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A review of Cuba’s Eternal Revolution, the desolation of a once prosperous island by Jane Campbell

Dr. Miguel A. Faria’s new book, Cuba’s Eternal Revolution through the Prism of Insurgency, Socialism, and Espionage, is a deeply informative and compelling book about the battle for control of Cuba by Fidel and Raúl Castro with help from Che Guevara and others.

The author is an expert on the subject of Cuba’s Revolution, himself being a native Cuban who escaped when he was a teenager along with his father and others in a small boat. They very nearly lost their lives.

This is a moving book about the people who fought against Castro and communism, including the brave farmers, who had their land taken away by Castro and his military forces. The farmers and the peasants fled to the hill country where they did everything possible to strike back at the hostile forces that had taken their homes and were now trying to take their lives.

The book details information that was previously unknown to me, and it describes the extent of the damage to the people, the economy, and the environment of Cuba.

I read with horror about Ernest Hemingway casually sipping daiquiris in amusement from his lawn chair as he watched the firing squads slaughter hundreds of innocent people at the orders of Che Guevara.

I read of the massacre of so many brave people during the Bay of Pigs invasion when President Kennedy withheld aid at the last minute from the air and sea vessels filled with soldiers who could have changed the outcome of the future of Cuba. His deception was deadly for those fighting to overthrow Castro.

Fidel continued to degrade and destroy everything he touched, and his so-called “free healthcare” was simply a lie. The lack of medicine and equipment as well as the unsanitary conditions in hospitals cost untold lives even today. Ordinary Cuban people have to provide their own sheets and gowns, and their family members have to wash them as the hospitals lack the basic cleaning supplies to keep conditions in a sanitary state.

Food is in short supply as well—unless you are in the upper levels of society in Cuba. Even milk is limited to the very young and elderly people and then it’s rationed at that.

There is so much I could say about the information contained in this incredible book, but please read it for yourself and be prepared to learn things you didn’t know, such as Lee Harvey Oswald’s connections to Cuba.

This is a brilliant disclosure of how things came to be the way they are in Cuba today and the destruction of a paradise at the hands of Fidel Castro and his helpers.

Written by Jane Campbell

Jane Campbell, a music lover, coffee drinker, and avid book reader from Lexington, S.C., and an old friend of the author from his college days.

This article may be cited as: Campbell, J. A review of Cuba’s Eternal Revolution, the desolation of a once prosperous island., October 16, 2023. Available from:

Cuba’s Eternal Revolution through the Prism of Insurgency, Socialism, and Espionage (July 2023) by Dr. Miguel A. Faria, was published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. You can order the book from Lauren Blackwell, Admin Assistant, Cambridge Scholars Publishing. It is a beautiful hardback book and for a 25% discount, enter code PROMO25 to redeem or ask for it when you email Lauren at

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