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The Danger of Collectivism and the “Greater Good” by Russell L. Blaylock, MD

As I have written before, one of the greatest dangers from the extremist elements is the current war on the individual. Collectivism is at the center of socialism and all socialist-based ideas, including communism and fascism. The individual, to their way of thinking, must be eliminated. This makes up the basis of the “greater good” argument.

According to this way of thinking, the most important element in the “new society” is the collective, that is, the community as a whole. The wishes, concerns, and desires of the individual matter little or not at. This country was founded on the idea of the importance of the individual, while not ignoring the community.  

In the movie Divergent 2 , where in a dystopian society the elite decided virtually everything, content of the family, future jobs, and education all originated at a meeting of a group of parents and their children and the “elite” rulers of the new “utopian” society. One parent stated the concern of not being listened to and completely ignored by the elite rulers. The woman in charge of the government, speaking in a very condescending manner as if addressing an ignorant child, stated: “If we let you make the decisions, you will make the wrong decisions.” That summarizes their thinking: You will make decision not based on the perceived good of the collective, but based on factors affecting you and your family; and such decisions may invariably be opposed to “the plan.” In essence, you and your loved ones are expendable to the “plan,” which is based on a collective idea.

The recent viral “pandemic” was an example. The idea of the “collective good” was based on a deadly pandemic, one in which there existed a very high mortality and not one in which the mortality was limited to a small segment of the population with relatively low virulence.  Early on, it was known that the highest death rate was among the elderly having one or more, often several illnesses, that had a potentially fatal pre-existing outcome. The example they used was Italy, which was limited to northern Italy, one of the most heavily polluted areas in Europe and which every year has one of the highest mortalities in all of Europe among the sick and elderly from influenza.

Further, in the United States, the public health officials knew that the majority of viral deaths followed this same pattern, with most of the deaths occurring in nursing homes. In New York, and many other areas, infected patients were discharged from hospitals and purposefully admitted back to nursing home. The result was exactly what one would expect—a very high death rate.

The public health bureaucracy with the assistance of the media, whose goal was to instill fear in the population, used visual images to convince the public that the hospitals were all full and virtually overrun. There was supposedly a projected deadly shortage of respirators, which was broadcast daily. A massive campaign ensued to accumulate these breathing machines and even the Ford Motor Company was equipped to make them. In truth, several hospitals were complaining they were “empty” of COVID-19 patients, and they would gladly take patients from other hospitals claiming to be overburdened. None were sent. Later news stories surfaced, with photographs of respirators, still in their packing crates piled high on public dumps.

On a visit to a local hospital ICU, a photographer I know stated he found doctors lounging around, no masks were worn, and the ICUs were virtually empty. It was all a deception.

It was only later that we began to learn that the highest death rate (up to 80%) occurred among the patients put on respirators, and that those treated other ways, did not share these high death rates. Meanwhile, a very safe drug, Ivermectin, was found to stop the COVID-19 virus in even the very old, and that chloroquine worked well as an early treatment. Both drugs were demonized as soon as this became known by experts in the treatment of severe cases. In fact, the world’s experience with this drug was so impressive that Dr. Pierre Kory testified before Congress on what he knew. His experience as an expert in this field and in treating thousands of such patients successfully was ignored, and he was demonized by the mainstream media.

Knowing that these safe, inexpensive drugs would end the “pandemic,” the elite designers of this world pulled out all stops to prevent their early use. As those of us in medicine all knew, the best time to successfully treat an infection is early. The controllers of medicine, the medical associations and the medical bureaucracy (CDC and NIH), used the media to demonize those two drugs and to destroy the reputation of any physician who supported their use. Never in the history of medicine had this ever been done.

To make matters worse, the CDC insisted that Ivermectin not be used in hospitals and denied this life-saving treatment to both the treating physician and the family or patient. Doctors who persisted were removed from the hospital staff and the hospital pharmacy refused to fill their prescriptions. Pharmacies outside the hospital also refused to fill these prescriptions. This has never been done before in medicine, as these medications were proven safe and effective and had been used for years in patients of all ages. This was well known among the medical profession and pharmacologists.

Doctors who spoke out had their medical privileges at hospitals removed or their membership in medical associations suspended. Many who persisted had their medical licenses removed. The media, medical associations, licensing boards, and hospitals clamped down on all dissent; and physicians who expressed caution were attacked and removed. As a result, a lot of people died.

