Dr. Faria's Random Notes

This section deals with matters that are of interest to or hold a certain degree of fascination for the author, Dr. Miguel Faria. Unlike the "Medical Sentinel" and "Articles" sections– "Random Notes" will be generally be more informal and cover various popular as well as traditional items for discussion. For the most part, these Notes have only been published on this website and are open to discussion and emendations by the reply comments of the readers.

Additionally, this section may be used as another venue for readers to contribute by posting responses to these "Notes" or engage in discussions, as with the other headings. Just choose your article or Note and post under them. For those who want to discuss more popular issues, such as movies or books, we request that the readers go to the end of those specific sections — namely "Great Books" and "Classic Movies." The readers are in fact invited to contribute any topic under any article to which it's related or inspired.

The new section "Bioethics and Thanatology" by any means does not contain all articles on bioethics, medical ethics or thanatology. The sections "Articles" and "Medical Sentinel," for example, also contain many such articles posted here on this website. These essays are by numerous authors and experts on the subject. (This also holds true for the other headings as well.) Please use our fantastic search engine and the tags to locate them under all headings. For example search under: bioethics, managed care, medical rationing, duty to die, ethics of Hippocrates, euthanasia, veterinary ethic, health care reform, patient-doctor relationship, etc.

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