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Is the Covid Vaccine Safe and Effective? by Russell L. Blaylock, MD

The recent article by Cliff Kincaid exemplifies how the conservatives have been consistently fooled by the very forces they think they are fighting. My conservative credentials are without blemish as I come from a family of dedicated conservatives, not just my father and mother, but all my relatives. And unlike many of the awaken, born again conservatives, I have never toyed with leftist ideas. While I admire Mr. Kincaid’s dedication to our country, his many fine books and papers, and his opposition to the collectivist political forces in the world, I question his understanding of the science involved in this issue.

Mr. Kincaid opened his article with this bombastic opening shot:

“With some conservatives in virtual hysterics over the rollout of former President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed and still resisting life-saving vaccines, it’s no wonder that Chinese President Xi Jinping must feel he is in the driving seat of the “Great Reset” and the transformation of the world order. The U.S.-based anti-vaccine “resistance movement,” which claims the vaccines are more dangerous than the virus, is just what China needs to escape blame for the deaths of millions.”

Unlike Mr. Kincaid, as one of the “enemies” of so-called “life-saving vaccines,” I actually understand the intimate science of immunology and the immunopathology of the vaccination process. In fact, I have published articles in a number of peer-reviewed scientific journals articles on these subjects. Yet, we must all keep in mind that the Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines” are not vaccines in the literal sense, but rather they are biological agents of a completely different mode of action than previous vaccines. One must also keep in mind that these biological agents have never been adequately tested and no long-term studies have ever been done on them—NONE. Normally, for a new vaccine testing is done for 7 to 10 years before general use is allowed. The Covid “vaccine” is a completely new technology, therefore long-term testing is essential.

Some will answer and say, “but this is an emergency, and we have to overlook normal safety procedures for the ‘greater good.’ ” Actually, this is no longer an emergency as we have several safe medications, as well a natural treatments, that can dramatically reduce the death rate and even prevent the infection. Most hospitals are without new cases or have very few. The death rate and hospitalization rates have been very low and flat line for many months. Experts in the area of infectious diseases are convinced we have long ago reached herd immunity levels.

Most of the deaths were in people over age 70 having two or more chronic medical conditions, smoked or were obese. Healthy elderly are at a very low risk of death or serious illness. Children rarely were affected and did not seem to transmit the virus to others. There is no need to vaccinate the children—ever.

So, what about pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer and Moderna, makers of the messenger RNA vaccines—are they to be trusted with our lives and health? Pfizer has had to pay a number of massive fines levied by the FDA. In fact, the largest fine in American history was levied against Pfizer for violation of safety procedures and fraudulent deception in the tune of $2.3 billion. For anyone else, a charge of fraud would necessitate a long stretch in the hoosegow. Pfizer was also sued for wrongful death from its COX-2 inhibitor drugs Bextra and Celebrex. It was shown that studies by the company knew that the drug increased heart attacks in strokes and that Pfizer hid these studies to gain FDA approval. As a result, it is estimated that possibly 80,000 to 100,000 people died after taking the drugs. Rather than be charged with massive manslaughter the nefarious company paid a fine of $486 million. Other major pharmaceutical companies have also been charged with a number of violations of the law. Hardly a reason to trust your life and health with pharmaceutical companies. These pharmaceutical companies just accept these fines as the cost of doing business, as the profits far exceed the fines.

The promotion of statin drugs, in my estimation and many others, caused, and continues to cause, a huge health disaster in this country and probably led to the death of a number of people by infections and cancer, as statin cholesterol-lowering drugs powerfully suppress immunity. The advertisements by the makers of this class of drugs were all based on pure deception. This was admitted only after the patent ran out. A study by the Institute of Medicine estimated that 100,000 people die each year as a result of complications and side effects of pharmaceutical medications, not including allergic reactions or overdoses. Other studies put the figures much higher. If we take the lower figure, over a ten-year period pharmaceutical drug use, taken as they should, have killed a million people.

