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Editor’s Note on Miguel Faria’s Editorial on America, Guns and Freedom

Miguel Faria, MD, a neurosurgeon and Emeritus Editor of The Journal of The American Physicians and Surgeons, formerly the Medical Sentinel, and Associate Editor-in-Chief of Surgical Neurology International and its World Affairs Section, has written a two‑part Editorial on “America, Guns, and Freedom.” These essays address a very important topic to physicians everywhere, relate to the often, distorted media reports advocating the disarming of citizens, and the costs of health care of guns in the hands of citizens. Fundamentally, what he says is about the Liberty of every individual in the world from the tyranny of authoritarian regimes. In a recent book by Acemoglu and Robinson on “Why Nations Fail” (Crown Publishing, NY 2012), the authors describe how those intent on power and control have led to the destruction of governments and societies by disarming the citizens, which also leads to government control of medicine and the health of the individual. This factual information is critically important to all physicians to understand as citizens and to neurosurgeons, who care for these patients. These are outstanding reviews of the subject supported by fact and scientific thinking. SNI is proud to publish this detailed and objective information for all to know. You will not read this in the media. Why?

James I. Ausman, MD, PhD
Editor‑in‑Chief, Surgical Neurology International

Read America, Guns, and Freedom. Part I: A Recapitulation of Liberty

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