Wishful thinking and divining Donald Trump by Miguel A. Faria, MD

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Monday, May 1, 2017

A recent column by Bill Ferguson, a Telegraph (Macon) columnist, discusses the art of the possible, certainly not in terms of mathematical probability, but in terms of historical political guesswork. Ferguson asks, “Could Trump be worst U.S. President ever?” One suspects wishful thinking in this act of political divination. Apparently, Ferguson thinks he has found a roundabout way to belittle President Trump (without appearing to do so) and make wishful-thinking prophecies based on irrelevant and biased history. After all, if memory serves me correctly Ferguson once described himself as a moderate Republican. But to ponder his question, let’s say that in politics as in everything else, as Benjamin Franklin admonished us, “in this world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.” With that said, let me venture to answer Ferguson’s question by saying: Yes, this is possible, but highly unlikely. Trump may be narcissistic and bombastic, but he is a very smart man.

Former U.S. Presidents Barack Obama and Jimmy CarterA better question though would be: Will Barack Obama surpass Jimmy Carter as the worst president within living memory? We have much more concrete data on those two completed presidencies. In the case of Trump, the leading question, the wishful thinking divination turned into a question, seems a bit premature. After all, Trump has barely passed his first hundred days in office!

Ferguson says he “researched some presidential ranking lists produced by professional historians.” But I’ve also researched these lists, compiled by the progressive historians who love to make such prejudicial lists, and found them so biased as to be worthless as objective criteria for such ranking. The ivory towers of academia have become so liberal that such compilations could be better produced by amateur historians or well-informed Americans. I’ve even argued elsewhere that the increasing and overwhelming liberal bias of the progressive establishment is the biggest threat to freedom our nation faces. So let us ignore this “research” that places George W. Bush — the president who bravely presided over the greatest catastrophe to occur on American soil since Pearl Harbor — as the worst president in recent years. Imagine that, George W. Bush a worse president than Jimmy Carter! And let’s not go as far as the Civil War to judge, but consider two recent presidents who were not, apparently, on Ferguson’s list of bad or mediocre presidents: Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama.

We do know with certainty that Barack Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize before he even did anything as president, certainly before he bombed Libya, a peace prize he truly did not deserve; race relations reached a nadir under his presidency; Obama restored relations with Cuba, which Raul Castro later disavowed, ordering a military parade blasting and insulting ex-President Obama. It is true that ObamaCare became law (by a Democrat Congress that passed it, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi advised, “We have to pass the law before you can see what is in it“). Unfortunately for Obama’s legacy, as in the case with the evanescent “better U.S.-Cuban relations,” ObamaCare is on its last leg. Obama’s policies generally were such failure that the Democrat Party was drubbed in the last election, losing not only the presidency, but the majority of governorships, the House of Representatives, and the Senate — a complete political rout.

Nevertheless, it would be difficult for Obama to eclipse Jimmy Carter in national declivity. Jimmy Carter gave us the Iranian hostage crisis, military impotence, national pusillanimity, and four years of malaise, economic stagnation, and general misery. In world affairs, during the Carter presidency, communism advanced in Asia, Africa, and Latin America at the expense of America's former friends. So I let Ferguson and the “professional historians” answer which one of these two presidents was the worst. Unlike Ferguson’s initial query, my alternative question can be argued with historical facts, logic and even figures, rather than with the overt bias and wishful thinking divination so revealing in the title of his column.
U.S. President Donald J. Trump
But what can we say so far about Trump? True, we can say he is bombastic and flexible, subject to changing his mind when facts and logic so dictate. After all, he was not a professional politician or community organizer before taking office, but a self-made and highly successful businessman.

With Trump at the helm, the stock market has gone up 3000 points, the economic outlook of the country has changed for the better, hiring has gone up, and new businesses have started. One is reminded of the malaise years of Jimmy Carter suddenly transformed by the optimism and prosperity of the Reagan presidency!

With Trump, once again the United States has asserted itself and regained the respect it had lost over the years. Ordered by President Trump, the U.S. launched, a massive missile strike on a Syrian airbase of dictator Bashar al-Assad in retaliation for a chemical attack in which at least eighty of his own people, including dozens of women and children, were killed. Although I am skeptical about this action, I admit that Trump’s Syrian strike will let rogue nations know that war crimes will not be tolerated and that the U.S. will act vigorously when necessary.

