Faria: Gunrunning ATF Runs Amok!

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Monday, July 18, 2011

As more details emerge about the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearm’s (ATF, formerly BATF) gunrunning shenanigans, the more incredible the revelations become. Unfortunately, they are true!

And don't hold your breath waiting for the mainstream media to report this news and place their imprimatur on yet another strange episode in the annals of corrupt government. The media opinion cartel molders are waiting for this storm to blow over, hoping to protect President Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder from a looming scandal!

ATF's Kenneth MelsonWe are referring to the ATF’s “Project Gunrunner" now known as “Operation Fast and Furious.” And, it is proving the aphorism that very frequently facts are stranger than fiction. Yes, ATF received $10 million in taxpayers' money from Obama's 2009 American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (aka "the Stimulus Bill") to protect the border. Instead, ATF used the money to buy and procure weapons to be transferred illegally to Mexican drug lords--- talk about the proverbial fox guarding the hen house!

The revelations have come to light thanks to the ever-vigilant Larry Pratt, President of Gun Owners of America (GOA):

"We can say there's one thing that was stimulated by the stimulus bill and that was the Mexican undertaker business. Mexican authorities say that 150 people were murdered using these guns."

American citizens have also been killed in the border by activity in part funded and facilitated by the ATF’s corruption and illegality. Probably, we would not have known about this had not a US Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry, been murdered in 2010 with two guns found at the scene. These guns were traced and found, according to CNSNews, to have been “purposely sold to gun traffickers in a program hatched by the Obama Administration.”

According to GOA, the scandal was revealed through an FBI informant who was investigating the ATF’s "Operation Fast and Furious"; the ATF agents “had no idea that he was an FBI informant."

Confirmation of what really went on has been provided by the recent capture of the third Attorney General Eric Holderhighest-ranking member of the drug gang, Los Zetas, by Mexican authorities. Under arrest, Jesus Aguilar, El Mamito ("loved boy"), admitted they were buying guns directly from ATF agents.

What is the purpose of this criminal duplicity? “The Obama Administration, according to ATF agents who blew the whistle on the illegal plot, intended to use statistics concerning U.S. guns in Mexico to call for more stringent gun control,” GOA reported.

Yes, to blame it on “easy gun availability” and provide “evidence” for the need for more gun control in the U.S. Even Mexican officials, taking the hint from the Obama administration, have blamed their inherent corruption, gang slayings, drug wars, and utter chaos on “too many guns” in the U.S.!

U.S. Congressman Allen West (R-FL) has called for the Attorney General's resignation, but--- like the mainstream media’s (non)reporting of this scandal--- don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen!

Several ATF whistleblowers have come forth testifying that acting ATF Director Kenneth Melson approved the procurement and transfer of hundreds of AK-47 semi-auto, assault weapons and sniper rifles for the drug lords in Mexico. Melson’s defense is that he was ordered to do so by the Department of Justice (DOJ); in other words, the orders had to come from Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder!

Congressman Darrell IssaIn fact, Congressman Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, believes the operation goes higher in the chain of command.  And to make matters more difficult for Attorney General Holder, Melson has not been willing to play the fall guy and resign. Instead he has reportedly stated that he is more than willing to testify in front of Congress, but alleges that the DOJ has not allowed him to do so. Where are mainstream media investigative journalists? Where are the journalism hounds that didn’t let go of their prey during Watergate and brought down a president and an administration---but wait, that was a Republican president!

Congressman Issa has been diligently investigating this scandal stating that as a result of Operation Fast and Furious “2,000 AK-47s and derivatives and some 50-caliber sniper rifles and 10,000 or more rounds of live ammunition went into the arsenals of the Mexican drug lords.”

When one considers that AK-47s and 50-caliber sniper rifles are exactly the types of “assault weapons” the president and the Attorney General are including in the assault weapons ban they want to reinstitute because of unrest on our southern border--- the cynicism and hypocrisy of the administration are beyond comprehension!

Have you contacted your congressman yet? It is time to shut down this corrupt government agency.


Miguel A. Faria, Jr., M.D testified in 1996 before a U.S. Congressional Committee regarding the misuse of science and taxpayer funding in gun (control) research. He is a former Clinical Professor of Surgery (Neurosurgery, ret.) and Adjunct Professor of Medical History (ret.) Mercer University School of Medicine; Former member Editorial Board of Surgical Neurology (2004-2010); Ex member of the Injury Research Grant Review Committee (later known as the Initial Review Group [IRG]) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 2002-05; Founder and former Editor-in-Chief of the Medical Sentinel (1996-2002); author, Vandals at the Gates of Medicine (1995), Medical Warrior: Fighting Corporate Socialized Medicine (1997), and Cuba in Revolution: Escape From a Lost Paradise (2002).

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The shameful saga of "Fast & Furious"!

From Gun Owners of America

"The Continuing, Sad Saga of Fast and Furious,"GOA, August 14, 2012

"The continuing saga of Eric Holder’s efforts to block the release of documents pertaining to the Fast and Furious "gunwalking" scandal has tarred the Department of Justice with a black mark of shame it will not overcome for years.
"Yes, the ATF has long been known by gun owners as a rogue and unconstitutional agency, but this scandal has now made most Americans aware of its unlawful tactics and disrespect for the rights of law-abiding citizens.
"The actions of Attorney General Holder, a man who once said he wanted to brainwash Americans into supporting gun control, have left a bad taste in the mouths of Americans.

