Privacy (Part I): Market Incentives vs. Envy and Socialism

Thomas Dorman, MD
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July/August 1999
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In this essay, I propose to 'tour' the subject of privacy in our civilization, its importance and its pending destruction: Why does privacy matter? What should we expect from its destruction? Finally, does privacy in medical matters have a special significance? I will draw the conclusions that privacy is an extension of property rights; that respect for privacy, a bourgeois concept, is inherent in the success of our civilization and necessary for a thriving middle class. A thriving middle class represents the essence of Western civilization. The frontal assault on privacy is part of an assault on all the values of middle class society. We are living in a maelstrom of this assault. We are losing the battle. The end result is predictable. The end result will be not only a destruction of our civilization, not only a destruction of our standard of living, but the end of freedom. Absent freedom, there will be no independent thinking, no innovation, no research; human society will degenerate back to a primitive form akin to the Dark Ages in Europe. In final analysis the satanic engine for this degeneration is envy. The correct role of a physician is to offer his best help to his patients. He serves them at the intersection between science and the private person. Lenin called this the arch of socialism. His plan for total control of everyone had to include the destruction of private medicine according to the tradition of Hippocrates and the privacy which is inherent to it.

What Is Our Civilization?

The politically correct educational system is teaching our youngsters that all civilizations have, or should have, an equal position in human affairs and that there is equality in diversity. That is a lie. As we look at human civilizations which have come and gone,(1) it is only our civilization which has survived and arisen from its own ashes five times.(2) More importantly, it is our civilization which has brought to humanity at large a high level of education, immense innovation, a plenitude of nourishment, of goods and services, of travel and exploration. Above all, our civilization has brought to each of its bearers a sense of individual dignity, a sense of individual identity. This is enshrined in the American constitution which was for a short while the culmination, the acme, of our civilization, where it is declared that it is self-evident that men are born equal and have the God-given right to liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness. These words epitomize the essence of our civilization and from them flows a cascade of concepts, some of which I shall explore in this essay. The fathers of our republic did not invent these concepts; they did, however, crystallize them and enshrine them in our Constitution and the ten first Amendments to it. The American republic has been the best attempt of humanity to form and define a society based on the evolution of our civilization from the time of the Greek city-states, which is to say over two and a half millennia. This civilization has seen ups and downs and has contained within it time and again the essence of its own destruction symbolized by the serpent in the Garden of Eden who tempted Adam and Eve with envy. This satanic serpentine representation is with us still. I shall outline why I believe that the engine of envy(3) is the breech of privacy. Is it emblematic that, after their expulsion from the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve wore a fig leaf for the first time? Shame and secrecy are with us still, part of the human condition. This concept merges with the Catholic concept of original sin. It is not trivial that it was Christianity, and particularly Calvinist protestant Christianity, with its emphasis on a calling, peculiar to each member of society, that led us out of the Dark Ages through the process of the reformation and the Renaissance. Alas, with the Enlightenment, and with individual confidence and dignity, there has also arrived hubris (pride), which in turn has re-ignited envy.

The Free Market

It is fashionable, in socialist circles, to pooh-pooh the search for wealth; to ridicule the middle class' focus on money, to despise the entrepreneur, the merchant, the shopkeeper. This poison has been puffed up to hatred through the propaganda of the change agents who have been infiltrated into our ranks in all walks of life. This cadrè, who represent the New World Order(4,5) are not here by accident. The infiltration of our universities by the Marxists, the flooding of editorial boards and television production studios with leftists is also no accident. This process has been in train at least since May 1, 1776(6) and, for reasons which I do not understand, these matters are coming to a culmination with the turn of the millennium. The free market, which has thrived for the major part of this period, has been the engine of all the good things I have listed. The American drive to the West, the opening of new farms, of new production methods, the harnessing of science to industry and agriculture; in our own lifetimes, the harnessing of science and technology to communications, the age of the computer; these have been the fruits of innovative minds. One invention and development has been stacked upon another, always for the profit motive, always for the benefit of all. Energy sources have been harnessed and saved muscle work. All the ideas and all the inventions which have not come to fruition have been at the expense of the futile effort of their originators with no cost to society. What a boon it has been for everyone of us to live in this wonderful world where we do not have to spend our time separating the wheat from the chaff on a mountainside, where we can buy our loaves of bread not only baked but hygienically packaged in the local grocery store for such a small sum that most of us do not remember the price. Most services are available for a fraction of our own labors. Each of us is engaged in a specialized endeavor to service others. Indeed, so complex has our society become, so interdependent through the process of trade, exchange and specialization that we truly live in a world economy for the first time. The initial steps in this direction were started by the great explorers, Vasco Da Gama, Marco Polo, and of course Christopher Columbus. Why is it then that our universities now describe these great heroes of our civilization with contempt as "dead white men?" It is because we are being infiltrated with the philosophy of envy. The economic engine which has allowed our civilization to blossom is expressed in the term the hidden hand of Adam Smith.(7) The free exchange of goods and services amongst entrepreneurs, industrialists, and farmers, as well as the free sale of labor by the workers, are all predicated on a stable, free society.(8,9) It has been a subject of immense interest to this observer of contemporary affairs, how courses in economics at every university seem to be set-up to obfuscate the obvious wisdom explained by the Austrian economists. The usurpation of the means of exchange in a modern economy, that is the creation of fiat money, for the purpose of profit without contributing anything material or intellectual to the sum of goods and services in society is another aspect of the same scandal.(10) The tools of propaganda have been analyzed, and it has been shown that they represent a cooperative plot between government and select private interest.(11)

