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Tragic Collapse of the American Medical Care: The Great Medical Reset by Russell L. Blaylock, MD

We have just gone through one of the worst periods ever in the modern medical care system as the truth is unfolding after the tragically designed “pandemic” period. These distortions, manipulations, destruction of careers and censorship, unfortunately, did not begin with this event, what has been referred to as a “plandemic.” I recently wrote about the events during this designed and carefully planned “pandemic.” It all begins with the knowledge that this event never conformed to the criteria established and accepted for a true pandemic. The infection not only must spread worldwide, but it must also be sufficiently lethal or cause widespread long-tern injury as well. It did neither, as it was determined to be no more lethal than a seasonal flu and it seemed to not significantly affect the young and heathy (of any age). Most deaths were due to the treatment “protocols” that were essentially mandated.

Yet, this article is not about just this event, rather it is about the slow, and increasingly progressive, destruction of one of the most independent professions in existence. Events did indeed happen in this, in my opinion, planned event, that never happened before in medicine, especially in this case.

As Klaus Schwab stated in his book, The Great Reset, a crisis often provides revolutionaries with an opportunity to drastically change society, and particularly the economy. This has been referred to as a “plandemic” because it has all the earmarks of careful planning, even before it was declared a “pandemic.” Much of this “spontaneous” event contained obvious planning, as we have seen in Event 201, a conference which not only predicted this event within a month but picked the very virus to be involved. One may recall that Fauci even stated in the beginning that he would need to close down society for only two weeks to prevent the hospitals from being overrun. Especially the ICUs. Recently, we discovered that ta significant number of hospitals had few or no COVID-19 patients. In fact, the lockdown lasted over a year.

The outrages were mindboggling. Nurses have testified under oath what they witnesses—mainly neglected patients, and medical care that was far below acceptable, and even outright termination of life. There was even a lawsuit involving terminating a young girl’s life without her parent’s permission. Doctors were dismissed for ordering medication accepted as legitimate by all previous standards, even at the request of the patient or their family. Doctors were thrown off hospital property and even lost their medical licenses for merely stating their opinion. Protocols, containing ineffective or even deadly medications were ordered by every hospital in the United States, by order of the CDC. The list of outrages goes on and on.

Yet, the decline in medicine began way before this. Those of us that have been in medicine for decades have witnessed a basically free market system replaced progressively by a highly regimented system. Dr. Miguel A. Faria and I have discussed this fact in a number of papers and books. Dr. Faria discussed this eloquently in Vandals at the Gates of Medicine (1994), Medical Warrior (1997), and more recently in Controversies in Medicine and Neuroscience: Through the Prism of History, Neurobiology, and Bioethics (2023).  

The American Medical Association (AMA), in the opinion of most critically thinking doctors, betrayed the art of medicine and played a major role in creating the presnt regimented, corporativist system that we suffer under today. And, worse, most physicians sat silent as the final nails were driven into the profession’s coffin. Keep in mind, those who have suffered the most have been the patients.

During this “plandemic” most of the other medical associations also became punishers of physicians and surgeons who held a different opinion or of the resistant doctors and scientists who used their brains and worked through critical thinking and real science. The intellectual morons went along with the whole charade. This includes many professors in major medical centers, virtually all medical schools and intern and residency training programs as well as nursing associations.

The attack on thinking doctors and nurses included the media, government agencies, and the intelligence services. The legal system, much of it controlled by the global elite, played their part as well. Medical publishing began to retract articles questioning the wisdom of any part of the government/pharmaceutical “pandemic plan,” even from prestigious physicians and specialists, no matter their reputation or quality of their submitted articles. I have never witnessed so many retractions in these journals, discussed in detail in Dr. Kory’s book, War on Ivermectin.

Many papers and books have been written on the control the pharmaceutical giants have over the medical care system and medical journal publishing. These industries make regular, extremely large donations to medical centers and schools, and in turn control much of the information being taught to doctors, and this includes heads of programs as well as heads of internship and residency training programs. Pharmaceutical representatives regularly visit practicing physicians’ offices feeding them their propaganda. Physicians are also paid to do clinical research with their products. To a large degree, it is all about money. After all, the Lord told us “The love of money is the root of all evil.” It has been proven true in these cases.

