppress and kill.” In essence, they must control it for it is too dangerous to allow just anyone to use it—hence, censorship from the leftist controllers. The U.S. Bill of Rights designers considered this and concluded there were limits to “free speech.” Essentially, they concluded, one cannot scream “fire” in a theater, and one cannot slander someone openly. But there was no consideration for “hurt feelings” or one not agreeing with the content of the speech used. One, for example, may disagree with the sexual behavior or a political view of others without violating the First Amendment to the Constitution. To do otherwise, that is, speak openly, in the left’s perverted view, would necessitate the engagement of an army of censors as used in communist and Nazi systems to curb ideas.

In the communist system and the National Socialist system (Nazism), all writings and speech were under the control of the fascist censors in the bureaucracy.[2,3,18] These new “acceptable” ideas would be taught to the very young in the education system of indoctrination and brainwashing. This is how it has always worked in fascist systems. Those who disagree with any aspect of the system are censored, demonized, and excluded from public discourse. In extreme cases, the purveyors of such speech are imprisoned or eliminated. We see this not only being suggested, endorsed, and actually done by the fascists in the West but also proposed in the legal system.[1,2,5]

Canada, under the pro-communist Justin Trudeau and his leftist friends, is considering laws to control free speech and dissent. The leftists in the United States and Europe have tacitly, and in actual practice, consented to this draconian view of the fascists as controllers of speech. Even mentally ill sexual deviants are demanding to be called by their chosen names and pronouns and treated as “normal.” Those on the “right,” the conservatives, are, in the view of the leftists, fair game and can be called by many derogatory names—most often “racists” and “fascists.” And, in most cases, leftists do this without the slightest evidence. To the leftists, evidence does not matter—much like evidence didn’t matter to the KGB. Just to be accused is enough.[5]

D’Souza made a number of excellent points in this book. He stated emphatically that “fascists” were in no way conservatives, or what had been characterized as the right wing. (The connotation right and left wings originated during the French Revolution—where those seated on the right in the Constituent Assembly did not want the government of France to undergo a radical change, while those seated on the left did, violence and all). Conservatism depends on what one wishes to conserve. In the United States we wish to conserve the principles of the founding of this constitutional republic. In communist countries, conservatives wish to conserve communism.

D’Souza also observed that the Nazis (National Socialists) and the communists were both fascists.[1] They were and are by definition totalitarians and ardent followers of Darwinism.[4] In fact, the central racial issue of the Nazis was based on social (racial) Darwinism, like that in the USSR. In Nazism and communism, Darwinism was central to virtually everything—economics, politics, race, and science. This fact was also discussed in detail in Richard Weikart’s book.[4]

Many forget (or never knew) that Karl Marx had wanted to write the Introduction to Darwin’s first book, but Darwin refused the offer for reasons concerning the sale of the book. Until Marx, socialism had been a historical political failure, not supported by either experience or facts.

During this Marxian period, science was the new idea that captured the intellectual mind, and the public viewed it as the new road to utopia.[5] For the first time, socialism, in their view, was backed by the new science. And, as the saying goes, “you can’t argue with the science.” Marx knew that, and that was why the supporters of socialism began to refer to it as “scientific socialism.” Of course, there was nothing scientific about it, just as there was no science concerning the measures used to end the “pandemic” and the safety of the COVID-19 “vaccine.”

Thomas Molnar’s book explained that the promise of a utopia was the driving force of the socialist idea. Of course, this can never be attained. When believers were asked why they still believed in the communist system and were willing to be imprisoned or die for the “cause,” most stated in essence, “if I die to speed up the appearance of the coming utopia, so be it.”[6,7]

The new promise for a coming utopia now hinges on artificial intelligence (AI) and the merging the mind of man with a computer or what writer Pat Wood called, the technocracy.[8] Wood explained that with this rise in technocracy, which is controlled by the power elite, we will see a parallel rise in totalitarian control of the individual. Historically, this is nothing new. The leftist intellectuals have entertained this idea since the 17th century.[9]

The final piece of the puzzle was what eluded most people is the New Age movement. Attorney Constance Cumby wrote two books on the New Age movement based on her extensive investigation of the subject, and I have read most of the Theosophical Society’s major works.[10,11] The Theosophical Society is the central organization controlling the New Age movement, which was a dream of the mystic con artist, Madam Helena Blavatsky. The first president of the organization, Annie Besant, held the office until her death and was an ardent socialist and a close friend of Blavatsky.[12] Alice Bailey took over and endorsed a totalitarian system, much like that of Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler, each having a role to play according to her.[13] Bailey even stated that those who failed to convert should be “terminated,” and that included all religious believers—Judeo-Christians. The Lucis Publishing Company, formally the Lucifer Publishing Company housed in the United Nations, publishes her books.

