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Report 2: How Not to Control a Pandemic — A Lesson for All Times by Russell L. Blaylock, MD

The characteristic that makes this SARS-CoV2 virus (stands for the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2) a perfect weapon against the West is that in the beginning no one knew what it could do — that is, just how virulent and communicable it really is. Second, it had low virulence for the majority of people and high virulence for those with immunocompromising conditions — cardiovascular disorders, pulmonary disorders, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, those exposed to heavy pollution, drug addicts, smokers (including vaping), those infected with HIV or other venereal diseases and people with genetic or acquired immunosuppression. Also, at risk are people having major surgery, multisystem trauma, people with nutritional deficiencies (especially for vitamin D3, vitamin C, carotenoids and the B-vitamins), cancer patients under treatment and those under intense, chronic stress. The true communicability of this virus is still unknown, as such a high percentage of people either have no symptoms or mild symptoms. Only widespread immune antibody testing will give us that answer.

Because we have no idea how many people have been infected, we still have no idea just how deadly this virus really is, but as time passes, and we discover larger populations that have been infected, the death rates will continue to fall. All indications are that it is less deadly than the seasonal flu for the majority of people.

A great deal of confusion, mainly intentional, occurred during the peaks of the infections in different countries. The most notable case was Italy. Careful studies indicated that the site of high death rates was in northern Italy in a region that had the heaviest air pollution in all of Europe, equal to that of Wuhan, which has the worst air pollution in the world. This produced two conditions that greatly increased the death rates — chronic severe lung damage from the pollution and severe deficiencies in vitamin D3, known to increase death from any infection, even the common cold. In fact, northern Italy always has the highest yearly influenza death rate of any European country. In addition, the men were heavy smokers and the death rate was much higher in men.

A careful study conducted of those who died in northern Italy found that the average age of those who died was 80 years of age. Also, they found that 99% of those who died had one or more serious medical conditions, with almost half having three such medical conditions at one time. The death rate in elderly free-of-medical conditions was 0.8%. Most importantly, according to independent author Giacomino Nicolazzo, just before the outbreak in Italy, tens of thousands of Chinese traveled to northern Italy to steal technology. They also brought the virus to the area.

New York City also has high air pollution, partially explaining the high death rate there. In addition, many of the victims were smokers, obese, had serious medical conditions and lived in very crowded, high stress situations. Admission policies in areas of high death rates and infectivity had hospital policies that encouraged spread of the virus. In some hospitals, the rate of hospital-acquired infections can be as high as 30 percent. People with serious medical conditions, especially cardiovascular conditions, are at greater risk of stress-induced death than with other diagnoses. As many infectious disease physicians have stated, the presence of the virus does not indicate it is causing an illness — many were dying of their primary medical condition and labeled as CCP-viral deaths.

New Orleans is another place of high death rates, which was higher than many cities. I lived in New Orleans during my medical school training and my wife is from New Orleans, so I am very familiar with the city. It is a place of heavy drug use, has a very high population of homosexuals, many with multiple venereal diseases (including AIDS); many are smokers and vapers; obesity is epidemic; alcoholism is rampant, and their diet is conducive to immune suppression.

Another factor is that the places with the highest incidences of infections are also places that have had a great many visitors from Wuhan China. I have a friend in Frostburg, Maryland who told me that just before all this occurred, a group of Chinese nationals came to their area to see the color change of the leaves. Soon after they left, a lot of people began to have what they thought were colds. Once the pandemic panic started, they noticed that there were few hospitalizations, but no increase in deaths — most likely the earlier spread of the infection created a localized herd immunity situation and protected the community. This has also been proposed as to why California had such a low death rate.

By not testing the majority of the asymptomatic and minor symptom population, the death rates were artificially made to look high. This created panic and people were willing to accept draconian measures and violations of civil liberties that normally they would have never accepted. President Trump tried to talk sense to the people, telling them that every year we have anywhere from 39,000 to 61,000 people die of flu related complications, yet we instituted no draconian measures, such as shutting down the economy, using masks, and confining people to their homes.

