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War on Normality—Ongoing Destruction of Western Society by Russell L. Blaylock, MD

As I have written many times, one of the first acts of those who wish to institute a new social or economic system is to totally dismantle existing society, which has been called the “total critique of society.”[1] My example of this principle is the French Revolution, a precursor of world communism. Niemeyer calls this process “a religious hope that is found in Goebbels, Lenin, Bakunin alike”; and now, among Western leftist and Islamic radicals. He goes further by saying, “The customary explanation of such total rejection of the existing order is that certain men, particularly sensitive to injustice and social misery, were driven to white heat of indignation by what they observed around them, as if nothing but righteous passion had been the source of their radical schemes.”[2]

He makes the point that men such as Goebbels, Lenin, or Bakunin wanted this destruction not from an excess of passion for correction, but from a certain way of thinking—mainly attainment of power. This passion went back during modern times as far as the 17th century.[3] Order was central to their system of rule, as it is today. Those who questioned their authority were to be eliminated in many ways, either physically or marginalized as defective thinkers and outcast. We are seeing that today.

One of my essays was on the use of psychiatry as a political tool to classify the critical thinker as “schizoaffective” and in need of treatment or incarceration in a psychiatric facility. In the old Soviet state, the belief in a God was a sure sign of this psychosis, and a justification for both the incarceration and destruction of all true religious believers—only the civil religion of the ultimate worship of the state was allowed. The Soviet state essentially preempted the Russian Orthodox Church. Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, ordained in 1969 and the preeminent churchman in Russia, was exposed as a KGB agent during the 1970s, and he remains a strong supporter of the Russian state and staunch Putin ally. The Catholic Church chose in Pope Francis a source of leftist infiltration and subversion in the West.

The Soviets realized that the mass of the people would not give up religious worship. Despite Lenin’s attempt to destroy the “church,” even by destroying and robbing churches, it just didn’t work. No communist country was successful in this frontal attack on religion. Next, they devised infiltration. The priests in the old Soviet empire were KGB agents. Recently, the largest Christian denomination, the Catholic Church, has been infiltrated with pro-communist and perverted Cardinals, and Pope Francis himself has been shown to be an enemy of the Church and a friend of the New World Order. There is a war within the Catholic Church in an effort to oppose this perversion.

In the West today we are seeing virtually all sense of normality—not just morality but every principle we hold dear—under attack by those “builders of a new society.” The most obvious target has been the family, a Biblical concept. The utopian dreamers have always attacked the traditional family as evil and oppressive. To their way of thinking, the state should raise the children.

My good friend Dr. Dennis Cuddy has written a series of books on this attack and points out that even Stalin knew that Hitler’s National Socialism was economically superior to his communist system.[4] The Soviet Union, after almost 100 years of existence, produced nothing but terror and oppression. The disappearance of the government, as theorized by Karl Marx, never materialized. Instead, the state became more powerful and oppressive. The police state grew. Von Mises points out in his book, Omnipotent Government, that the corporation had two choices when faced with possible rule by either the communists or the Nazis (the Social Democrats were essentially powerless).[5]. Hitler told the corporate owners, “If the communist come to power, they will kill all of you and take your company. If we come to power, we will let you keep your company, and we will only tell you what to produce and set quotas.”[5] They chose the latter.

In the time of Mussolini’s rule in Italy, many of the elite in Britain and in the United States admired his economic system. The mantra was “In Mussolini’s Italy, at least the trains run on time.”  In today’s world, this system is still preferred by the elites over capitalism, if not directly stated, by the actions that have been taken towards that end. David Rockefeller said it when he stated that the elite capitalists hated competition. A merger of government with private ownership of companies, instead would pick winners and losers.[4] We now have, not a National but a globalist Socialist system patterned on this idea. But to complete the total organization of society requires this “total critique.” This is followed by “the great reset.” And that required an attack on “normality.”

In Conspiracy 2, Dr. Dennis Cuddy has a very interesting chapter titled, “The Falling Away.”[6] In that chapter, he gives several examples of this attack by pointing out the elites are attacking truth and glorifying evil. Jesus says, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.” That is exactly what is being done by the elitists through indoctrination in education, led by the National Education Association (NEA). A good article covering the attack on normal sex appears as a recent editorial in the American Thinker, “The Queering of America” by Robert Weissberg.

