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Mind Control, Crowd Manipulation, and the Elite Controllers by Russell L. Blaylock, MD

I have written about the collapse of the world, especially the West, for some time. That day has been coming for quite a while and is increasing exponentially. What the naïve population, selected minorities, the leadership and followers of the Left and the Hollywood crowd, don’t understand is that they are at the head of the “kill list.” It is much like Goya’s famous painting of Saturn Devouring His Son. What the followers of the Left and the Woke crowd do not understand is that they too will be devoured by the revolution they are inciting.

If we look at most revolutions, they killed not only the supporters but also the top followers and leaders. In the past, blacks were targeted for bondage and homosexuals were targeted for extermination as described in the book—The Pink Swastika. And the Soviets took turns killing each other.

At the top of the kill list, of course, are the infirm and those over age 65. The globalist agenda is depopulation. As one expert put it, “It is impossible to have a one world government with such a high population, but millions can be ruled.”

In addition, there are two factors they see. One is the enormous expense required to come to world power, and the other is the problem of the unemployed, the restless, and revolutionary-minded people who pose a danger to the elite controllers.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will replace most jobs and hence most people—for example, doctors, lawyers, photographers, artists, and store employees as well as the banking jobs. The Luddites saw this with the arrival of machines. But this time, it will involve the upper crust of society and the replacement of, or attempt to replace, human creativity.

Scriptwriters will no longer be needed. Writers of novels as well as non-fiction writers will be replaced by AI. It truly is a double-edged sword. Today, we are only being shown one side by the mind controllers, the good side.

I had a good friend, Joseph Douglas, Jr., who was very familiar with mind control and the inner workings of the federal government, especially the intelligence community. They are not working for the free individual anymore; they are working tirelessly for the surveillance state and, ultimately, the creation of a police state.

Joe, the author of the best seller Red Cocaine, saw what was happening. The last book he wrote was called Mind Control. He shared the manuscript with me on the condition I keep it secret until it was published. He wanted me to read over it and make neuroscience recommendations, which I did. He tried unsuccessfully to get it published, even by the conservative publishing houses.

Joe died before he could get that book published. He was an expert in mind control and once told me that the leaders of the major pharmaceutical houses were traitors; that they were producing the research and production of mind control agents for the coming leftist government as well as agents to destroy health of large numbers of people. They also were protected by key elements in our government. Joe told me many secrets about government, which helped explain much of their behavior of the seemingly inexplicable things going on today.

Our soldiers have been betrayed in every war since World War II, economic collapse is taking place, and a civil war might just be around the corner. All engineered by the people we now call the “Deep State.” There are several organizations, which are not elected or answerable to anyone, that create most of the leftist legislation used primarily by the Democrats, such as the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the Bohemian Grove, and many tax-exempt foundations. These organizations are patterned after Adam Weishaupt’s Illuminati—that is, in concentric circles. The real controllers populate the inner circle, and they are the only ones who know the “plan.” The “useful idiots” populate the outer circle. These people think they understand those organizations, but they are mind controlled. It is an inflation of the ego just to be invited to become a member of one of those organizations.

Interestingly, the Bible tells all of this. Jesus said, “Speak now, for soon you will not be able to speak freely.” We are now seeing the wisdom of that saying. Most of my friends are now reluctant to speak their mind—they are afraid of potential repercussions, especially in the workplace; and the social pressure to “belong” is enormous. The conspirators know this and the Tavistock organization (a group of behavior control experts in the UK) supplied the policy to follow.

The less familiar one is with mind control is actually the easiest way to control behavior, and this is a large segment of the population. All that is needed to trigger a “civil war” is to convince one group that all their problems and failures are due to another group, which becomes the target. As a result, the more controlled segment commits outrages upon the target group. I call it the Hatfield and McCoy phenomenon. Soon, the initiator of the outrage does not even remember what caused it. They just react on cue of the controllers. The sociologist Gustave LeBon spent a lifetime studying why people riot or revolt. His two books, The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind and Psychology of Crowds (about revolutions), explain this very well. We have forgotten these things, or never learned them, to our peril. We must come to realize we are being mind-controlled by the elitists pulling the strings—before it is too late.

Written by Dr. Russell L. Blaylock

Russell L. Blaylock, M.D. is the president of Theoretical Neuroscience Research, LLC, Canton, Mississippi, a retired neurosurgeon, and the Associate Editor-in-Chief of the Neuro-Inflammation section of Surgical Neurology International (SNI). He has written numerous path-blazing scientific papers and books, including Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills (1994), Bioterrorism: How You Can Survive (2001), Health and Nutrition Secrets (2002), Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients (2003), and The Liver Cure (2022).

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