Scientists working for pharmaceutical giants are under constant pressure to come up with new drugs and procedures and they are obligated to defend the company, no matter the outcome or damage caused by these drugs. This is not speculation—it is proven fact. As for vaccinations, the harm produced by over vaccinating our children is enormous. Studies comparing vaccinated versus unvaccinated children demonstrate that the unvaccinated children have far fewer chronic illnesses than the vaccinated children. Experts in autoimmune diseases, have also shown that excessive vaccination of our population has resulted in an explosion of autoimmune diseases. The federal government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) pays out billions of dollars in proven vaccine related injuries and deaths. The evidence that excessive vaccination of our children is responsible for the epidemic of autism spectrum disorders and other neurological disorders is well documented, despite the attempt by the pharmaceutical companies to use fake research to say otherwise. We have over one million autistic individuals resulting from this insane practice. Our children receive over 46 vaccines before they enter school. Compelling research proves that such a practice severely impairs the intellectual and behavioral development of a high percentage of children.

Mr. Kincaid implies that we can trust these makers of vaccines, despite their dismal record as regards safety of previous vaccines. How many have ever heard of the Cutter Incident of 1955 involving the mass vaccination of 200,000 children with a vaccine that mistakenly contained live polio viruses? Most cases of polio at that time were caused by the vaccine. Even today, the majority of cases of polio in Africa were caused by the vaccine—which has even been named by WHO as “vaccine-induced poliomyelitis.” How many know that over 100 million people were vaccinated with a polio vaccine that contained a cancer-causing virus—SV-40 and that today many children are developing nervous system tumors that are caused by the SV-40 virus from those vaccines? Further, how many know this virus is passed down to all generations of those who were vaccinated with this “safe” vaccine?  We call this vertical viral transmission. And more recently, how many know that 1,000 children developed the crippling condition narcolepsy when they took the H1N1 vaccine? How many can tell you how many young girls died or became crippled for life after taking the Gardasil vaccine? Hundreds died and many times that are ruined for life.

Recent evidence from investigators, interviewed on Rudy Guiliani’s program, disclosed documents that prove beyond a doubt that the heads of the National Institutes of Health (NIH; Francis Collins) and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID; Anthony Fauci) along with EchoHealth all knew that the research they funded at the Wuhan Virology Laboratory was completely under the control of the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) scientists, and that the communist scientists at the PLA bioweapons lab were using the shared, scientific information from those American individuals as well as from North Carolina virologist Dr. Ralph Baric, to create this new virus—SARS-CoV-2.

The circumstantial evidence, in my opinion and others, overwhelmingly indicates this engineered virus was purposefully released by the CCP to destroy the West, especially the United States. We now have evidence that the virus was engineered as a bioweapon and not an innocent “mistake” in technique. There is also powerful evidence that a number of scientists, upon carefully examining the virus, concluded it was engineered and did not develop naturally. These virologists were silenced by the usual methods—procuring multimillion dollar grants for their labs to change their opinions publicly. These grants came from Dr. Anthony Fauci’s NIAID.

I also believe that the Chinese communist leadership has a part two to their plan in using this virus to come to power in the world and that this next part includes the vaccines. Dr. Robert Malone, the person who invented the messenger RNA (mRNA) technique used in these vaccines in the 1980s, stated that at the time they did not know that the injected lipid nanocarrier encasing the mRNA would leave the site of the injection. Yet, Pfizer knew that not only did it leave the site of injection, but it was actually widely distributed throughout every tissue and organ in the body. This information was only made available when Japanese scientists obtained the information using a FOLA lawsuit and the data was carefully analyzed.

Analysis of this data now indicates that the highest concentration of the lipid nanocarrier includes the ovaries of females and the bone marrow of both males and females. This carrier was also found in the brain, the heart, lungs, the spleen, the liver and other organs. While this finding from biodistribution studies was of great concern, it was also disclosed that researchers knew that the spike protein itself was toxic to cells. Since the mRNA generates continuously high levels of spike protein, this means that every tissue in the body is flooded with this toxic component of the virus—the very reason this virus causes illness.

With such high levels being found in the ovaries within 48 hours of the injection, concern was centered around two possibilities—it could interfere with fertility and, based on chronic inflammation caused by the spike protein, it could also lead to high rates of ovarian cancer. We now know that over 300 pregnant women who were vaccinated either lost their babies or the babies were born prematurely. Some of these babies were grossly deformed. Despite this clear danger, the American Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology endorsed vaccinating pregnant women with these mRNA viruses. This, in my opinion, is an abomination and a crime against humanity.