Trump also dropped the Mother of All Bombs against ISIS in Afghanistan, destroying a whole nest of terrorists and their underground hideouts. Well done! And Trump has answered the challenge that has been neglected by Obama, taking a stand against North Korea and its USS Carl Vinsondangerous dictator Kim Jong-un, sending to the Sea of Japan in North Korea’s own backyard a nuclear-powered submarine and the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier group including battleships. These were not unprovoked offensive actions, but a defensive response to North Korea’s repeated ballistic and nuclear threats against South Korea, Japan, and the United States. Trump has warned Kim Jong-un that an intercontinental ballistic missile test aimed at the United States by North Korea “will never happen.”

Ferguson let us know where he was headed by the title of his column, stating that this early in his presidency Trump has “the lowest ever recorded approval rating.” But Ferguson failed to tell us that according to the same report, Trump still has the support of 96% of those who voted for him, and that the hostile media in the same report have had to admit that very likely Trump would also now win the popular vote if the election was to be held again — and just after less than 4 months in office! We will have to let Ferguson keep wondering and pondering the imponderable. Irrelevant history lessons and biased historian lists have led Ferguson to wishful-thinking divination— but such political divining can easily become self-delusion and reveal the real political stand and bias of the wishful thinker!

Written by Dr. Miguel Faria

Miguel A. Faria, Jr., M.D. is an Associate Editor in Chief and a World Affairs Editor of Surgical Neurology International (SNI). He is the Author of Cuba in Revolution: Escape From a Lost Paradise (2002). His website is www.haciendapub.com

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A similar but less illustrated version of this article also appeared in the Telegraph (Macon) on May 1, 2017.

Copyright ©2017 Miguel A. Faria, Jr., M.D.

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Debate over Trump and the Leftist Democrats

Interesting exchange between Miguel and the shadow person, the liberal Democrat, claiming to be Cuban-American and raised from poverty. The beauty of the American system is that one can rise from lower classes to any level one desires--if they are willing to exercise self-control, save their money, work hard and play by the rules of a moral society. I certainly did not come from wealth. My father was an electrician and later my mother taught in high school. My father taught me these valuable principles and I worked my way through school and became a neurosurgeon. So, I have known two levels of economic life and remember well the earlier period of my life and do so with nostalgic gratitude.

That said, it is interesting that the writer appeals to the envy card, the white supremacy card and to the idea that all conservatives are obviously ignorant, gun-toting morons. In the provided list of voter statistics, the writer failed to note that 70% of the nation is "white", thus their voting affiliations followed the demographics of the United States. While 50% had an education level of high school or less, this also means that 50% must have possessed college or advanced degrees. And 64% earned more than $50,000 a year. And to dispel the myth that only old, end-of-life people voted for Trump, 70% were younger than age 50 years. In essence, the shadow liberal Democrat made the case that Trump appealed to a wider spectrum of American demographics than did the evil Hillary.

Most are aware that the base for the leftist Democratic party include a majority of blacks and whites on public assistance, immigrants who failed to assimilate, illegals, homosexuals, LGBT perverts, transgenders and pedophiles. Oh, and of course all socialists, fascists and communist (all forms of collectivists). This is the real reason that the left fought so hard to open our borders and make sure that these illegals had all the social welfare benefits of citizens as well as drivers licenses.

As for Obama care--it was planned to fail so as to usher in socialized medicine and it was predicated on a lie as most of the so-called uninsured were young people who did not want health insurance. But then to socialists what people actually want does not matter. A person is supposed to plan for their retirement by putting away enough savings for health insurance and one can sign up for medicare--so the tear jerking story of going bankrupt because of the alteration of socialist Obamacare is empty of any supporting argument.

As for President Trump's wealth, it is accepted that the Democratic party is much wealthier than the Republicans and the social warrior movements, violent radicals of every stripe and professional disrupters are funded by--ghee--billionaires. You might take note of how many international corporations are opposing President Trump as well as the Tax Exempt foundations, which are the havens of enormous wealthy social engineers. The media moguls are also composed of the very wealthy. Trump is also opposed violently by international banking houses, the Federal Reserve, the EU multibillionaires and the elitists of academia.

So, we see that the Democrats are not representatives of the common people, rather they are using the extremely poor and uneducated as a tool to gain power. Certainly one cannot really think that spending 20 trillion dollars on a wide assortment of welfare programs since the inception of the Great Society is anything less than graft, money laundering and buying votes, as the poverty level after spending this enormous amount of the hard working people's money is not less, it has actually increased.

The Democratic left has destroyed education, raised the national debt to dangerous levels, started numerous wars, abandoned the soldiers who have fought these wars and burdened the free market with massive numbers of regulations that have destroyed jobs, sent jobs overseas and caused massive numbers of businesses to fail. The list of harmful effects of the Democratic left and the globalists is unending.

