Ladies and Gentlemen: The King and Queen of the United States of America

Vernon L. Goltry, MD
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President's Page
July/August 1998
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When Bill and Hillary Clinton moved into the White House arrogance took on a new dimension. At the very least, we have abject socialists in the highest office of the land: One elected; the other on the former's coattails. Here we have a husband and wife team who are champions of a political philosophy our country had fought against and defeated in two world wars and a cold war. Bill Clinton's closest friends during his developmental years appear to have been Fabian Socialists. In Europe, an elderly woman (FOB [friend of Bill's] from the 1960s) embracing him at a dinner for dignitaries is identified as one of the founders of the Czechoslovakian Communist Party.

With Bill and Hillary and company, Arkansas cronyism moved en masse to Washington, D.C. Despotism reached new heights. The highest office in the land became the dwelling place of every filthy bird --- a haven for demons. Guests to the White House appeared in the form of drug lords, thugs, Chinese communists, convicted drug dealers, and various and assorted felons. Perversion became the order of the day. A string of ruined lives, suicides, and various and sundry deaths, and airplane crashes, frames this presidency in an aura of thuggery never before having disgraced the highest office in our land. The Teapot Dome Scandal of the 1920s, which features so prominently in American textbooks, is a mole hill compared to the mountain of scandals coming out of the White House today.

A significant segment of the American people have become drunk with the prospects of boodle being distributed to them from the public treasury by this arrogant male/female team of socialists referred to as the "President and his First Lady." A large segment (70 percent) of the American people basking in the economy brought about by the actions of the Reagan and Bush Administrations erroneously give all credit to the Clinton Administration. The bread and circuses of the 1990s explode in full sway. A hungering and thirsting after unrighteousness cascading down from this administration in the White House has been truly a phenomenon to behold. Allegations of sexual promiscuity come bursting out from varied quarters of King Bill's past, recent and remote, that would cause Henry VIII to blush. Our President responds that he, and only he, can tell the truth with all others being liars. One pundit's recent remark: Trying to get a taste of the Clinton's scandals is like trying to get a sip of water from a wide open fire hydrant.

And the woman who would be queen, Hillary, on arrival in Washington D.C. immediately assumed authority over the grandest attempt to lead this country into socialism since Franklin D. Roosevelt --- an unelected, arrogant, woman seeking to socialize one-seventh of the United States economy in a clandestine manner. When exposed through AAPS v. Clinton, lies, deception, hiding of records, and stonewalling became the order of the day. Hillary became the delight of such socialist legislators and senators as Dan Rostenkowski (D-IL) and Ted Kennedy (D-MA), respectively. The darling of the Pete Starks (D-CA) and J. Rockefellars (D-WV) of the legislative branch of our government, she would attempt to enslave the medical profession and its patients in grand Bismarckian style with Ira Magaziner as first mate on this Titanic of health care reform.

When this attempt was exposed by the AAPS lawsuit, the fall back plan became "do it in increments." As Sen. Ted Kennedy, and later King Bill, said in a Knight-Ridder newspaper article, "We will continue with this bit by bit until the job is finished and the American people... The implication from these arrogant socialists is "Who cares what the American people want or do not want?" Throw them some largesse from the public treasury and they will come along.

The latest outrage is the fulfillment of the Clinton's desire to go to Africa on safari. What a wonderful opportunity to do it at taxpayer expense and so off they trot. Remember the pictures of the grand descent from Air Force One of the King and Queen and their body guards and royal retainers? Mrs. Clinton, dressed like the Queen of England with an air of arrogance befitting a self-styled Queen, draws one's gaze. There is nothing these two can do, it would seem, that would outrage a majority of the American people as long as the goodies, real or apparent, continue to flow downward from their rule.

Barbra Streisand spoke to the Harvard student body a few years ago and in speaking of the government referred to it as "our rulers." Many laughed at her ignorance of the representative form of government that was set up by our founders. However, in truth, she got it right. Albert J. Nock, author of Our Enemy The State, quipped, 60 or so years ago, "Americans have been too thoroughly conditioned to serf-mindedness to care two straws about freedom, whereas economic security exactly suits them, and they will cheerfully sacrifice all their prospects in this world and all their hopes for the next in their determination to get it."

It is customary to sing The Star Spangled Banner and/or recite the Pledge of Allegiance at many public outings. Should we change from those traditions and instead shout, "Long live the King! Long live the Queen!"? God help us, let's hope not! Wake up America! Dependency, serfdom, and ultimate bondage are just around the corner.

Dr. Goltry is AAPS President and an Otolaryngologist in Boise, Idaho. His e-mail address is

Originally published in the Medical Sentinel 1998;3(4):118. Copyright©1998 Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)

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