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The Electoral College in the U.S. Constitutional Republic

"The reality is that the Electoral College process has worked as it was intended, and...has preserved the delicate geographical political balance among the various urban and rural populations of the small and large states..."

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The Political Spectrum (Part II) — The Center: A Democracy or a Constitutional Republic?

"...Republicans, Libertarians, and Objectivists (i.e., the political philosophy of Ayn Rand [1905-1982; photo, left] the great Russian-American author, novelist and thinker) believe the functions of government are limited to those immediately enumerated in the U.S. Constitution..."

Stalin's Mysteriious DeathStalin's Mysterious Death

In a historic medical article published in Surgical Neurology International, Dr. Faria cites compelling evidence that the Soviet dictator was likely poisoned under the direction of his right hand henchman, Lavrenti Beria, with the very probable connivance of Nikita Khrushchev, who eventually succeeded Stalin and went on to dismantle Stalin's Cult of Personality and expose the "errors" of the former regime.

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America, Guns and Freedom — An International Perspective

...Guns in the hands of law‑abiding citizens deter crimes, and nations that trust their citizens with firearms have governments that sustain liberty and affirm individual freedom...

Russian President Vladimir PutinRussia's invasion of the Ukraine — Tsarism or Stalinism anew?

Just as I was beginning to warm up to Vladimir Putin...the Russian President and his minions in the Ukraine invade the Crimean peninsula and threaten to foment a second cold war!

Confusion about politicsConfusion about politics: Diversion as a leftist tactic

" the presidential election process heats up..."

Popular culture image by Dr. Russell BlaylockContemporary popular culture and the antiheroes of the Hollywood Left

"...The left is always railing about stereotypes yet no one in our society resorts to stereotypes more than the left..."

Symposium — An anti-Christian barrage in the midst of the Middle Georgia Bible Belt? (With apologies to both Plato and Alexander Pope)


Anatoli GolitsynAnatoliy Golitsyn, James Jesus Angleton, and double agents in the wilderness of mirrors of the Cold War

"...Golitsyn thought he could distinguish between true Soviet intent and disinformation, as the wheat is separated from the chaff, and break through and unravel Soviet long-term strategic deception to conquer the West..."

Soviet intercontinental balistic missile

The threat is no longer the Russians but our own hypocritical establishment on the Left

"Now that Russia has a democratic form of government, the Left considers it an enemy. When Russia was ruled by Soviet communists, it was their friend...."

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Friday, February 23, 2018

In the wake of the terrible Parkland, Florida, high school shooting on Valentine’s Day, a reader/commenter issued a challenge to me not just to criticize but also to provide “constructive criticism” regarding gun violence. He was responding to my article published the day before the tragic incident. 

Some of the queries have validity and to make sure we are plainly understood, I will quote verbatim each of the four statements before I answer them. 

The reader wrote, “FYI, this is my third search result Google shows for “gun violence CDC.”  Although I’m not sure of the purpose of informing me of his searches — most of which lead to mainstream liberal media articles lamenting the Congressional ban on the CDC gun research — I will try to comment. The gun studies commissioned and funded by the CDC through at least the 1980s and 1990s were biased, politicized and conducted as to reach preordained conclusions. The researchers brought the restrictions upon themselves for their shoddy gun research.  I have expressed my views at length on the subject elsewhere. I also testified formally to a congressional committee investigating the issue in...

Friday, February 23, 2018

We spend countless hours ruminating on why some people commit serious crimes, including homicide. But we spend little time considering why most people don’t.

I spent my first eight years in North Dakota, where my father was a country doctor. Pheasant hunting is big in the Dakotas, so my father bought a shotgun, a Winchester Model 12. Today it would be worth close to $1000. I believe he took it shooting once or twice — my father was too busy for hobbies.

Then we moved to San Francisco, where I grew up. In the back of my mind, I knew the gun resided in my father’s closet. But the thought of entering his closet without his permission never entered my mind. He died just after I turned 19. I was in pre-med at Berkeley, but even then, I hesitated before I followed my mother into the closet to clear out his things. My respect for my father extended to his closet months after his death.

I was bullied in junior high, and I had trouble fitting in socially in high school. I recall being quite angry at some students and teachers. But the thought of getting my father’s shotgun and killing them never occurred to me. No, that expression is too weak — it never remotely...

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