Dr. Anthony Fauci speaks at White House briefing as President Donald Trump looks on

Unfortunately, abruptly, within days, Trump began to accept the Dr. Anthony Fauci lies, even when we had only 55 deaths in the entire country. Fauci and company used “epidemic models” to frighten Trump and the public into accepting a total national lockdown of the economy. Fauci knew he had President Trump over a barrel — if he did nothing, every death would be Trump’s fault, and if he did institute draconian measures, he would be a hero. For President Trump there was no other choice, especially with an election coming up.

Mathematical epidemiologists knew that the models were not only worthless, but also would throw people into a panic — predictions of over 2 million dead in the United States and 500,000 dead in the UK were the driving force to keep Trump and other Western leaders in line. Neil Ferguson recently downgraded these predictions drastically, admitting that his data was faulty. The real epidemiologists knew that the draconian measures were not only unnecessary, but also would lead to a great many deaths on its own, so-called “deaths of despair.” This includes deaths from heart attacks and other medical conditions, suicides, domestic violence, drug use, and alcoholism. A number of studies have shown that as many as 39,000 people will die over a five-year period for every 1% fall in the employment rate.

The media keeps driving the panic by hanging onto these earlier, now discredited, models. And both the media and the left Democrats want to destroy the economy to assure Trump will lose the election. They don’t care how many die or how many lives are ruined  — all that matters to them is getting back in power.

Death Certificates and Future Medical Studies

The National Center for Health Statistics, National Vital Statistics System, released instructions as to how the CCP-virus is to be entered into the death certificates. Basically, there is no requirement that an accurate test be used as a criteria — one can just have an impression the virus contributed to their death. Unfortunately, this is also done with flu deaths as well. Many medical conditions, even non-infectious, can mimic CCP-virus infections. We witnessed this during the phony Influenza A. virus subtype H1N1 “pandemic,” in which the CDC and WHO were reporting widespread infections over most of the nation, yet accurate testing indicated that actual infections by H1N1 were quite rare in each state.

One can predict that the purpose of this is to alter future studies to indicate that a much larger number of people died during this “pandemic” than were indicated by clinical experience at the time. This did indeed happen with the 2009 H1N1 phony pandemic. We now see the medical authorities citing an inflated number of 16,000 deaths from H1N1 during the 2009 event, nowhere near the truth. The Freedom of Information lawsuit filed by CBS News and reported by Sharyl Attkisson, proved the high incidence numbers were all concocted.

Once this false information is filed on the death certificates, no future study of the event will ever be truthful. The collectivists will be able to manipulate the data to endorse future draconian regimenting measures. I am sure we will soon hear from the Deep State number crunchers that re-calculated numbers suggest that hundreds of millions died.

How exactly this manipulation of data is to be done is rather easy to envision. We know that there is a rather high death rate for major medical diseases, especially in the older individuals. According to the data for 2016, the top diseases in people over age 65 included hypertension, arthritis, ischemic heart disease and diabetes. The highest incidence of death in CCP-virus infected people is linked most often to those with cardiovascular diseases, usually at the terminal end of their disease.

The death rate for cardiovascular disease alone is 10.5% and 7.3% for diabetes, higher than the death rate for the CCP-virus in most cases. In 2018, approximately 39,800 people died of old age-linked diseases. If we assume 5% of these patients will also be positive for the CCP-virus, using the new death certificate instructions, almost 2,000 of these cases will now be listed as CCP-virus deaths, when in fact, most were at the terminal stages of their medical disease. Studies have shown that even when exposed to the benign coronavirus common cold virus strains, 8% of nursing home patients will die, quite similar to the death rates of elderly sick exposed to the CCP-virus.

