Ohio Adopts MSAs

Dexter W. Blome. MD, PhD
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Report from the States
Fall 1996
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In July 1995, a small group of Ohio physicians dedicated to maintaining freedom in medicine, established the Ohio state chapter of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. Ohio AAPS was founded in an attempt to offer an alternative to the continuing leftward drift of the Ohio State Medical Association. A concerted effort has been made for recruitment of new members through direct mailing, newspaper ads, and public functions. The membership has grown steadily.

In May 1996, Ohio AAPS co-sponsored a medical meeting in Columbus, Ohio, that was hosted by Dr. Nino Camardese and Dr. Ralph Lach. The meeting had an excellent slate of speakers that brought the attendees up to date on national legislation, as well as the behind the scenes maneuvering in Washington, D.C.

As Ohio AAPS’ first President, I found Ohio physicians, like their colleagues throughout the country, to be embarrassingly quiet concerning patient-physician issues. Physician ignorance and apathy have been the two most difficult problems to overcome in the fight to free medicine from government and corporate bondage.

In 1995, Ohio AAPS members testified before the Ohio State Legislature on behalf of Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs). This was followed by personal lobbying with many of the legislators. We are happy to report an MSA bill was subsequently passed by both houses, and in early July, was signed into law by Governor George Voinovich. Ohio now joins 17 others states which have taken the lead in providing such marketplace freedoms to their citizens.

The main concern of Ohio AAPS for the immediate future is to ensure the physician’s role as patient advocate is maintained and strengthened. As in many states, managed care interests have bought their way into government and are trying to dictate policies that force senior citizens and the Medicaid population into managed care plans. The leadership and members of Ohio AAPS strongly support the concept of MSAs as the only truly viable option for maintaining freedom in the medical marketplace.

I will be leaving office on August 1, 1996, but will continue to be active in the chapter’s activities. This year’s new President, Dr. Samia Borchers of Dayton, Ohio, a dermatologist, has been an integral part of the success the new chapter has had during its first year. Dr. Borchers along with the treasurer, Dr. Kenneth Christman, has worked tirelessly with great personal expense, to make sure that the chapter’s initiatives and events came to fruition in a timely and efficient manner. I would like to officially recognize their great contribution to making our organization a success. It is with renewed hope and optimism that we look forward to another great year for Ohio patients and physicians alike.

Originally published in the Medical Sentinel 1996;1(3):26. Copyright ©1996 Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS).






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