These scientists also were greatly concerned about the high levels of spike protein deposited in the bone marrow by these vaccines. Because the spike protein triggers high levels of inflammation in the bone marrow there is a long-term risk of induction of lymphomas, leukemia, and the multiple myeloma malignancy. As a result, the vaccinated person would have to be carefully followed for a lifetime to be examined for the production of a cancer. There is evidence that the spike protein can also induce damage within the brain closely resembling that seen in Parkinson’s disease. Based on my knowledge of neuroimmunoexcitotoxicity, I would be greatly concerned about induction, over a long period, of Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, multiple sclerosis, transverse myelitis and a number of other such neurological disorders. Brain development in humans continues until age 25 to 27 years. Deposition of the spike protein in the developing brain could very easily interfere with normal brain development—with autism spectrum disorders and schizophrenia being high on the list.

If we look at the Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company practices in vaccine development, especially the safety testing of this vaccine, we see that virtually every normal practice in vaccine safety testing was abused. A review of Pfizer procedures done by TrailSite found that GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) were not utilized. One glaring defect in their safety testing was a lack of traditional studies on the effect on the reproductive system.

Dr. Robert Malone also noted that the actual vaccine tested was not the one that was to be used by the public and he further stated, “I was particularly surprised that the dossier of regulatory documents indicates allowance for use in humans based on non-GLP PK and Tox studies relying on formulations which are significantly different from the final vaccine” [TrialSite, May 28,2012]. What this means is that the real vaccine being used on mass numbers of people has itself never been tested at all. Instead, they used a “special” form that essentially told us nothing about the safety of the vaccine being used. Even then, proper toxicology testing, biodistribution studies and reproductive studies were either not done or done improperly. And we are supposed to let these nefarious individuals use us as guinea pigs to actually see what the vaccine side effects would be. Also, of concern, no genotoxicity studies were done—that is, testing to see if damage to cellular genes occurred—something that would be essential.

When it was suggested that these findings—i.e., the deficiencies in safety testing as well as the ongoing appearance of potentially harmful signals (medical problems) that were detected—should be published in the medical and scientific literature, proponents of the vaccines stated that this information should be kept out of journals as it would discourage further vaccination acceptance by the public. Dr. Paul Offit, a vaccine proponent, suggested that we should withhold this information until we get a lot more data because he don’t want to “scare people.” So, I would ask Offit—just how many people have to continue dying or becoming medical cripples for life before you decide to stop this atrocity?

If Mr. Kincaid wants to trust Pfizer, Moderna, J&J or AstraZeneca, so be it. But we all deserve informed consent—that is, full knowledge as to what is known about these vaccines, the dangers, the risks, and especially that there are safe alternatives that have shown almost 100% protection when used prophylactically—such as ivermectin. That ivermectin has had such a profound beneficial effect on infected patients, at every level of seriousness (very few deaths and quick recovery) indicates that no vaccine is even necessary. Certainly, vaccine passports, forced vaccinations for employment or school attendance, and especially talk of mandatory vaccinations, should be immediately ended.

With all the proof that Dr. Anthony Fauci was openly working with the CCP and PLA, and worse, that he repeatedly and publicly defended the Communist Party of China, should raise suspicion that not only was the release and distribution of this virus worldwide by China designed as a bioweapon against the West, but that we must also consider the real possibility that the ultimate weapon is the vaccine. If this is indeed true, then promoting the vaccines would be the actual betrayal, even if inadvertent, in that it aids China in destroying any resistance by the Western nations to eventual Chinese communist rule of the world.

Written by Russell L. Blaylock, MD

Dr. Russell L. Blaylock is President of Advanced Nutritional Concepts and Theoretical Neurosciences in Jackson, Mississippi. He has written numerous path-blazing scientific papers and many books, including Excitotoxins — The Taste That Kills (1994), Bioterrorism: How You Can Survive (2001), Health and Nutrition Secrets (2002), Prescriptions for Natural Health (2016), Cellular and Molecular Biology of Autism Spectrum Disorders, co-authored with Anna Strunecka, Mark Hyman and Ivo Paclt (2010), and Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients (2019). He is Associate Editor-in-Chief of the Neuroinflammatory Section of Surgical Neurology International (SNI).