Political Framework

Free market economy, also called laissez faire, is dependent on law and order; in other words, on a limited republican form of government as was established in this country in 1776. It is important to emphasize that the role of government is that of preserving the peace and protecting the public from thieves and robbers within, and foreign enemies. That is the only role of the government. With these limitations, it serves the purpose of allowing the free market free reign, and, over several generations, a combination of excellent education, civic pride and order, and the growth of wealth will occur in a society populated by human beings of adequate intelligence and health. America, and in its shadow Western Europe, have been blessed with this fruit of Western civilization in the last ten generations, or so. Alas, during this time the serpent envy has not been idle, and it is quite right to call the influence of this motive Satanic. I use this term because it represents evil beyond greed, pride, malice or hooliganism; it represents a motive for systemic destruction based on envy and using the tool of envy. It is a vice. Is it a mere fairy tale that the snake represents evil in Genesis, or is it truly emblematic and perhaps even prophetic of what awaits us?

Private Property

The right to private property is, as you can see, essential to the success of the free market and hence essential to the success of our civilization. This point is so important that one might go so far as to say that a tax on private property is a hindrance to our civilization. This tax, is therefore, an enemy. It is true, however, that some of the people/tools of this (socialist) attack are, as Lenin called them, useful idiots; in other words, individuals who have been brainwashed with the socialist ideals and know not what harm they are bringing upon themselves and their kin. This understanding is particularly important in our own time. We shall presently be looking at legislation, which has just been introduced, destroying some of these pillars of private property. The onslaught is all around us, by and large mediated by big corporations in cooperation with governments and by way of international treaties we are brought to the threshold of world government. The recent treaty on the World Court,(12) being an example, a common currency for Europe being another. Closer examples are the so-called "environmental regulations" controlling the use of property, the so-called "safety regulations" interfering with farming and industry. The onslaught against the largest software producer, Microsoft, is the first step in the octopus gaining control of the means of private communication. Watch my words; from the lawsuit against Bill Gates, we shall see legislation emerging putting the government in charge of our telephone conversations, faxes and the internet.(13) The first amendment to the Constitution, the freedom to communicate and express ourselves will be the last to go. The Second Amendment, protecting our right to defend ourselves against rogue governments, is rapidly being lost. Is this destruction coincidental? No, they represent part of a pattern and, if you cannot see it, you have been befuddled through the process of controlled propaganda, so-called "modern communication." This is part of the process of brainwashing, of mind control.(14) It is one's ability to recognize the pattern of events, what a physician would call a syndrome, that I am speaking about. It is perhaps a peculiarity of an independent-minded physician, myself, who is able to see this pattern even in contemporary events, just as I recognize illnesses in my patients.

Envy and Socialism (Communism)

The wealth of society depends on the enterprise of intelligent minds. It is this enterprise which produces all the goods and services from which we, as consumers, benefit. A number of psychological factors promote the enterprising mind. These include the sheer pleasure of invention, social recognition, love of humanity, curiosity, and satisfaction from succeeding at creating new things. As economists have pointed out to us, an important contributory motive is profit. We observe a high standard of living around us, and we want to achieve the same for ourselves and our kin. This urge --- not to be left behind, I shall call it jealousy, is a strong positive motive. It is in the interest of society to encourage jealousy. On the other hand, it is also an important observation that this motive contains within it a strong destructive propensity. For this, I prefer the term envy. Unfortunately, the subject of envy has been neglected by modern thinkers. Nonetheless, it represents a major motivation in the changes we are seeing all around us. It would not be an exaggeration to describe envy as the major philosophical motive, or engine, of the destruction of Western civilization in our time, and its significance is (in almost) inverse proportion to the attention it receives. Whether this neglect is accidental or a reflection on the powers who control the presses is open for debate.

