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The dangers of living in an unreal world by Russell L. Blaylock, MD

After examining and witnessing the ever-expanding war of destruction of the founding principles of individual liberty, I have concluded there are two basic groups of intellectuals battling each other — those who use as the foundation for their beliefs a world of illusion and those who reach their conclusions based on reality and objective truth. Post-modernism is the philosophy and worldview most responsible for the dilemma we face today. When the foundation of one’s belief — namely, the view of the world one uses to formulate belief systems and eventually political systems — is based on pure illusions formulated in what can only be described as degenerate brains, one must expect social chaos and eventual societal collapse. We see this, for example, with the idiocy of transgender insanity. No rational mind would believe that one could just willy-nilly decide whether one is male or female in defiance of biological certainty. Some have, with all seriousness, claimed that half of their body is female and half male, and that this formulation can change with time. The really shocking thing is that these people are listened to, as if they have some momentous assertion to formulate. And, once these philosophical beliefs take hold in society, political action is not far behind. Several states, such as North Carolina, have passed laws allowing men to use the female facilities. Only one living in a world of delusion could adhere to such beliefs.

One of the benefits, depending on how you look at it, of living a long life is that you shed a number of illusions and misperceptions about life itself. As children, we have a somewhat Pollyanna view of life. I remember as a small child I never knew parents ever divorced — at that age, divorce was not in my vocabulary. I assumed that when two people married, a mom and a dad, they stayed married until they died. Even more naive, I didn’t know that political officials could be crooks and nefarious, dastardly individuals — I assumed they were all good and decent people. Furthermore, the idea that adults would sexually molest a young child never occurred to me. In fact, sexual deviancy just didn’t exist in my innocent world. In essence, things were as they were because they were supposed to be that way and overall, they were good and decent.

My dad was a very practical man and believed that children should be introduced to the realities of life as soon as possible. As a result, unlike many of my friends, I was introduced into the “real” world relatively early in life. Slowly, and to my dismay, I learned that most of what I thought I knew about the world just wasn’t so. My dad’s long talks about the real world opened a whole new reality to me — one that I often wished I could deny or that didn’t exist. I became a realist early in life and this made me more pessimistic than my classmates and friends.

Most of my friends learned of some of these realities eventually, and we all learned to adapt and to protect ourselves from the many dangers we now knew existed. As these new realities began to accumulate, it changed my worldview. I no longer saw the world through rose-colored glasses. My reaction to this disheartening series of discoveries was unlike most of my friends. I soon became obsessed with a need to explore around me for even more realities. Most of my friends were satisfied to just learn the more accepted realities, such as couples do divorce, children can be abused, and politicians are more often nefarious than honest servants of the people.

My burning desire to know the truth continues to this day, some seventy-two years later. The Bible says that the “truth shall make you free” and, as everything in that wondrous book, it is true. Not free in the sense that most think of it, but free from the lies and deceptions of the devil, free to live a life beyond the illusory world created by the dreamers and the deceivers.

The search for truth is arduous, exhausting, time-consuming, and at times, quite frightening and, if one is not careful, reality can completely destroy one’s faith in mankind. Most are not willing to make this investment in truth seeking, rather they choose to create a world of comfort, entertainment, and other forms of escape from the harsh realities of life. Ascertaining reality cannot only be quite disconcerting personally but one also risks the possibility of becoming a total cynic. Yet, the journey can also be quite gratifying and even comforting, depending on one’s ability to cope with these harsh realities.

Being a truth seeker has one very bitter drawback — it can be a very lonely life. Those who understand conspiracies and how they have operated in history and in the contemporary world know this very well. Believers in conspiracies are ostracized, demonized, and marginalized by “orthodox” society, who believes that things happen by accident or by natural forces within society. Proof or compelling evidence, no matter how extensive, will not save one from this harsh treatment by one’s fellow man. In fact, it was the conspirators themselves who demonized the idea of conspiracies — it was their cover.

Yet beyond that we have a more obvious and easily demonstrated escape from reality. In this present age, as I have stated, we have two main groups in a fight to the death: The utopians illusionists of the Left and the realists of the traditional American conservative persuasion. The Leftist utopians believe in the basic tenant that man is basically good and those that are not good can be molded by the forces of social engineering into being good citizens — good citizens, that is, in their perverted definition. This utopian view assumes that man has been corrupted by his social and mainly economic institutions, such as “white privilege,” capitalism, racism, class discrimination, homophobia and other social phobias. To correct man’s seemingly decrepit state, one needs merely change the institutions of society as they now exist, and in doing so, one can lead mankind into a utopian world. This utopian world, naturally, is a collectivist one of a socialist design of some manner.