In my medical carrier, and I am now retired, I have never seen such dastardly, harmful things done—never. It was like a nightmare that would not end. Dissenters, no matter their expertise or specialty, were demonized by these people and organizations, and dragged through the mud by the media. Every attempt was made to silence them.

To make matters worse, most hospitals demanded that all physicians on their staff refrain from using these two life-saving drugs. In addition, they insisted that more harmful drugs be used. Nursing whistle blowers began to appear, telling gruesome stories of what was happening behind the closed doors of the hospital. These nurses testified under oath about the horrors. Patients were being slaughtered nationwide by this system of “elite” control. It was all being covered up by the mainstream media and the government.

The question I hear most and am asked more often, is, why? Why would the hospitals and pharmacies agree to do such a thing? Why did the medical association agree to this? The answer is what Jesus told us in the New Testament—“The love of money is the root of all evil.”

The first step happened years ago. At the time I didn’t understand that the government would pass regulations and laws that would add unbearable financial burdens on hospitals.

I also remember a hospital in Florida that closed its doors because of bankruptcy brought on by these regulations. In the news story, a pregnant woman now had to drive over 100 miles for prenatal care and to deliver her baby. That was unbelievably cruel and didn’t make sense. Now it does.

As these requirements were added onto independent hospital expenses, the hospitals began either to close their doors or find ways to pay the new expenses imposed on them by the onerous regulations.[1] Many hospitals could see the handwriting on the wall. In the next step, hospital entrepreneurs began to buy up these institutions and form large medical care groups. The government meanwhile assured the new owners they had a plan to enhance their money growth.

We now know that the hospital moguls were paid enormous sums to put COVID patients on respirators, place more patients in the ICU (at very high reimbursement), and pay extra if certain drugs were used. In addition, they were paid more if a patient’s death certificate had “COVID-19” as the cause of death. An exam of these death certificates showed that in some instances, 40% were altered to show COVID-19 as a cause of death, even auto accidents, murders, and suicides.

Hospital administrators kept their jobs and patients died. Owners of large conglomerates of medical institutions made a fortune. Hospitals that were close to financial ruin either played ball or were sold. Money was the primary reason and motivating force for why the ones who remained did these things. This is also why many medical associations played ball and expelled physicians who refused to play the game. Again, money. The bureaucrats that held a doctor’s license in his or her hand took the dissenter’s or critical thinker’s license to practice medicine away. They also played a big part in this deadly game. How they can sleep at night, I do not know.

What we have witnessed, beyond the psychopathic behavior of the players, is collectivism in action. People were conditioned in droves to wear mask, even when driving alone. They conformed to lockdowns, distancing, and any other idiotic measures the government dreamed up. None of the government measures were based on real science. I wrote the first article on the futility of these political measures, and demonstrated the dangers of the mask, especially for those with pulmonary conditions, the very young, and pregnant women. I cited over 17 studies on the use of the masks to prevent the spread of influenza. All such attempts failed, even studies in which the participants wore their masks during sleep and all day. I also did a lecture for Pat Wood for the Citizens for Free Speech on this subject. Several excellent articles have since been done confirming this.[2] 

Many videos appeared with loudmouth “Karens” screaming at people in grocery stores to put on a mask. Houses were vandalized, drones were used in some area, enormous fines and even clearing of beaches in the full sun was done by some brainless, paid-off officials. It was shown that UV rays kills the virus outdoors, yet idiots were still wearing the masks outside. People were virtual prisoners in their own homes. Churches were closed and people listening to sermons in their own cars were fined. The outrages continued, despite strong evidence that none of this had any effect on the spread of the virus. Comparisons to countries like Sweden, which did none of these things, had no effect on the idiots in positions of power. Collectivism in power is powerful, and often makes no sense; yet, the people are defenseless.

The next step was mandating the mRNA “vaccine.” This was the goal all along. I told people in the beginning—“The virus is not the bioweapon, the injection is.” It has been estimated that the injection has killed 20 million and permanently injured 2 billion people worldwide. And several have stated that more are doomed to die in the near future.

In a local newspaper column, I warned pregnant women not to get the COVID-19 shot and why. I accused the OB-GYN medical association of taking money from the pharmaceutical companies. The new head of one of the two main associations was from Jackson Medical Center in Mississippi. He never refuted what I stated, because I looked it up. He had written a prior article defending the practice, justifying the use of the injection in these women. He stated in his column that these women, according to a study in The New England Journal of Medicine, were not adversely affected. I stated in a follow-up column the study was phony and manipulated, and that in fact the data from the article showed the over 80% of the women vaccinated during the early stage of their pregnancy miscarried. An expert in fetal medicine confirmed the very high miscarriage rate and a very high malformation rate was indeed seen in vaccinated pregnant women.

