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Judeo-Christianity and the End of West by Russell L. Blaylock, MD

Dennis Prager gave a much-needed, great fireside chat on the end of Western Civilization recently on his program Prager U—What is driving the death of the West?  His focus was on a declaration by none other than the notorious atheist Richard Dawkins about how England and the world are approaching total chaos because it has abandoned its most important stabilizing cultural force—Christianity.

Indeed, as my friend, Dr. Miguel A. Faria stated in Controversies in Medicine and Neuroscience: Through the Prism of History, Neurobiology, and Bioethics (2023):

Without the support of religion and our churches, crime and mayhem in society would increase, giving the State the reason (or excuse) to step in to fight the lawlessness—ominous steps that frequently end up restricting freedom and creating tyranny. Agent provocateurs have purposely elicited violence, instigating government reprisals throughout history that predictably result in assaults on liberty and propitiating the imposition of tyranny as we witnessed in the 20th century.

Of course, those of us who have studied the history of Western Civilization know this, yet many of our youth have been indoctrinated in the NEA controlled public schools and far-left dominated colleges and universities that teach that the greatest influence in the collapse of the “greater good” and origin of wars has been the great religions—Judaism and Christianity. They actually believe this nonsense when real, accurate and previously taught history came to the opposite conclusion. Yet, they have been led to believe in a lot of “woke” nonsense, such that men can have babies and menstruate, one can deny their biology and declare they are something else—a dog, a cat, a tree and even the opposite sex. Worse we are to accept this idiocy as truth. Hence, the out-of-control government passes laws that legalize this insane behavior.

Equally bad, we now have the legalization of crime and the defunding of local police. This of course, as several of us have stated, will lead to a national police force or worse, a world police force. Anarchy by anti-religion fanatics and agent provocateurs would force government to create a repressive federal police state, while at the same time defunding local police.

Illicit sex is of course encouraged at the same time they are instituting drastic worldwide depopulation programs. At first this is confusing, but when combined with newer birth control methods, vaccinating pregnant women, and promotion of abortion, it all makes sense, as sex is the great human tempter. It will destroy their main enemy—the family and allow the state to raise the children.

The obsession with “climate change,” previously called “global warming,” is doing exactly what it was designed to do—eliminate the middle class and destroy capitalism. The eternal push for world socialism with the United Nations (UN) as the elite body in charge continues. The cell phone zombie-obsessed youth are convinced that they are in the mist of witnessing the coming “utopia,” which of course is the carrot tied to the stick on the mule’s head. The poor mule will eternally seek the carrot, never appreciating that he will never obtain it, but it will keep him going in the desired direction. Utopia has always been the goal of the elite, who are convinced that humanity is its personal slave and essentially stupid. Unfortunately, many if not most are stupid or at least unread. Mark Twain was correct when he said, “The person who does not read has no advantage over the person who cannot read.” Even worse is he who drinks out of the trough of the elite left’s propaganda and actually believes this crafted nonsense.

These deluded individuals think they have stumbled on a series of great truths and that the rest of us have been deceived by our education—religious and otherwise. In essence, they are going to “get our thinking straight.” As Edward Bernays says in his 2002 book, Propaganda, people generally will never know where they received their ideas and conclusions about an issue. The Bible tells us that there is nothing new under the sun, and socialism is a great case in point. It has been tried in numerous countries throughout history—and has always failed and led to misery for the greatest number within its societies (except for the elite rulers—the cryptocracy).

Ludwig Von Mises and later Friedrich Hayek pointed out that socialism always leads to communism—the “terror state.” Dr. Faria’s latest book, Stalin, Mao, Communism, and Their 21st-Century Aftermath in Russia and China, makes that point succinctly. The Soviet state had almost a century to get it “right” and as a result millions died and many more led a life worse than a serf. Each of these countries, Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Venezuela, went through this and ended up a human wasteland. Yet, we still hear the deluded youth proclaim—“they didn’t do it right.” After so many centuries, one would think they would get it “right.” Von Mises and Hayek demonstrate in their writing that in fact socialism’s failure is intrinsic, and that in truth, it can never work as sold. Only the confused and the historically ignorant think it can. To their view the problem is that they must either convince the recalcitrant to “see the light” or be eliminated (terminated) or incarcerated in the elite’s gulag system, so well described by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in his series of books on the Gulag Archipelago and Miguel’s newly written book. In the 1920s, Solzhenitsyn family fought against the anti-religious campaign of the new Soviet government. Communist governments always wage war on religion, especially Judeo-Christian belief, because, like the Roman Empire, they insist that the elite leader of the system is in fact the highest authority—a god, and that he must be worshipped as a God.

