Special Cardiac Auscultation Set — Audio Presentation by Abe Ravin, MD


Special Cardiac Auscultation Set — Audio presentation by eminent professor of clinical medicine, Abe Ravin, M.D. (University of Colorado).

This set utilizes a Heart Sound Simulator with accompanying text and illustrations. Complete set of 12 records (33 1/3 RPM), special recordings presented by Merck Sharp & Dohme as a service to physicians circa 1960s.

The set is in its original box and has been sitting in a physician's library for nearly 40 years. The records have never been used or played but stored in the original box with the complete set of records in their sleeves with the accompanying literature in pristine condition. The box shows the usual age.

The set includes developments in cardiac auscultation from 1958-1968.
Record #1: mitral stenosis
Record #2: splitting of sounds and second heart sound
Record #3: first heart sound and murmurs (general considerations)
Record #4: mitral regurgitation
Record #5: abnormal and extra heart sounds
Record #6: review session---1
Record #7: aortic valve lesions
Record #8: congenital heart disease (part 1)
Record #9: congenital heart disease (part 2)
Record #10: auscultatory phenomena in other diseases
Record #11: cardiac arrhythmias
Record #12: review session---2

A unique and rare cardiac auscultation audio collection set! One of a kind!

Photo available upon request.

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