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Preparations For and the Solidification of World Collectivism by Russell L. Blaylock, MD

I have written several newsletters about “the total critique of society,” detailed by Gerhart Niemeyer in his book, Between Nothingness and Paradise.1 This book is the centerpiece of the communist/Nazi conversion of the world to a system of totalitarian collectivism. Basically, it involves the complete destruction of the systems that exist in any country to prepare for and begin a revolution—the destruction of individual freedom, free enterprise, and the rule of law (and not of men), which existed since the founding of our nation. We are now experiencing this transition, which Klaus Schwab refers to as “the great reset.”2 A number of writers and thinkers have also discussed the coming total collapse of Western civilization, which is the same thing as “a total critique of society.”3-7

This collapse has taken several avenues, such as LGBTQ+, promotion and legalization of homosexual union like same sex marriage and adoption of children by these couples. We are now witnessing the beginning of legalization of pedophilia, the destruction of marriages, and the demonizing of the birth of children. Deviant behavior is being normalized as I discussed previously. Police have been defunded, criminality has been legalized in several states and the police, especially the FBI, have become nothing less than a United States version of the Stasi or Nazi SS. Homes of the innocent are raided in Gestapo-like tactics, evidence is covered up that would prove innocence, and corruption at the highest levels of government, both state and federal, is business as usual and rampant. We must include the invasion of our country by illegal immigrants, especially the criminal cartels, Islamic terrorists, and Chinese spies and saboteurs by the hordes, assisted by our corrupt government.8,9

The tax-code punishes entrepreneurship, saving, and success by honest means. Those having a conservative philosophy, even though non-violent, are demonized, and an effort is now afoot to have them removed from society. Conservative publications are being not just attacked and demonized but punished and economically removed by the IRS as well as the use of other methods.10-12 Religion, except for the New Age religion, is being erased. True, historical religions are being “secularized.” Banks are canceling deposits by organizations that refuse to adhere to the leftist ideology of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI). Even through there is some pushback.13 Banks are even being used to bankrupt companies like gun manufacturers. Some religious organizations have had their accounts cancelled by banks.14,15

The totalitarians learned the lesson demonstrated by Trudeau in Canada, that the banks can be used as a weapon to stem dissent. This is now a court case, and we hope the truckers win.16

Recently, the federal, as well as several states, have attacked freedom of speech and we now have a term, created by the World Health Organization that will soon be adopted by all in positions of power—“malinformation.” This, by their definition, means statements that are true but cause the people not to trust their government.17 Just think what this means. Should a group of investigative reporters uncover that a government program is carrying out a process of mass murder, and they expose it—all proven, yet it makes people not trust their “government,” they are guilty of “malinformation.” Adherence to this declaration makes them, the discovers of this information, “accessories to mass murder.” In essence, this makes them as guilty, in most Western courts, as those who do the actual mass killing.

As an example of the insanity of the Left and the push to destroy society was demonstrated in the grilling that Louisiana Senator Kennedy demonstrated when drilling the head of the bureau for prisons about their idiot program, First Step, in which 30,000 criminals were released from prisons.18 Senator Kennedy asked a simple question, “How many were returned to prison having committed a second crime and were any of the victims notified of the release?” The director of the prison system said she did not know. Senator Kennedy then asked how many employees they had in her department. We were informed she had 40,000 employees and Senator Kennedy was told that none knew that figure he frustratingly sought. He was appalled. He then pointed out that they had had six years to obtain those figures and 40,000 employees, yet no one could provide that vital number to evaluate the program?

Keep in mind that we are now witnessing criminals being released from the prisons in Haiti with this gang-led group taking over that country. Also, keep in mind that the Leftists have legalized theft up to $950 per store, per day, in many states. As a gang, they can steal enormous amounts per day by organizing the robbing of many stores each day. The released criminals now know they can steal an almost unlimited amount from stores and establish an illegal market with these stolen products. Also, as a product of this destructive policy, many stores are either closing or moving out of these states. What we are witnessing is a planned destruction of the middle-class free market. These will be replaced, in my estimation, by operations such as, mail order businesses owned by billionaires.

What we are witnessing is a “total critique of society” in preparation for a revolutionary Leftist take over.


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Written by Dr. Russell L. Blaylock

Russell L. Blaylock, M.D. is the president of Theoretical Neuroscience Research, LLC, Canton, Mississippi, a retired neurosurgeon, and the Associate Editor-in-Chief of the Neuro-Inflammation section of Surgical Neurology International (SNI). He has written numerous path-blazing scientific papers and books, including Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills (1994), Bioterrorism: How You Can Survive (2001), Health and Nutrition Secrets (2002), Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients (2003), and The Liver Cure (2022).

This article may be cited as: Blaylock, R.L. Preparations for and Solidification of World Collectivism., April 9, 2024. Available from:

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