If we examine the death rates for the whole nation from these major CCP-virus linked diseases we see that for cardiovascular diseases, for instance, with an annual death rate of 655,381, if 5% are coincidently CCP-virus positive, approximately 33,000 would be listed on their death certificates as CCP-virus deaths. And when you consider that each year 598,000 die of cancer, 159,000 of lung disease and 147,000 of a stroke, the numbers can climb rapidly, giving the impression that hundreds of thousands died of the CCP-virus, rather than the figure now accepted (which is also grossly over stated).

We must also take into consideration that our population is aging at a rapid pace, with more people reaching the age of 65 and above than ever before. Approximately 49 million people are at or over the age of 65 years. In the year 2017, approximately 2.8 million people died of all causes, with 69,255 more dying in 2017 than in 2016 (mostly elderly). If this CCP-viral event had occurred at that time transition, how many of these cases would have been coincidently CCP-virus positive? One must also keep in mind that the life expectancy for males is 76.1 years and 81.1 years for females. This is the very group making up the highest incident of dying with suspected or positive CCP-virus tests.

Another factor that has been ignored is the possibility of recording influenza deaths as CCP-virus deaths, being they share many symptoms and even cytokine storm pathology in severe cases. It has been estimated that this year there were 24,000 flu deaths, 39 million infected and 400,000 hospitalizations.

If physicians are not testing these severe cases for proof of influenza infection, we could see a drastic effect on accurate recording of CCP-virus death as flu deaths might be recorded as CCP-viral deaths. It is known that coronavirus infections of a milder strain (common cold strains) frequently accompany influenza infections each and every year. Many of the test kits for the CCP-virus also will give false positive results by cross-reacting with the common cold coronavirus.

Destruction of Medical Practices, Hospital and the Implementation of Socialized Medicine

Most states have required hospitals to delay elective surgeries and office-based practices to suspend office hours in favor of teleconferencing with patients. Emergency rooms are reported to be empty (a major source of income for hospitals) and the loss of revenue from elective surgeries is devastating to the hospitals. Many hospitals will go bankrupt and many medical practices will also suffer irreparable damage to their economic survival. Physicians are reporting a loss of income from 50% to a much as 80% loss of revenues.

For many, especially those living under a high debt lifestyle, this will destroy them economically. I will predict that the Democratic left and the leftist media will immediately insist that the only solution is instant socialized medicine to save medical care in the United States. They will treat this as a crisis that needs immediate attention.

Hospitals will also require enormous financial support from the government, which will put them under a strict list of government-designed conditions, again leading to socialized medicine. The radical left politicians will also insist that because of the severe shortages made evident during this event, the government must have control over hospital policies. Other collectivist health systems, such as HMOs, will also grow and physicians will be more than glad to be salaried, even at the expense of a loss of freedom.

Effect on the Rest of the Economy

A comprehensive discussion of this effect would take a manuscript, so suffice it to say that we will see a great number of small businesses fail and other businesses will be “acquired” by larger corporations. Economic centralization and efficiency will be the call of the day. If this lockdown is not ended soon malls could become much like ghost towns and a number of retail chains will declare bankruptcy. This will call for even greater collectivist schemes of consolidation of economic forces as an answer.

Keep in mind, that a great many corporations support, in many ways, every leftist scheme presented by the elite. In addition, the boards of the tax-exempt foundations and non-governmental organizations, such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Trilateral Commission, are made up of CEOs of major corporations. Together, the tax-exempt foundations control over a trillion dollars in wealth and they often make governmental policy. This move away from small business will give them even greater power.

We will also see a massive erosion of retail businesses, which will be replaced by on-line ordering, such as we see with the megalithic enterprise. Linked to this will be the cashless society, which will give the government absolute control over individual finances as well as enormous surveillance advantage. In the recent past this was all called “industrial policy,” as it was a scheme to design all of society much like an industry — highly organized and regimented, and ruled from the top.