The early study of safety was all a concocted lie. In fact, the company tried to get the courts to hide the information for 75 years. Now we understand why.

Many states attempted to have the vaccine mandated and several areas of the economy did mandate it for travel, concert attendance, sports teams, doctors, nurses, and the military. Some even required boosters be mandated. The incidence of sudden death among the young, especially previously healthy athletes, was growing. To date, over 1400 athletes have died suddenly after getting vaccinated. Idiot coaches, hospital administrators, airlines, and many others have mandated these vaccines. It has become a passport in some areas.

We now know that after the third injection, a person has almost no functioning immune system and is susceptible to numerous infections and even rapidly growing cancers. This vaccine-induced immune paralysis is now causing vaccine-induced AIDS or VIAIDS. Scientists now have an idea why. It appears that with each injection the IgG4 levels rise and after the 3rd injection, it is very high. IgG4 inhibits immunity. This explains why the vaccinated have no effective immune  protection and get COVID repeatedly. Also, the vaccine has no effect on transmission, the second reason it was mandated. Now it has been added to the childhood vaccine schedule, as if I we weren’t already facing a disaster. More children will die, more will develop autism spectrum disorders, and neurodevelopmental and autoimmune conditions. But the makers of the vaccine, with the government officials’ collusion and the implementation of health care mandates, got rich. Why this ungodly public-private partnership? In his latest book, Controversies in Medicine and Neuroscience, Dr. Miguel A. Faria may have the answers in his theme on the present state of corporate socialized medicine. Read his new book.[3]

Unfortunately, to object to being forced to take this very dangerous and worthless injection is to no avail, because to these groups it is mandated. This is purportedly for the “greater good”—collectivism in operation. You, your wife, and your children must die or be made seriously ill for the “greater good”—the collective.

To answer the statement that the leader replied in the movie—“When we let you decide, you make the wrong decision,” we should say, “and what is the right decision and how did this come about?” To know the answer, one must understand the plan. Dr. Dennis Cuddy, a good friend of mine and a very smart, well-read scholar, states it very plainly is his series of books, Conspiracy and Conspiracy 2.

These nefarious psychopathic demons have a “plan,” and you are in it at the top of the kill list. We must defend the rights of the individual. Ludwig Von Mises states often concerning “planning”—“Whose plan?” He notes that we all make our individual plans as to what is best for us and our family. The idea of the “collective” seems reasonable, that is, until we or a member of our family are asked to die or be permanently crippled by the outcome of their plan. Dr. Faria discusses this in his book as well—all is well until we are seriously ill and have to depend on our individual plan coverage for essential medical care in the new world of corporate socialized medicine[4] or in Medicare Managed Care Plans and has to deal—not with the caring old family doctor but—with the impersonal bureaucrats. Then we find out we are in for a terrible surprise! Read his book.

In the beginning we were told a litany of lies about the virus and more so about the “vaccine.” We were told this virus, COVID-19, was from nature and jumped from a bat into a human. Then we found it was engineered at all levels, involving a virologist from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and a science institute that was a Chinese military bioweapons lab. Then we found that American scientists had been working on this for over a decade based on a series of patents. Then, in Cuddy’s Conspiracy 2 we found that the entire story of the food market containing a contaminated bat was a lie.

With a detective’s skill we discovered that for the young and even the older healthy, it was a virus that was less lethal than the seasonal flu virus.  Then we were told that the elders in nursing homes were at special risk. Subsequently, we found out that not only Governor Cuomo in New York state ordered the infected back into nursing homes from hospitals (resulting in an extremely high death rate in nursing homes), but that a number of state governors were doing likewise. Then we find out that a test, the PCR test, was exclusively used to diagnose cases and that it was never designed to test for infectious cases. The test cannot differentiate a live virus from a dead one or a coronavirus common cold virus from COVID-19. Massive numbers of people were tested and even those not ill, were tagged as infectious, when in fact they were not infected with the actual virus or a source of contagion.

In all this the mainstream media played a vital part. They carried and repeated the lies and demonized experts who exposed the facts. We began to see a wave of doctors and professors losing their positions, their licenses, and thrown out of their medical associations. So what is the truth?[5]  

Then the deadly “vaccines” were released for widespread “emergency use authorization.” As the truth began to emerge, we found that the virus was killing and permanently damaging the old and the weak. Emergency use authorization required that no safer alternatives were available. This approval was all based on a lie—there were at least two drugs known to cure or prevent the spread at least in some patients—hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. Of the two, Ivermectin, was rapidly curing massive numbers of cases in all who used it or preventing the infection.