"There is no doubt that one of the unspoken objectives of Fast and Furious was to forward the cause of domestic gun control. If any Mexican citizens or American law enforcement personnel happened to get in the way? Well, that was just too bad.
"The Department of Justice is so out of control that the House of Representatives recently voted to find an Attorney General of the United States in civil and criminal contempt of Congress. This is the first time in the history of the republic that this has happened.
"Does this move Holder to cooperate with Congress? No. He continues to hide behind President Obama’s use of executive privilege and has forced Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, to file suit in U.S. Federal District Court to perhaps finally get the documents out of Holder and his cronies (that’s assuming said documents haven’t been shredded and deleted from hard drives).
"Gun control has been a pet cause of Mr. Holder’s since his days in the Clinton Administration. He’s after our constitutional rights and he won’t be happy until he gets them, no matter how much blood is on his hands, directly or indirectly.
"Just ask the families of Brian Terry and Jamie Zapata, who were American law-enforcement officers, killed by guns the ATF “lost” as part of Fast and Furious.
"Or how about Mexican citizens such as Mario Gonzalez, brother of Chihuahua State Prosecutor Patricia Gonzalez, who was tortured and killed by members of a drug gang. When the Mexican authorities raided the place where he had been held, they recovered two AK-47s that were known to be part of the Fast and Furious program?
"All of these deaths and hundreds more can be laid at the feet of Eric Holder. All of them are why Darrell Issa is suing his office and it is why GOA is suing the ATF for more documents related to Fast and Furious. We want answers, Mr. Holder..."

"Come Over" Kenny Chesney

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1GfEl8XUc4 This IMO is the best new Country song I've heard lately. I don't listen to new Country as I listen mostly to oldies but this one has caught my attention. Kenny is single by the way so he can get away with what you see in the video LOL. In the last 3 years he's made about 44M, 51M and 65M, so not only would he have a lotta pretty ladies hanging around but he's got a pretty good sized fishing boat I notice.
When I've been gone awhile I like to come back and read some of the recent posts and found a few very interesting.

Regarding Dr Perito's comment, I can only say that I'm not sure how much more government empowerment I can stand.
The one from the Bahamas, if I lived down there I'd probably feel the same way, but would have my gun if legal.
Enjoyed Dr Ausman's comments and certainly think he has a clue about free speech and guns!
After much adieu, I must confess I now agree with by friend Dr Fariah, that we don't need another Constitutional convention, what we need is to fix some minor problems we have with the one we have. I am not amused by some liberal judges that are trying to re-write our Constitution but that's the life we find ourselves in today.

Recently read where George Soros and another comparable big money man just moved about 75% of their assets from the market into gold. That makes me quiver as normally when two of those types move that amount of money they know something. They put it in gold. Makes me think that something bad is gonna happen to our dollar as it's now only worth about .65c and if the dollar bombs out I've heard stories of $5.00 candy bars, $10.00 loaves of bread and $12-$15.00 gallons of milk. And it will go down hill from there I assure you. If we don't beat Obama he's only gonna continue to spend and after awhile our checks are not going to be anygood and when that happens the boyz will be rioting in the streets and you know very well they are not going to be blaming Obama! Something must be awry in thet regard as I have noted lately three government departments have ordered millions of rounds of hollow point bullets. This fits right in to my theory that there is going to be a Revolution in this Country and if Obama is re-elected it will probably happen in the next 4 years. I still contend that the military of our Country will not fight against the citizens, so Obama will recruit his own brown shirts, to try and take care of that dirty work.
Don't know all this tussle will entail but one thing I know for sure, the blacks will not be against Obama! While I don't read a lotta big books anymore I spend a concerted effort to read a lot of websites and I have read about the brown shirt civilian force Obama wants to construct and some folks have mentioned that some of the military bases in the states have been upgraded to encamp many civilians. I read over a year ago that a certain Army group was training at Ft Stewart with the sole purpose of crowd control, etc. I have veified that in real life by talking to some of them. This is not a dream, this is happening in America. Why do you think all these changes by NDAA have come about? What I cannot understand is why did supposedly intelligent Republicans sit there and let him get them though (they obviously voted for them!). I have lost all respect for 75-80% of our politicians, all they are worried about is getting re-elected and expanding their war chest at the expense of the citizens of this Country. I have read recently that Fast and Furious goes all the way back to Bush's era and our government has been protecting one Cartel in Mexico so they would provide us information on the others. They even allowed them free wheeling to get drugs directly to some of our major cities, Chicago, etc. This may turn out to be more disgraceful than the Nixon deal if true and trust me if will come out eventually! Just like Obama's birth cerificate, if I were a betting man (and I am) I'd bet this will also eventually be one of the biggest shennanigans in our lifetime. Just a matter of time, when the Republicans gain entry into the White House and take over some other departments it will all come out. Just like the Democrat governor of Hawaii is protecting his birth cerificate over there (if it exists) and I can agree with the law on privacy act to an extent, but someone with credibility will get there one day IMO. There are just too many unknowns about Obama IMO, one day they will be found out I do believe. We need to beat Obama and a lotta bad things may not happen but if not I'm not going to be very optimistic for the future I can assure you. The most optimism and big laugh I've had in a few days is Obama's been running all around the Country deriding Ryan's Medicare plan and it came out yesterday afternoon that Obama was arguing about Ryan's old plan meaning he hasn't a clue about what's going on. I'd hate to be the Obama advisor that let that get out there and let it happen! I'm pretty sure Obama is not smart enough to figure it out but for it to go on an entire week, that's hilarious! Wishing each of you friends the best and hope we can beat the Socialist! The closer to election day the crankier I will get so standby America, the best may yet be ahead! Love to all BenCats1

dreadful scenarios!

Ben, you describe some dreadful scenarios with some reported documentation. I do hope you are right that if disorders do occur, the people will not be shot down by the military as in authoritarian countries.

The election will be decided by the direction the economy takes in the next couple of months– and the "wisdom" of the undecided independents.

Hope springs eternal! MAF

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