Cuddy notes that on January 22, 1990, Dr. Michael Lewis of the New Jersey chapter of the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation stated that, “Lying is an important part of social life, and children who are unable to do it may have developmental problems.”[6]

Several polls demonstrate that a substantial proportion of our youth, even in college, think cheating and lying is acceptable. We have seen successive attacks on beauty, a good figure, patriotism, hard work, saving and many ethical questions.[7]

Will Herberg wrote an article some years ago titled, “What is the moral crisis of our time?” He made the astute point that the youth were not doing what they accepted as morally wrong—rather they didn’t think it wrong in the first place. So, we see a drastic change in “normality.”[8] In the fairly recent past, the youth knew they were doing wrong, and they often admitted as such. Now, they question if what they do is wrong at all. In some blue states, stealing has been legalized. For example, $950 a day has been allowed to be stolen according to proposition 47 in San Francisco, California. A great number of states are considering such legislation allowing a theft up to $1000 dollars.[9] In other words, they have normalized and legalized thievery. No consideration is given to the storeowner, who is working tirelessly to make a living or that he will be forced to close and move away. And no consideration is given as to the community, which chose to follow the rules of morality and may be hurt with fewer stores left. Stores and businesses in some of these communities have closed or moved away forever. And then we are supposed to believe that the leftist elites really care about the “poor.”

We have also seen several attacks on our judicial system, the Constitution, even gender and virtually all of our Founding Fathers.[10-13]

Many blue states are attempting to institute laws and college admission conditions that require that one follow the tenants of LGBQ+ and transgender philosophy as well as the use of “proper pronouns” to address one of these confused radicals. Some companies have used this sick philosophy in their ads and many companies now have training courses on this ideology and make attendance a condition of employment. The educational system has gone virtually insane with readings by sick cross-dressers and school libraries containing sex deviancy in their book requirements.

In essence, we have seen an attack on “normality.”  Even religious schools have been included in this attack. Catholic medical schools are forced to train physicians how to do abortions and some even transgender surgeries. The First Amendment has been trampled. Abortions have moved (as predicted) to include just before birth abortions and soon will include post-birth, as some insist. Young college age and high school girls are now chanting, “hail Satan,” in support of the mass murder of the innocent.

Obsession with the occult is growing, especially among the youth. In many movies now released, the actors never pray, and God is nonexistent or virtually impotent. God almost never wins in these occultic movies. Constance Cumby, an attorney, investigated this obsession with the occult and New Age ideas thoroughly and has demonstrated that the program of the New Age occultists is virtually identical to that of the Nazis.[14]

We also see this attack on normalcy by the political scholars in that they attempt to normalize the enemies of humanity. We now have convincing evidence that Darwinism led to the mass murder of Hitler, the Soviets, and the radical terrorists.[15-18]

What we have seen is a shifting of “concern.” For decades we heard how women were being discriminated against. Suddenly, they threw the women under the bus—something else was now their new line of attack—transgenderism. Out of the blue, obvious men were invading women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, and taking over women’s sports. Women were the real victims—not of traditional society but of the leftists who convinced them they were their friends, their voice.

Now, we have a government that wants to fund transgender surgery (without parental knowledge or consent) and even uterine transplants for these confused, perverted, or mentally ill men. Our society has been mind-controlled to believe this nonsense from an early age.

It is time for the good and decent people of the world to speak out on the side of truth—God’s truth.[18]


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Written by Dr. Russell L. Blaylock

Russell L. Blaylock, M.D. is the president of Theoretical Neuroscience Research, LLC, Canton, Mississippi, a retired neurosurgeon, and the Associate Editor-in-Chief of the Neuro-Inflammation section of Surgical Neurology International (SNI). He has written numerous path-blazing scientific papers and books, including Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills (1994), Bioterrorism: How You Can Survive (2001), Health and Nutrition Secrets (2002), Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients (2003), and The Liver Cure (2022).

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