The war waged on Judeo-Christianity by the elites is because religious believers listen to God only, and not to man (them). We see in all socialist-communist systems a cult of personality, a worship of the elite. This is why they name themselves “the wise ones.” (For example, with Franklin Delano Roosevelt, it was “the Brain Trust.”) They insist on being listened to and worshipped. In the West, law is transcended from God and not a creation of man. This they cannot tolerate. God’s law overrides and supersedes man’s law. As many of such minds have stated—“the government is God.”

We are now experiencing “a total critique of society.” True religion, Judeo-Christianity is their main enemy and, to their mind, must be eliminated. In conjunction with this is the New Age view that the true God is Lucifer, not the God of Judeo-Christianity. If you read Alice Bailey’s books, you will see that in her view, as well as in Nazism and communism, the closely held principles are the same. Her book published by the Lucis Publishing Company is operated by the UN, and its previous name was The Lucifer Publishing Company. All these socialist beliefs are in essence Luciferian, as is the United Nations. According to her book, the leaders of Theosophy, the New Age central belief organization, are adherent to the basic principles of both Nazism and communism, with the United Nations as its leader organization for world socialism.

Written by Russell L. Blaylock

Russell L. Blaylock, M.D. is the president of Theoretical Neuroscience Research, LLC, Canton, Mississippi, a retired neurosurgeon, and the Associate Editor-in-Chief of the Neuro-Inflammation section of Surgical Neurology International (SNI). He has written numerous path-blazing scientific papers and books, including Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills (1994), Bioterrorism: How You Can Survive (2001), Health and Nutrition Secrets (2002), Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients (2003), and The Liver Cure (2022).

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1 thought on “Judeo-Christianity and the End of West by Russell L. Blaylock, MD”

  1. Dr. Adam Bogart

    Excellent article. I have always believed that if not for the monotheistic religions of Judaism and Christianity, we would have great chaos now, if we hadn’t destroyed ourselves long ago. True, religion can be a double edged sword, as when practiced for the wrong reasons, the results may be disastrous. But as I have said before, that is because of the inherent imperfection of man. The religions themselves are not to blame if they are hijacked by less than savory individuals for political purposes. This happened around 325AD with the first meeting of the council of Nicaea. Christianity was hijacked as a means of exerting political control of a young Europe. It is still recovering from the rewriting of some of the scriptures for political ends, and this was probably the formal start of poor Jewish/Christian relations. However, only a thinker completely lacking nuance (i.e. leftist or atheist) would blame Christianity for that. Rather, put the blame where it belongs, with corrupt early politicians who were masquerading as popes and other high church officials. Popes in recent history have done much to steer Catholicism back on course, as it was originally intended. Pseudointellectual leftists need to let it go, and deal with the real menace of radical Islam.
    It is technically true that Islam is the third of the three monotheistic religions, but I avoided mentioning it because (with supreme irony) it seems to currently be the most violent of the three Abrahamic religions, and the same leftists bashing Judaism and Christianity continue to give it a pass. They are extremely ignorant, still going all the way back to the Crusades to demonize Christianity, while ignoring much worse coming from present day Islam.

    ** Let me just add that within 100-150 years of the death of Christ, the number of gentile Christians became larger than the number of Jewish Christians. As a result, most Christians did not have a prior background in Judaism, which is what Paul recommended. Just as Jesus and the Apostles followed all Jewish laws (dietary, holiday calendar, etc.), so had early Christians. At some point, it was decided that a Christian didn’t have to have prior Jewish instruction, and needed follow no Mosaic laws except the Ten Commandments. This was probably the first major schism between Judaism and Christianity, so it would be unfair of me to suggest that the Council of Nicaea was the only reason for worsening Jewish/Christian relations.

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