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Cuba, the Totalitarian Example of America’s Future? by Russell L. Blaylock, MD

Cuba has had a long history of suffering under the communist hammer and sickle, and she still struggles under this totalitarian system. A recent article in the Epoch Times shows what extent the Cuba communist regime will go to keep its people under its system of terror subjugation. The title of the article says it all—“They must be destroyed: How Cuban Americans Face Assassination Threats, Terror list.”[1] While the article pointed out that the Cuban policy of harassing or even killing these escapees was not new, it has increased substantially under the leadership of President Miguel Diaz-Canel, who now lists the freedom lovers as “terrorists.” The communists have created this list of “terrorists” designed to strike fear in the hearts of American Cubans.

Activist and journalist Ninoska Perez, whose name in on the list, was quoted as saying she was not surprised since she had lived with this for years. As one who worked for the Cuban American National Foundation, one of the largest such organizations, she dedicated herself to Cuban freedom and was accused of having as her only crime, telling what life was really like under the communist regime. “Those of us who understand what this means know it was a closely held secret by the regime. It is portrayed to Americans and the world as a virtual utopia by the thugs running it, and that includes a number of American traitors. As many have observed, “people vote with their feet.” No one is dying to get into communist Cuba, but many have died trying to escape.[1]

Perez pointed out the Cuban communist regime not only keeps tabs on dissidents but also has resorted to posting their addresses online for public view. One Cuban, who was targeted by the communist government for refusing to join the communist organization after graduating from college, was imprisoned and tortured. He lists some of the torture measures—starvation, refusing any family member visits and many other terrifying methods. Sounds much like that used by our government on the January 6 prisoners. They have never had formal charges filed against them, they are denied visitation rights by their personal attorneys as well as their families, there are accusations of starvation, withholding medications, and poor food and water supplies. Independent journalists have been denied visits to confirm these reports and the mainstream journalists have taken no interest.[1]

As frightening as it seems, the American Left is using similar tactics against conservatives and opponents of this growing radicalism in the United States. We have seen the rise of “doxing,” removal from university and job positions by threat, and exposing the addresses of the “targets” as well as their children.[2] Some have even called SWAT teams to invade a person’s house using false information over a telephone. Deaths have been ascribed to such calls. Censorship is growing and becoming more intrusive. In Canada and in the United States preachers have been arrested for reading passages from the Bible expressing God’s view on the deviant behavior being promoted by these “woke” radicals.[3] More laws against “hate speech” are being passed and enforced almost daily.

When the idea of “hate speech” was first discussed, I stated that it would lead to a nightmare. That day has come. We now hear terms, such as “microaggressions,” a “dog whistle,” and even daring to be “white” as hate speech. Schools and many businesses are incorporating special “indoctrination” courses to inculcate views opposed to American Judeo-Christian moral tradition.[4,5] This includes your child’s education beginning in grade school. We are also suffering under “cultural appropriation” and other outrages from the Left. The idea is to dismantle existing Western society and its values and substitute radial beliefs in their place—a total critique of society.

As communists come to power, they dismantle all that has existed before, mainly Western culture along with its Judeo-Christian moral system. Churches are burned, Christians attacked, and religious antisemitism is on the rise. Abortionists demand the right to kill a baby up to the time of birth and some have even proposed killing a child up until the age of four year of age—that is, a “living abortion.”[6]

We are seeing riots and violent unrest on college and university campuses over the so-called killing of 15,000 Palestinian children by the Israeli government military, yet these same protestors endorse the mass murder of over one million helpless babies, many torn asunder during an abortion.[7] These are not collateral injuries, or inadvertent, they are intentional, and they want unlimited access to slaughter even more of the innocent.

If one studied the various countries that fell to communism, they would discover that the same tactics are being used in our country now. What is less appreciated is that the New Agers have virtually to same plans of destruction in mind. In addition, many are espousing Nazi and fascist views, all of which promise a utopia once they eliminate the resisters.[8] Of course, over time the number of resisters grow as the populace realizes the Left has lied to them. But, once a totalitarian system has been put in place, resistance can be impossible and deadly. Just ask the Cubans.

One should read Dr. Faria’s books on the real Cuba—namely, Cuba in Revolution: Escape From a Lost Paradise (2002),[9]; and Cuba’s Eternal Revolution Through the Prism of Insurgency, Socialism, and Espionage (2024).[10] In addition, an eye-opening book detailing how the communist system works is discussed in his latest book, Stalin, Mao, Communism, and their 21-Century Aftermath in Russia and China (2024).[11] Those who would read his books, will note a common theme in all of them, not only about the decline of these countries but also the fact that those who betray their country, thus allowing the totalitarians to come to power, eventually end up getting killed by those they supported and helped come to power. This has been supported by several experts on the communist system.

Today we are witnessing how many on the Left are sure they will participate in the eventual totalitarian state. True students of these totalitarian systems appreciate that the psychopaths, once in power, never trust those who helped them achieve it. Like those who betrayed their country for a deceptive idea, the helpers end up being eliminated by those in power. Thus, the revolution faithfully devours its children.


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Written by Dr. Russell L. Blaylock

Russell L. Blaylock, M.D. is the president of Theoretical Neuroscience Research, LLC, Canton, Mississippi, a retired neurosurgeon, and the Associate Editor-in-Chief of the Neuro-Inflammation section of Surgical Neurology International (SNI). He has written numerous path-blazing scientific papers and books, including Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills (1994), Bioterrorism: How You Can Survive (2001), Health and Nutrition Secrets (2002), Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients (2003), and The Liver Cure (2022).

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