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6 thoughts on “Is the Covid Vaccine Safe and Effective? by Russell L. Blaylock, MD”

  1. James Williams

    Thank you Dr. Blaylock for your thoughts because I know nothing about medicine, but I know enough about politics to not take candy from a stranger. Seems that most oath oriented medical professionals are quiet about it out of fear of being labeled an ‘anti vaxxer’. Again, thanks for voicing your opinion.

  2. When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revised its mask guidance this week to urge even vaccinated people to wear masks indoors, it was criticized for not citing data in making that move.. Now it has — and the data is sobering. The study details an outbreak that started July 3 in Provincetown, Mass., involving 469 cases. It found that three-quarters of cases occurred in fully vaccinated people. Massachusetts has a high rate of vaccination: about 69% among eligible adults in the state at the time of the study… — NPR

    To be totally honest my wife (RN in a med surg. unit) has been treating COVID patients from the onset of all this. It was tapering off until last month and she has several on her unit now (all unvaccinated) and one doesn’t look like they will make it (and they are using all the treatment available).

    I think there have been distortions on fact from both sides of this debate and my wife and I held off initially getting the vaccine until I had time to research it. While the science behind using mRNA for a virile vaccine is new, the science behind it has been used in Cancer research and treatment for over a decade.

    Essentially you are just triggering your immune system to respond to the agent of the virus that infects your cells rather than the dead virus that was traditionally used in the past. The up side is that any variant of the virus that uses that protein will trigger the same immune response rather than being virus specific.

    While no vaccine will totally protect you from disease, it will reduce your symptoms and the chance of death, especially if you if you have the comorbidities. While I feel it should be a choice and will never ridicule someone who chooses not to take it, I really think people need to take time to research it for themselves and not take someone else’s word for it before deciding. —BB

    I agree with you totally. In fact in my own extended family in South and Central Florida —10 close relatives got COVID and the only seriously ill is one of the two unvaccinated (a 37 years old), and yet my 90 year old mother had COVID and did not even know it, it was so mild. She had been vaccinated and is doing well, now asymptomatic. I have come to believe and confirmed in my recent readings, including a previously MSM posted paper (that vaccinated people can pass COVID) and in my own family that if an unvaccinated person gets the Delta variant, it is a more severe illness. So if you don’t get vaccinated you definitely need to practice social distance. Vaccinated persons can transmit the disease, to you including the delta variant, which will be more severe! And the truth is that the Delta variant IMO is a direct result of the vaccination process itself, as discussed by my friend Bruce Bare above :

    “While the science behind using mRNA for a virile vaccine is new, the science behind it has been used in Cancer research and treatment for over a decade. Essentially you are just triggering your immune system to respond to the agent of the virus that infects your cells rather than the dead virus that was traditionally used in the past. The up side is that any variant of the virus that uses that protein will trigger the same immune response rather than being virus specific.

    “While no vaccine will totally protect you from disease, it will reduce your symptoms and the chance of death, especially if you if you have the comorbidities.”

    We live in a political, sinister world, unfortunately dominated by the absurd and evil left!

  3. Another excellent comment by my friend BB in FB:

    No vaccine is 100%, getting a disease doesn’t protect you from getting sick from the same disease again either. What it does do, is keep you from getting it as severe afterwards. Getting or not getting a vaccine should be a choice, but make that choice on accurate and credible information understanding what it will and will not do and understanding your real risks.
    While death from COVID is less than 2% in the whole population, about another 6% spend weeks in the hospital severely ill on a ventilator. (My wife is a nurse and has been treating them since all this began last year and is currently treating 4 (unvaccinated) now). If you have comorbidities (diabetes, heart disease, COPD, Cancer or any disorder that lowers your resistance to disease) then your risk of death is actually much higher and comprises the majority of COVID deaths. Again, your choice, but choose wisely.

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