In this view, all crimes and social problems of modern societies are based on a maldistribution of wealth, a lack of tolerance for previously unacceptable behaviors, ownership of private property and an unwillingness of the individual to surrender his or her independence in favor of the collective. What is rarely discussed by the Leftist utopians is the perennial question — who shall make the decisions for the collective? Of course, if pressed, they will admit that highly qualified “elites,” much like Plato’s philosopher-kings, will make these decisions. In today’s world, it will be the elite technocrats who will make the decisions.

Who will select and choose these elites? We are never told. Have they already been chosen by secret councils — the men in the shadows of the deep state? Who shall these elites answer to and how shall they be made accountable? We are never told. Worse yet, the Leftist in the streets and the Leftist scribblers never even bother to think about such things. Most people assume that they will be asked their opinion. Of course, if they knew anything about collectivist political systems, they would realize that once they help usher in the system, they would be dispensed with, killed in mass numbers, imprisoned or marginalized within the lower ranks of the collective. The elite would no longer tolerate moronic opinion.

What the street radical does not appreciate is that his or her function in the early stages of the revolution is to totally disrupt existing society, propose the most outlandish ideas as essential, and create as much chaos as possible so that the existing system can no longer function. It is what has been called the total critique of society — its complete dismantling. Once the existing system collapses under this massive assault, the elites then step into the light with their seemingly more reasonable solutions — that is, a collectivist system under their absolute rule.

The realist knows, from his study of human history, that elites are self-chosen; they become more brutal as the “utopian society evolves,” and they distance themselves from what is euphemistically and distally called “the people.” When the collectivists are challenged by the individualists, as to why people cannot make their own decisions as to what is best for themselves or their families, they are told in a condescending way: “When we let you make decisions, you make the wrong decisions.” It is this contempt for the individual that drives socialism — collectivism. Von Mises has stated that socialism in its essence is compulsion.

We see this attitude by the elites more and more in today’s society. Vaccines must be made mandatory. Communities must be forcibly compelled to fluoridate their drinking water. The curriculum in schools should be chosen by the government — that is, the Department of Education — a Soviet-sounding institution, something straight out George Orwell’s novel 1984. Colleges and universities are forcing students into what is essentially Soviet-styled reeducation programs and intense indoctrination. Even many corporations are forcing their employees to sit through reeducation and sensitivity training courses — courses, again, much like the Soviet ones, specifically designed to indoctrinate the public with the collectivist viewpoint.

One of the central themes during the era of the Soviet Union was the creation of the New Soviet Man, which, in essence, consisted of a form of brainwashing that eradicated the person’s will and sense of independence and replaced it with a collectivist, slave-like mentality — a remaking of a person’s mind from birth. The new Left continues this idea in its mandatory sensitivity training and reeducation seminars. Unfortunately, our public and many private schools are also part of this elitist program of indoctrination.

The news media has taken up the cause and likewise, on a daily basis, droll out an incessant drumbeat of collectivist brainwashing flowing into its viewers’ minds and those reading its newspapers — all designed to create the new collectivist man. That is, people who will follow the elitists without question, automatons. This is also why the Left is now on a campaign to destroy freedom of speech, as they know that their ideas can never survive the intense light of reality. The elitist illusionists, who have been so successful among the millennials, are powerless before the new generation of deep thinkers, people who live in reality such as Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Paul Joseph Watson, and Mark Dice, and even the older conservative thinkers such as Jerome Corsi, Thomas Sowell, Walter E. Williams, Allen West, and the writers of conservative learning sites such as PragerU — all of whom are now spreading heavy doses of reality.

This explains why the radical Left is so desperate to shut down these YouTube sites and Twitter accounts — with their new voices, the illusions of the collectivists Left cannot survive reality. In order to survive, the radical Left has to maintain the illusion — that is, the world that doesn’t exist in reality — an illusory world where tax cuts are subsidies for the rich, where private property is theft, where mental disorders are mainstreamed as normal or even desirable behavior, where riots and looting are justified (social justice) and where founding principles of this country constitutes racism and fascism. It is an illusory world where we remove the statutes of men who fought nobly and bravely for their region and where hundreds of thousands died on battlefields, because we are told they are symbols of racism. It is an illusory world where black people speaking proper English are considered traitors to one’s race and  “Uncle Toms,” and where wanting a civilized, peaceful nation is considered racist. Where wanting to protect our nation from an influx of criminals, terrorists and barbarians is racist, despite what the real evidence tells us. Where the Left celebrates the freeing of Kate Steinle’s murderer, an illegal criminal immigrant, and then has the audacity to destroy a memorial to her memory.