Dr. Pierre Kory was the person with the most experience, and he testified to Congress about Ivermectin’s miraculous effects and enormous safety. This was ignored as well as the incredible results being seen by others and the powerful evidence worldwide of the effectiveness and safety of this drug.

Then a campaign of lies and coverup was instituted and magnified. Most cases, according to their own data, were vaccine deaths and not COVID-19 deaths. The vaccine was proven not to stop transmission and not to prevent the infection, which were the two major reasons it was given and even mandated to certain groups. It was the basis of the emergency approval.

This was followed by a secret testing of the efficacy and safety of the “vaccine” among volunteers. As it turned out, this too was a lie. When prosecutors asked that the data be released, the pharmaceutical makers asked the courts to keep its results secret for 75 years.  Now we know why—it was all a lie, both the efficacy and the safety.

These lies were protected by the mainstream media, TV, social media on the internet, and the print media. They were the cover. They protected the liars and demonized and marginalized the critical thinkers, the truth tellers. The media and their government allies tried to convince the public that those telling the truth and exposing the conspiracy were deluded and mentally deranged individuals. But the evidence supporting them continued to mount, until it has been hard to deny the facts. Dr. James I. Ausman and I wrote a book on the truth about the China virus (really the USA/China virus); yet few read it. Dr. Dennis Cuddy wrote his two books on the elite conspiracy that was all inclusive. Conspiracy and Conspiracy 2 are the best books on the conspiracy ever written. More people need to read these books.

Not to leave a door open, the elite then tried to ban all truthful, accurate articles that challenged their narrative from the major medical literature. Such articles, no matter how well written and documented, were rejected, and even removed from the medical literature. Few journals had the courage to publish these major studies.

Using the best that the Tavistock Institute of psychiatric experts can devise, they have convinced the mass public that we must sacrifice some individuals for the good of the collective. People were forced to die in hospital all alone, because of bans on visitors.

It is instructive that the elite and those adhering to this collectivist idea never volunteer to be the sacrificial lambs. They say that a person should be willing to die at age 75, but do not wish to die themselves. David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski, both elite leaders, died at age 92 and 102 years, respectively. The depopulationists, such as Bill Gates, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, and others of the elite, do not want to be the ones to die. In their minds, they are special. They want you and your family to die. That is the thinking of the eugenicists. They are outside the killing, but with the backing of the bioethicists[6] and the implementation of circuitous government policies[7], they will not hesitate to kill you or your loved ones. They are the “wise ones.”

It has been observed that many of those surviving these injections are no longer the same mentally. They have been described as “mental zombies.” The main characteristic is apathy, and “the breaking of the wills of those receiving the injections; others resembling lobotomized patients.” A perfect population within a totalitarian society—compliant. The more injections, the more will enter this group. The idea is to convince you, the compliant, that this represent the new “normality.” Those of us who resist the elite’s plans are labeled “schizoaffective,” a new psychiatric term to describe those of us who are critical thinkers. In the future, just like in the old USSR, communist China, and communist Cuba, these “mentally ill truth tellers” will be forcibly incarcerated in psychiatric units.   

Once they are labeled “mentally ill,” they will lose their individual and civil rights. They cannot own or buy a gun, they can be re-incarcerated at any time, and they are permanently ostracized, never to be believed. The communists knew that such a person had been marginalized and demonized. Now, they have an official psychiatric term for these critical thinkers, the enemies of “the plan.”

We are seeing the collectivization of society and a major part of that is normalizing the abnormal, what the Bible describes as “calling evil good and good evil.” We must resist and speak out. Jesus said to his disciple, “But behold, you will be mute and not able to speak until the day these things take place, because you did not believe my words which will be fulfilled in their own time.”[8]

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Written by Dr. Russell L. Blaylock

Russell L. Blaylock, M.D. is the president of Theoretical Neuroscience Research, LLC, Canton, Mississippi, a retired neurosurgeon, and the Associate Editor-in-Chief of the Neuro-Inflammation section of Surgical Neurology International (SNI). He has written numerous path-blazing scientific papers and books, including Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills (1994), Bioterrorism: How You Can Survive (2001), Health and Nutrition Secrets (2002), Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients (2003), and The Liver Cure (2022).

This article may be cited as: Blaylock, RL. The Danger of Collectivism and the “Greater Good.”, November 12, 2023. Available from:

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