Assuming that the middle class is too stupid to understand the issues is characteristic of elitist arrogance. The Trump voters are people who have been adversely affected by the leftist nostrums of the idiot left and understand what needs to be done to correct these problems. Trump articulated their feelings and unlike elitist Hillary, actually met with people all over the country and listened to them. People who know Trump point out that his success comes from listening to his people.

As Miguel said, Trump is not perfect--no person is. And I also preferred Ted Cruz, but as long a President Trump does what he promised--to the best of his ability--I will support him. Ye shall know them by their fruits.

Dr. Russell L. Blaylock is President of Advanced Nutritional Concepts and Theoretical Neurosciences in Jackson, Mississippi. He has written numerous path-blazing scientific papers and many books, including Excitotoxins — The Taste That Kills (1994), Bioterrorism: How You Can Survive (2001), Health and Nutrition Secrets (2002), and Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients (2003). He is Associate Editor-in-Chief and a Consulting Editor in Basic Neuroscience for Surgical Neurology International (SNI).

It never ceases to amaze me.

As an individual who has written a book and is of obvious intelligence, I cannot believe how Dr. Faria has put Trump on a pedestal. But, then again, it shocked me how every Cuban (I am Cuban myself) came out of the woodwork to vote for Trump. I guess no one remembers the rhetoric that Castro use to spew. I remember closing my eyes during one of Trumps speeches and translating it in my head, I'll be darned if it wasn't the same thing Castro convinced the Cuban people with and look what happened to them. Chavez did a pretty good job of it too.

Dr. Faria writes about how Trump has waged a war that Obama was to afraid to do, really...putting us into a possible WWIII is a good thing? How he's doing away with Obamacare...I'm about 10 years shy of my retirement and it scares the hell out of me that because of this MAN, I will have to pay an addition $12-$15K a year more in insurance when I retire and that's hoping and praying that I don't get a pre-existing condition by then.

Trump has duped the American people into thinking that he is on their side. That's why anyone making over $200,000 will be getting a tax break and to be honest, Trump has never been poor or even middle class a day in his life. He has no idea how the majority of the American people live from his Tower! His entire cabinet is made up of white billionaires...seriously, am I the only one that sees this.

Dr. Faria, although your article is written with "sharp facts" of the moment, it fails to touch upon the destruction and debris that Trump will leave in his wake when these four years are over. Hopefully only four years but the way he's going, he'll have the 22nd Amendment overturned in no time.

Quit dreading Trump!

Trump may sometimes be an overbearing individual but he was at least a successful businessman. He is not an idiot but a very smart and calculating individual. But he was not my candidate to begin with. Ted Cruz was. But he is now the President and contrary to what you write, he has already done a lot of good. He has breached the monolithic wall of political correctness, reigniting freedom of speech — necessary activities for the cause of liberty.

Quit dreading Trump. We live in a country where the rule of law prevails, despite the demagoguery of the Democrats. And regardless of his bombast, Trump will be bound from extreme mischief by the chains of the Constitution, as were other previous presidents. Binding a loose cannon, as he sometimes appear without fixed ideology, has been far easier to manage than a determined autocratic ideologue with a party behind them like Obama was— being able to sign into law ObamaCare without members of his own party even reading the collectivist document.

And you have it backwards: You may have to pay an addition $12-$15K a year more in insurance because of ObamaCare.

And you are wrong here too: Trump did not dupe the American people. Ultra left-wing Michael Moore even admitted that before the election; he noted that people swarmed to see and hear Trump wherever he went, looking like the wealthy millionaire he was — getting off his jet and limousine and the people still connected with him despite his exuberance and flaunting his wealth. Moore warned liberals that Trump could win, as I did conservatives, predicting that he would win!

The country needed shaken up after years of political correctness and liberal indoctrination— not to mention loss of respect in the world, particularly from our allies.

I have read and even listen to speeches of Fidel Castro. I met Fidel and Che as a small boy, and Trump does not sound like either one of them, or the idiot dead dictator Hugo Chavez, who destroyed his country and the devastation continues under his minions. Thank you for your post and keep reading our website!— MAF

Now you have your facts wrong!

You are correct, people swarmed to Trump, as most sheep do because of the rhetoric he was spewing; because he has no barriers on his verbal diarrhea; because he was saying what the lower class wanted to hear and as sheep, they were blinded by the fact that he is not one of them, he never has been and never will be. So I frankly don't understand your point here because both you and I know that the uneducated can easily be swayed in any direction as long as it is preceded by "Make American great again".