In my book, Health and Nutrition Secrets, I told a story in the chapter on fluoride that is appropriate for this discussion. A class of young dental students was told by their professor, that they should never debate the anti-fluoridationists, as they would always lose the debate. It never occurred to the good professor that his side consistently lost these debates because all the hard evidence was on the side of those opposed to water fluoridation.

We see something similar with the Black Lives Matter crowd of Leftist radicals. They argue that blacks are being targeted and hunted down by white policemen, and that overall, this is allowed because of “white privilege.” Further, they insist that blacks are being sentenced to prison unjustly in far higher percentages than whites — again because of “white privilege.” Both of these suppositions, according to FBI and other official statistics, is blatantly false. Even when it is pointed out that according to FBI statistics, somewhere around 5 to 6 percent of blacks are committing 52 percent of the murders in the United States each year, they persist with their mindless nonsense. Reality and facts have no effect on the illusionists of the Left.

If we examine the major programs and suppositions of the Left, we see that virtually all are distortions of the truth or outright lies. This includes gun control, black interment in prisons, death of black by blacks, history of slavery in the United States, American culpability for all the woes of the world, third world poverty, the welfare state failures, the deceptions of Social Security, failures of urban renewal, socialist failures in a number of countries in the world, the disaster of socialized medicine, cultural tolerance of mental disorders, wealth distribution and denying the hundreds of millions murdered in communist countries. The list goes on and on, and new assaults on normality and common sense arise from the loony Left every day.

One of my favorite examples of this lunacy is the Hollywood Left and its insane babbling about President Trump. What I find so blatantly hypocritical is their idiotic statements about wealth distribution in the United States. Most of these untalented nitwits are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, yet they hold on to their money tighter than a clam with lockjaw. If they truly believed in redistributing wealth, why don’t they redistribute their own wealth voluntarily — sell their multimillion-dollar mansions and give the money to the poor. The multibillionaire Leftists are even bigger hypocrites. Think how much good the owner of, Jeff Bezos, could do should he decide to give $99 billion of his $100 billion fortune away for social projects he uses daily as a weapon against the American free enterprise system in general and the Trump presidency in particular. It is estimated that the tax-exempt foundations have a combined wealth of over one trillion dollars. Why have they not used this wealth to alleviate poverty instead of using their money and power to promote systems that institutionalize poverty and the ghetto system?

Dinesh D’Souza, I think, had the answer when he responded to a student’s question during one of his presentations at a prestigious, very expensive university. He basically said — It is not wealth distribution that you Leftists really want — as that would involve your wealth. No, what you want is to redistribute someone else’s wealth — my wealth.” He then challenged the lily-white student by further telling him that if he really believed in abolishing “white privilege,” he should go right then and resign from the university and give his position to a black student. The white student’s answer was that he needed to have his position in the elite university for his career plans. What we see here is simply that what he really wanted was to have some other white student denied a position, despite his qualifications, and that position be given to a black student — not based on any qualifications, other than his skin color.

Martin Luther King famously said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” The Left now says just the opposite — “the content of their character doesn’t matter, only the color of their skin.” To consider the content of their character, in their perverted view, would be “racist.” But then, the Left is busy constructing an illusion, which they hope will quicken the arrival of their utopian dream, which history should have taught us always leads to a nightmare in which millions of lives are ruined and millions more die.

Richard Weaver was correct when he said, “Ideas have consequences.” The Leftist, collectivist ideas have cost the world over 300 million lives* and left whole countries where life was not livable. It is the utopian illusion that is driving our civilization to this ultimate destruction, and the millennials refuse to open their eyes. As the Lord told us, “They have ears, but cannot understand and eyes, but cannot perceive” — “Thinking they were wise, they have become fools.”


*As for the 300 million figure in my estimation, it considers all of the lives lost under communism, not just from execution and death in the gulags, but also from a lack of access to even basic health care, freezing to death, and death from starvation.

Written by Russell L. Blaylock, MD

Dr. Russell L. Blaylock is President of Advanced Nutritional Concepts and Theoretical Neurosciences in Jackson, Mississippi. He has written numerous path-blazing scientific papers and many books, including Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills(1994), Bioterrorism: How You Can Survive (2001), Health and Nutrition Secrets(2002), and Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients (2003). He is Associate Editor-in-Chief and a Consulting Editor in Basic Neuroscience for Surgical Neurology International (SNI).

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