But the biggest changes have occurred in our hospitals. Many hospitals, even newer, well-equipped ones, are going broke, even if they are the only hospital servicing a wide area. As a result—people die! In my paper, “The COVID Pandemic: An Up-Date,” I discuss this in some detail. To understand why these hospitals are failing we only need to look at the government, especially the federal government.

The federal, and less so state governments, instituted a series of regulations sold to the public as protecting the patient’s rights. In truth, it added considerably to the financial burden of these hospitals, especially smaller community hospitals. Remember, these hospitals needed to purchase an ever-increasing supply of expensive equipment including medications and surgical supplies. As a result, most have come close to or have gone bankrupt. The worse was the effect caused by operating emergency rooms since the government said the hospital must see everyone, no matter the cost. Reimbursement from Medicaid and Medicare fell far short. Furthermore, patients could appeal to the federal government, should the hospital or the physician seek the person’s discharge.

Most of us are familiar with the cost of hospital medications, such as paying over a dollar for one aspirin. Especially burdensome for hospitals are the reductions in reimbursement for Medicare and Medicaid patients, and the private insurers are used to make up the gap in that reimbursement, which they in turn pass on to their insured via increased annual premiums. Unfortunately, the number of individuals using these programs is growing, but the number of privately insured patients, who finance the gap, the private payers, is shrinking.

This all set the stage and form of what was to follow. Hospital administrators saw that their only financial escape was either to sell the hospital to a large hospital corporation or accept a federal handout. Smart people know that a federal handout comes with a set of rules—conditions. Now the stage was set.

As the “pandemic” unfolded hospital administrators were handed a CDC (Centers for Disease Control) protocol they were told to use exclusively. In truth, the CDC cannot mandate hospitals to use such a protocol. We should be aware, they, the CDC, have never treated a single COVID-19 patient. One must ask the obvious question: Who were they to make an enforced treatment protocol, especially a protocol that entailed medications in which they would profit handsomely. One of these drugs was Remdesivir, which they, Fauci and company, held the patent and would be rewarded handsomely. This drug has been shown to cause fatal kidney damage and was useless in the hospitalized patient. The FLCCC, a group of experts in virology and pulmonary treatment, demonstrated that by the time the patient was in the hospital there was no more active virus. Remdesivir is an antiviral. In essence, it was a useless medication. It was designed to kill.

Other experts treated thousands of patients successfully using cheaper, safer, and more beneficial medications, such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. In fact, countries like Peru, Northern India, and Egypt made Ivermectin available to all citizens and had the lowest death rate and hospitalization rate in the world. This was ignored by the major media and the medical establishment.

Then we had the PCR test, which the inventor said is never used to diagnose an active infection. This is because the sensitivity can be changed by the number of cycles run and as a result it cannot tell the difference between a live virus, a dead virus, a viral fragment, and can cross react with other far less virulent coronaviruses and even the influenza virus.

On top of this, physicians were told to sign death certificates as being a death caused by the COVID-19 virus, when it was in fact due to a co-morbid disease or to suicide, murder, or even a traffic accident. When we examine what was being done, using the PCR test at a high cycle rate, insisting death certificates list all deaths as coronavirus deaths, closing hospitals for patient follow-up of their co-morbid diseases, delaying early safer treatments or prophylaxis, and purposefully putting infected patients in nursing homes (along side the most vulnerable patients), it becomes obvious they were trying to create a false pandemic by artificially increasing the number of infected. The idea was to instill fear in the public so they would depend on government to save them. The mainstream media played its part. That is, so the public and the medical system would follow the “plan.”

One can see that the hospitals, led by the hospital administrators and its lawyers, were put in a position of no longer acting as independent entities, which let their doctors make the medical decisions. Now, they were financially dependent on being bailed out by the government and this came with “conditions.” The conditions were what we witnessed. Make all of the staff, physicians, nurses, and ancillary workers keep silent about what they were witnessing, play the government’s game, and follow the “plan” implicitly.

Now we are seeing a change in how medicine is practiced. This involves medical societies, medical universities, and government bureaucracies, all working toward the ultimate goal—socialized, regimented, and impersonal health care. Multiple attempts have been made to create a socialized medical system and all have failed—until now. Yes, we have medical universities joining the “woke” movement, progressive regimenting of the practice of medicine and a staff that insists that all medical students, interns, and residents be “vaccinated,” yet it goes beyond that.