That our society could be turned into an instant series of tyrannical states should be, and to many it has been, a wake-up call. People were able to see how quickly governors and mayors were not only willing to institute draconian tyrannical measures and destroy lives and businesses but also to ignore even the most knowledgeable members of the scientific and medical community outside the medical bureaucracies — the people who really understood what needed to be done.

One interview with a mathematical epidemiologist disclosed that had they let the virus run its course the entire event would have been over in no more than three to four weeks. Because 95% of those exposed to the virus had either no illness (40%) or only mild to moderate illness from the virus, it would have been much better to have temporarily isolated the highest at-risk groups and let the rest be exposed by going about business as usual. That would have allowed herd immunity numbers to be reached rapidly. This would have been the greatest protection for the at-risk population.

The medical profession either ignored or denied that one could boost their immunity by natural extracts, something that has been proven in numerous scientific studies. Beta-glucan, mushroom extracts, olive leaf extract, astragalus, baicalin, EGCG and a number of other such compounds have been proven to stimulate anti-viral immunity, and in many cases to interfere with viral replication and entry into human cells.

High dose intravenous vitamin C, combined with hydrocortisone and thiamine, has been proven beyond all doubt to rapidly terminate the cytokine storm, the leading cause of ARDS and septic deaths. Vitamin D3 deficiency is very common in the at-risk population and has been shown to also reduce the cytokine storm and reduce serious consequences of infection by such viruses. This deficiency, along with vitamin C deficiency, is commonly seen with obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, stress, pulmonary diseases, kidney diseases and all cases of inflammation — all of which make up the highest risk population. Curcumin, in a carefully done animal model of virally-induced cytokine storm, has been shown to significantly reduce lung damage, and to significantly reduce post-infectious pulmonary fibrosis. Oral Nano-curcumin allows high blood levels to be attained.

Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine have been shown to rapidly end serious reactions to the CCP-virus by a number of mechanisms, such as interfering with viral replication and entry into cells and by correcting the newly discovered defect in hemoglobin-iron metabolism. The most dramatic responses are when the drug is used early in the infection. While some institutions are using some of these measures, they should be standard treatments in all hospitals.

The disastrous results with the SARS vaccine over ten years ago should be a warning to those who are begging for the development of a vaccine for the CCP-virus. It was proven, that those vaccinated with the SARS vaccine, when later encountering the wild virus, developed worse complications and a higher death rate than those not vaccinated. The same thing was found with the H1N1 vaccines in 2009.

The fact that Dr Anthony Fauci and his co-harts, walked into President Trump’s office when the virus first entered the United States (at that time only 55 people had died nationwide) and told the president that he had to shut down the economy and confine people to their homes for months, was highly suspicious, until you realize that Dr Fauci was close friends with the Ethiopian communist Tedros Adhanom, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), and Bill Gates “vaccinate the entire world and drastically reduce the world’s population.” Remember, Dr Fauci engineered (as stated in Report 1) a $3.7 million grant to the Wuhan Virology Institute, the very P4 lab that is the most likely source of this bioengineered virus. While the money was supposedly directed toward developing a test for the SARS virus during its 2002-2003 outbreak, the Chinese scientists were free to use the money without scrutiny by U.S. authorities.

For his part, WHO Director-General Adhanom has been a mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party. This entire pandemic could have been stopped had the WHO performed its duty to the world and not only to the Chinese Communist Party, by accepting the CCP’s word that there was no human-to-human transmission of the virus and therefore no need to close borders. Withdrawal of U.S. financial support from the World Health Organization was long overdue. May God save us from the evil left!

Written by Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

Dr. Russell L. Blaylock is President of Advanced Nutritional Concepts and Theoretical Neurosciences in Jackson, Mississippi. He has written numerous path-blazing scientific papers and many books, including Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills (1994), Bioterrorism: How You Can Survive (2001), Health and Nutrition Secrets (2002), and Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients (2003). He is Associate Editor-in-Chief, Neuroinflammatory Section, and a Consulting Editor in Basic Neuroscience for Surgical Neurology International (SNI).

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