The motive of envy can, and unfortunately often does, lead to an attempt to destroy the object of the envy. Because this motivation is a vice, it hides in the subconscious. The realization of this phenomenon is not new. For instance, Emmanuel Kant writes:

Envy (ivor) is a tendency to perceive with displeasure the good of others, although it in no way detracts from one's own, and which, when it leads to action (in order to diminish that good) is called qualified envy, but otherwise only ill-will (invidentia); it is however only an indirect, malevolent frame of mind, namely a disinclination to see our own good overshadowed by the good of others, because we take its measure not from its intrinsic worth, but by comparison with the good of others and then go on to symbolize that evaluation.(15)

The institutionalization of this envy and its incorporation into a political system is the essence of socialism, communism, and all forms of collectivism. Many commentators have noted that Karl Marx, though describing his dialectic materialism as scientific, ignored the role of enterprise entirely. He ascribed the added value of production to labor alone, an astonishing omission from an individual who never worked a day in his life, but spent the whole of his career as an intellectual! The only explanation of this phenomenon is in recognizing the unmitigated force of envy in this man. Its psychological background can be gleaned from studying his own circumstances and his failure in enterprise.(16) The malevolence of this motivation was recognized and captured by a converted Jew who became a Christian pastor, and who studied Marx's works intensively.(17) So why does envy matter in the context of privacy? Because if your worth, your earnings and your savings, are known to your peers, their envy might be a threat to your belongings. This is the reason that, in socialistic countries, there is endless competing and strife between segments of society, often defined as "trade unions," each competing for largess, privilege, fixed wages and the like, with the other groups. In medicine, we are witnessing this tool of envy working overtime in this very era. As the Health Care Finance Administration (HCFA) is beginning to pare back on the "excessive" payment to physicians. I call it the deconstruction of Medicare. Primary care physicians are pitted against consultants and every subgroup of doctors against every other. There will now emerge a war of all against all. The engine of envy is also stimulated regularly by what masquerades as news articles in magazines, distributed "free" to physicians, with such titles as American Medical News (by AMA membership) and Medical Economics, where descriptions of the riches of others is paraded as surveys and objective reporting, while the opposite is the truth. Only those few of us who understand the dialectic, and its need for envy in the trenches, can see through this ploy.

In summary, then, it is the engine of envy which is the tool which creates conflict within groups within society, and it is conflict which allows the dialectic process to bring control to bureaucrats, government and the big bankers. If each of us could keep all his affairs, wealth, knowledge, wisdom and ideas private, how could envy be induced? Now go back and take a look at what is happening in our society. Social Security numbers are recorded everywhere. In some places (Wisconsin for instance) there was a period when everyone's tax return was public knowledge. Databases about doctors are proliferating. In fact, the phenomenon of privacy is disappearing entirely. The average American does not understand immediately what harm this will cause; "I have done nothing wrong; I have nothing to hide; what do I care if others know my business?" These are the healthy emotions of the healthy middle class individual who may have slight jealousy, as an engine in productiveness, but who has no envy. This state of mind is typical of the healthy bourgeois individual characterizing what is left of our civilization. Individuals impregnated with the destructive envy of Karl Marx, and its ilk, first of all tend to gravitate to bureaucratic jobs, to government. They are not producers. In our society their numbers are growing; now-a-days amounting to about half of the community. It is they who fire the engine which is destroying privacy. The motive is symbolized by the word Satan. These socialists care little about the decline in the standard of living which will affect them as well. They are satisfying their uncontrolled vice of envy. This envy is the destructive and subconscious motive that we, who understand the civilization, need to bring out into the light of day so we can recognize it and stand-up before it to preserve our Republic, to preserve our civilization.

Part II of this essay on secrecy and responsibility and the implications of privacy for citizens in general and our profession in particular concludes in the next issue of the Medical Sentinel.


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Dr. Dorman was a physician at the Paracelsus Clinic in Washington state

Originally published in the Medical Sentinel 1999;4(4):128-131. Copyright © Hacienda

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