We have also witnessed an old call resurface—racism in medicine. The elite “woke” staff of major medical centers are insisting medicine, as it was practiced, was intrinsically “racist” and we had a two-tiered system where “whites” were better cared for than those of “color,” whatever that means. Of course, this is nonsense to those who can still think, but this sells to the useful idiots and the impressionable youth. This leads inevitably to a call for socialized medicine and central control of the “benevolent” government planners.

For their part, hospital administrators, in many cases, were accessories to going along with this government perversion and following the program of the “planners.” By bankrupting the hospitals, the government forced administrators to follow the “plan.” As a result, many patients were denied local care, and more were herded into a centralized system of hospitals owned by elite corporations. In such a system, the independent doctor who treats his or her patients based on his or her knowledge and compassion, is excluded from the hospital owned by the corporate system.

Hospitals were herded into this financial position by the government—state and especially federal. With the elite corporations, owning a string of hospitals, all will be forced to follow this plan of regimentation. The doctors will become pawns and will either follow orders or be dismissed.

Now that we have artificial intelligence (AI, a nonsense term) we will see a great number of physicians being replaced by “protocols.” Older physicians may remember the propaganda that most physicians, or at least the physician shortage, could be filled by “barefoot doctors”—that is, people of little training that can follow “protocols” and are much less expensive than general practitioners. Several states, including Mississippi, have been offered “Cuban doctors” to fill the gap in physician shortage. These physicians are not the same as the highly trained Cuban doctors before communism ruled the land, but “barefoot doctors.”  Dr. Faria referred to this as Cuba’s “Doctor Diplomacy” and discussed this program in Cuba in Revolution (2002) as well as his new book Cuba’s Eternal Revolution (2024).  It is all carefully crafted propaganda. Thankfully, the state of Mississippi refused.

Soon, AI may replace some physicians, especially family doctors, “hospitalists” and non-specialists. AI, I have been told, can read an x-ray more accurately than a radiologist. Shortly, we will be told it can read a slide better than a pathologist. What this means is that radiologists and pathologists will be replaced by AI. Furthermore, AI will generate “protocols” for all diseases, and physicians may be replaced by cheaper workers, who will only follow the protocols, as happened with this “plandemic.”  

Specialists will be dealt with later. This will change medicine as we know it and replace the physicians with a series of protocols generated by the government. AI will get its protocol from the pharmaceutical elite, who will fill the medical literature with its ghostwritten articles, ironically, also generated by AI.

On following mandated protocols, we will see a rise in socialized medicine and an insistence that it is “fairer” for everyone. This is all part of the great reset. It is the patient who will pay the ultimate price.

Written by Dr. Russell L. Blaylock

Russell L. Blaylock, M.D. is the president of Theoretical Neuroscience Research, LLC, Canton, Mississippi, a retired neurosurgeon, and the Associate Editor-in-Chief of the Neuro-Inflammation section of Surgical Neurology International (SNI). He has written numerous path-blazing scientific papers and books, including Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills (1994), Bioterrorism: How You Can Survive (2001), Health and Nutrition Secrets (2002), Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients (2003), and The Liver Cure (2022).

This article may be cited as: Blaylock, RL. Tragic Collapse of the American Medical Care: The Great Medical Reset., March 13, 2024. Available from:

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1 thought on “Tragic Collapse of the American Medical Care: The Great Medical Reset by Russell L. Blaylock, MD”

  1. Dr. Adam Bogart

    I had posted this under a link to Dr. Blaylock’s article on Dr. Miguel Faria’s Facebook page. Dr. Faria suggested I post it here. I’ve been busy lately, but it is probably time for another analysis. I did an analysis about three years ago and found a significiant positive correlation between reported numbers of new vaccines administered daily and daily death count. I would love to see how this function behaves with three more years of data.

    “I have not posted any statistical analyses in a while, but we are seeing some of the highest rates of death from Covid (or vaccine?) under Biden. Much higher than we ever saw under Trump. Yet, the liberals still accuse Trump of killing a “million” people due to his ineptitude in dealing with the virus. They are incredibly ignorant, because the leftist media no longer disseminates a daily death and new case count, as they did under Trump. They are too ignorant to download and investigate the raw data themselves. So if the lamestream media doesn’t mention it, for them it never happened.”

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