Betrayed by Joseph D. Douglass, Jr., PhD

Reviewed by Russell L. Blaylock, MD
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Winter 2002
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Sometimes in history, events of enormous brutality involving large numbers of people can be successfully kept secret from the general public for long periods of time. For example, in the case of Operation Keelhaul following World War II, hundreds of thousands of men, women and children were forcibly sent back to the Soviet Union by the United States and British governments to a certain death or enslavement in labor camps. It wasn't until Julius Epstein finally exposed this event that the world learned of this atrocity.

Dr. Joseph Douglas, Jr., a national security analyst for over 35 years, has now exposed an even greater atrocity, but one that again involves government policy at the highest levels. No one is more qualified to tell this story.

In the beginning of the book, Dr. Douglass chronicles the events that led to the abandonment of thousands of American soldiers to the Soviet Union following World War I, followed by the loss of 23,500 American GIs and 31,000 British soldiers to the Soviets following World War II. These were soldiers who had fought bravely for their country only to be abandoned to one of the bloodiest regimes in the history of the world.

Why would our leaders betray tens of thousands of their best and bravest soldiers to a communist system that had murdered millions of its own citizens? After analyzing thousands of documents and interviewing numerous individuals, some of whom had direct access to many of the individuals responsible, including a communist official who was part of this ghastly program, Dr. Douglass could only conclude one of two things. First, that there were (and still are) agents working for the Soviet/Russian government burrowed deep in our own government in positions of power and influence. This is now known to be the case following release of the Venona intelligence files. And, second, that other misguided individuals high in the decision making process deluded themselves into believing that they were working for a greater good --- a peaceful mergence with the Soviet state.

Ironically, this policy of betrayal continued through many presidents and their appointed officials. Over 8000 men were abandoned in Korea and as many as 5000 or more following the Vietnam War. In this disturbing yet fascinating book we learn of how men in positions of power --- intelligence organizations, the State Department, the National Security Council and the Pentagon --- all conspired, and continue to conspire, to keep this horrifying policy secret. Those who attempt to uncover these secrets, including the families of these abandoned men, are subjected to lies, deceit, character assassination, and even intimidation to keep them quiet. In some instances, suspicions of murder are also involved.

Witnesses to these events involve numerous intelligence officials, high-ranking North Vietnamese defectors, KGB and GRU officers, and American officials privy to highly classified intelligence, such as Col. Phil Corso. Of particular importance was General Major Jan Sejna, one of the highest-ranking defectors to ever come out of the communist system. Dr. Douglass spent years debriefing General Sejna and during those years they became close friends. The story General Sejna tells is one of the most horrifying ever told.

According to General Sejna, the taking of American citizens, both as soldiers and as civilians during the Cold War, to be used a guinea pigs was a matter of Soviet policy at least as early as 1950. Their purpose was to use these men to test numerous weapons of war, including chemical, biological and nuclear, in a series of ghastly experiments conducted both in the war zone, such as Korea and Vietnam, and in the Soviet Union itself, where the most sensitive experiments were conducted. Thousands of American POWs and civilians were captured, then shipped to the Soviet Union for this purpose.

During the Korean War and Vietnam, hundreds of American POWs were taken to special hospitals that were run by military intelligence. There they were subjected to surgical operations, including amputations, without anesthesia, injected with radioactive isotopes, biowarfare microorganism, and mind-control drugs.

The last of these, the mind-control drugs, eventually became the centerpiece of the Soviet long-range strategy against the West, especially the United States. The program began in earnest under Stalin and was expanded after Khrushchev took control in 1954. American POWs were shipped to Czechoslovakia, Cuba, East Germany and the Soviet Union for these experiments. Czechoslovakia was the major point of transfer for prisoners taken to the Soviet Union. General Sejna, who was chief of staff to the Minister of Defense and who ran the sensitive Defense Council secretariat, helped plan the operation and monitor its implementation. He personally witnessed the arrival of the American POWs in Prague and their eventual shipment to the Soviet Union. He also read the autopsy reports detailing the results of these experiments.

Most disconcerting is that thousands of these Americans were reported by numerous KGB and GRU eyewitnesses. Even President Yeltsin in 1992 acknowledged to press reporters that some were probably still alive in the Soviet gulags. Yet, even more upsetting was the knowledge that this was known at all levels of our own government, including the intelligence communities, the State Department, Defense, and White House. Officials in all these agencies have conducted a fifty-year unrelenting war, not on our enemies, but on those who would expose these policies and thus endanger the cover-up. Only those who have sought to learn and tell the truth have suffered.

One of the most important parts of Dr. Douglass's book is the extensive details concerning the Soviet mind-control drug program and its accomplishments. In a previous book, Red Cocaine, The Drugging of America, Dr. Douglass exposed the world-wide drug problem we now face as having originated from a strategic war policy that had its beginnings during the Korean War. It was at this time, Khrushchev realized that mind-control drugs, in combination with the illicit drug campaign, would allow the global communist revolution to succeed.

From the results of their experiments on American POWs, the Soviets were able to refine these drugs so that they could better manipulate their enemies. Some drugs allowed them to alter their enemies' beliefs, so as to convert enemies to friends, as was the case with Finland's Communist Party leaders. Others, so-called "chaos drugs," could cause riots and social breakdown. Still others could induce a state of total apathy, so that the POWs no longer were concerned about having to spend the rest of their lives in the filthy, dangerous Soviet gulag. Special "self-destruct" drugs were used against political opponents, so as to make them behave in ways that ruined their reputations. Of great concern was the Soviet idea of incorporating drugs designed to influence behavior and mental attitudes into illicit drugs and even commonly used prescription drugs, so as to affect millions.

Betrayed is filled with an enormous amount of new information that goes beyond other books that have addressed the POW issue. What is contained in this book affects all of us as well as the survival of all free-thinking people. The mind is the last refuge of freedom, once it is captured we can no longer have individual lives. Thus deprived, we will truly be nothing more than cogs in the wheel of an all-embracing state. The implication of what is contained in this book is mind boggling. It is vital that this story be told and seriously addressed by all of us.

Reviewed by Russell L. Blaylock, MD
Jackson, MS

Dr. Blaylock is associate editor of the Medical Sentinel; president of Advanced Nutritional Concepts in Jackson, Mississippi; and author of Excitotoxins, The Taste That Kills (1994) and Bioterrorism: How You Can Survive (2001). His e-mail is:

Originally published in the Medical Sentinel 2002;7(4):136-137. Copyright©2002 Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)

(Betrayed by Joseph D. Douglass, Jr., PhD, 1stbooks Library,, 2002, ISBN:140330131X, 492 pp., $15.50, paperback.)

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