James Webb, who wrote a two-volume authoritative history of the occult, explained both the Nazis and the communists endorsed the occult and sent their leaders to an occult school in the mountains of Europe.[14,15] According to Constance Cumby, the programs of the New Age movement and the Nazis are identical—wanting to eliminate believing Jews and Christians throughout the world.[11] The elite want no competition with their exercise of control and no one, especially God, to override their authority. This is why the atheistic, occult left hates the religious believer.

A return to paganism is an intimate part of their plan and is proceeding at a rapid pace, especially the violence and sexuality. We must fight this as good Christian and Jewish warriors. We will see increasing violence directed at those who resist the elite and the “total critique” (erasure of what existed previously, namely, the Judeo-Christian worldview) is to continue unabated. Sexuality is the lure and as the Marquis De Sade’s book, 120 Days of Sodom, tells, this always ends in violence and death as a vital part of the sex act.[16]

Who exactly are the Fascists?

One rarely hears these questions asked: How can an individual hold a fascist worldview—that is, in favor of centralized, global control—yet desire a drastic reduction in centralized government power over the individual and the family? Or, how can one be opposed to the fascist worldview but still desire a powerful centralized government, which intends to control every aspect of one’s life? Such questions often elicit a blank stare, or the intellectual opponent just turns and leaves without a comment. We see this response in the vast majority of Trump haters, but also toward all conservatives.

The left’s opposition does not come from the so-called “moral principles” of the collectivist (a centralized control system or social organization), it comes from a collectivist love of a sexual deviancy or desire to murder innocent babies—abortion. Both are strong driving points, and both involve extreme violence.

It is ironic that we are now experiencing moral outrage over Palestine, mainly by the young on college campuses, but we are not witnessing the extreme violence and savagery of Hamas toward young girls and children, even very small children, who have witnessed their parents being killed in front of them. It has been shown that Hamas savages have raped dead girls, which requires a deviant psychopathic sexuality—a very sick mind. To do these things requires one to be born a psychopath or to be made a psychopath.

During a late abortion, a helpless baby is torn apart, literally limb-by-limb. Its head is either crushed, the brain destroyed, or the child decapitated. The bodies of the babies are stacked in a cooler unit, which is crassly referred to as the “nursery.” In many instances, the dead baby’s organs are sold to the highest bidder. So, who is the psychopath? I think a rational mind would conclude—both.

Recently, Cosmopolitan magazine endorsed a satanic abortion ritual. An article describing this practice in detail stated that Cosmopolitan magazine even gave recommendations and the mechanism used for the disgusting, satanic ritual of dedicating the baby’s soul to Satan. Unfortunately, Cosmopolitan is a very influential magazine for young girls.[17] Neopaganism is alive and well and the believers in God are the enemy in these sick minds.

What we are witnessing today is a major effort to indoctrinate the very young from an early age. The indoctrination resembles the worldview of three remarkably similar philosophies combined—National Socialism (Nazism), communism, and New Age. In each those specific philosophies, there is political or economic socialism, central control by a power elite, and a hatred of Christian or Jewish believers. As the power elites have taught for decades, man can become God and reach the “omega point.”[5]

They hate a belief in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit because they do not accept any competitors stronger and more powerful than themselves. They refuse to have their power questioned and overruled by a far greater power.


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Written by Dr. Russell L. Blaylock

Russell L. Blaylock, M.D. is the president of Theoretical Neuroscience Research, LLC, Canton, Mississippi, a retired neurosurgeon, and the Associate Editor-in-Chief of the Neuro-Inflammation section of Surgical Neurology International (SNI). He has written numerous path-blazing scientific papers and books, including Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills (1994), Bioterrorism: How You Can Survive (2001), Health and Nutrition Secrets (2002), Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients (2003), and The Liver Cure (2022).

This article may be cited as: Blaylock, R.L. Fascism, Collectivism, and New Age Combined—Total Global Control of the Individual., December 10, 2023. Available from:

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