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Hogs Gone Wild

In the 1960 science fiction film classic, The Time Machine, based on H.G. Wells' 1895 novel similarly titled, the hero (played by Rod Taylor; photo, right) travels in a time machine to a distant future, which, at first sight, seems to be a utopia. But first appearances are deceiving,Rod Taylor in H.G. Well's The Time Machine and soon a disconcerting reality becomes evident.

A Nation of Elois?

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hogs Gone Wild in a Nation of Elois!

Let’s not make any more excuses!

In his September 12 column, former mayor C. Jack Ellis remarks, "One might say Ferguson [MO] is a microcosm of Macon [GA] pre-2014, approximately 65 percent of the population is black with a poverty rate of approximately 25 percent. The unemployment rate of young black men hovers around 20 percent. And far too many of its citizens reside in public or subsidized housing." True, but whose fault is it? Opportunity is there for individual achievers; Asians, without “Asian-American” leaders, largely succeed.

Is It Socialism Or Part of the ‘General Welfare’ of the Nation?

It has come to my attention some letter writers in The Telegraph and posters at, have taken umbrage with the use of the word “socialism” in describing the worsening state of affairs in our nation today — from exorbitant, crippling regulations and taxation to abuse of the “general welfare” clause of the Constitution.

A Brief History of Socialism in America

From 1876 onward, after the North recovered its fortunes and the South was unburdened by the end of Reconstruction, the nation was ruled by laissez-faire capitalism, and freedom flourished for most (not all) of the nations' citizens. The rapid pace of the Industrial Revolution brought about an exemplary standard of living but also new problems for the rapidly developing nation, and socialistic or progressive "reforms" appeared in this country for the first time.

General Welfare

Curtis W. Caine, MD
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The Constitution - Plain and Simple
Fall 1997
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If I were to tell you there is a constitutional subject that is expressed in a countless number of words; that is argued endlessly; that a myriad of books have been written about; that legions of court cases have been filed over and many judicial decrees have been issued upon; that many laws have been enacted to implement; that endless regulations have been promulgated under its purview; that trillions of dollars have been expended under its authority; but on which there is still no unanimity --- what would you believe I was referring to?

Faria: Freedom - Liberty versus Equality (Part II)

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In Part I of this essay, we discussed the terms Liberty and Equality in accordance with Natural Rights theory and Constitutional governance, and then we summarized the ten planks of Karl Marx's 1948 Communist Manifesto. We showed how our Constitutional Republic has been eroded toward a Social[ist] Democracy by the infiltration of those Marxist planks in our polity.