You're right, he is a successful businessman but then again, so is my husband and that doesn't make him any more qualified to be president than Trump.

I don't know what speeches you listened to but both Castro and Chavez tailored to the lower class, EXACTLY the same thing that Trump did and as I said before, as uneducated sheep, they are easily swayed and tricked. You yourself refer to Trump as "binding a lose cannon" and you think that's a good thing?

You keep telling me I'm wrong but I'm looking at the facts, before Obamacare, I had to pay individual insurance for my husband upwards of $400 per month, now I pay $138 and before you attack my knowledge of insurance, I use to be a insurance agent, financial planner and an accountant and regardless of what the market is doing, I've never felt more insecure of my financial future than I do now. By my analysis, it's going to be worse than 2008.

We have not regained any respect from our allies, on the contrary, we are now considered a volatile joke. We have a spoiled child as Commander and Chief that thinks he can do anything he wants AND as far as I'm seeing, he IS doing anything he wants and he's getting away with it. I said it before and I'll say it again, don't be surprised if in two years he makes overturning the 22nd Amendment his new pet project.

Facts are facts, even if inconveniently so!

You may be Cuban-American, but you are a much more avid liberal Democrat, and a rare species of bird for an educated Cuban-American at that! And yet your first and third paragraph evinces your incredible elitism, attacking the American people as sheep. Incidentally, the word “Democrat” derives from the Greek “demos,” the root word for your political party as well as demagoguery. And yet you deride the people as “sheep,” “lower class,” and “uneducated” — typical progressive elite!

Like the rancorous media elite during the election night coverage, you called Trump supporters “uneducated people,” which turned out to be largely incorrect. But does reveal on your part more derogatory liberal elitism. I suppose the people were not sheep (higher class and better educated) when they voted for Obama!

As a successful businessman Trump has better credentials to be president than a kowtowing community activist.

ObamaCare is so good that soon there will be no insurance carriers to cover it. Aetna has just pulled out. If ObamaCare stands and then collapses, I suppose we need to go to fully socialized medicine.

Regarding respect from our allies, I guess that we will have to wait and see. But here are some facts: For now, NATO has been reassured and will increase spending as Trump ordered. Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, GS of the Communist Party of China, have shown incredible restraint in dealing with Trump, regarding the Syrian missile attack, and Trump’s conversation with the Taiwanese President, not to mention the touchy subject of the islands in the South China Sea, respectively. In fact, Trump’s meeting with Xi was described as “cordial and productive.” The infante terrible, Kim Jong-un of North Korea has settled down, has quit testing missiles, and has now run scared with the tail between his legs claiming Trump and the CIA are trying to assassinate him! Thanks for the dialogue. I hope you enjoy the referenced articles.

More facts...

Okay...you want to look at raw data and facts, let's break it down:

* 70% of Trump voters were white;
* 50% has less than a high school education or just some college;
* 36% made less than 50k per year;
* 30% were between the ages of 50-64 years old.

You call me an elitist...let's break me down:

* My father was a white American, born in Galesberg, IL who was raised in foster homes and poverty; my mother was a white Cuban, also raised in extreme poverty, who escaped Cuban in 1958;
* My parents at no point in their lives made more than $50k per year between them;
* Me father had a Masters degree in Political Science, while my mother never completed the 8th grade;
* They were both deceased at the time of the election but I was 51 years of age.

You call me a derogatory liberal elitist because I have looked at the facts and am correct in my analysis of the people that voted for him, then fine. You call me a derogatory liberal elitist because it terrifies me that a racist; sexist; uneducated; foul mouthed; immoral; spoiled billionaire is now in charge of "the button", then so be it...I'm getting my t-shirts printed today.

Liberal elitism

This is getting interesting… Liberal elites can be in positions of power, such as in the mainstream media and the talking heads in the evening news, or CNN; or politicians, frequently wealthy demagogues like Michael Bloomberg, who has spent a fortune trying to manipulate the people for gun control— but the people that you execrate as “sheep,” “uneducated,” and ”lower class”— have not been fooled and rejected his advances! There are also wealthy internationalists, who wield power, and like Bloomberg, have spent fortunes trying to manipulate the public, like George Soros.

There are also people of different backgrounds, who identify with these elitist magnates and consider themselves to be above the rest of us, because they think they are smarter and better educated— both groups, though, are elitist liberals or “progressives.” Obviously, you are in the second group, which we can say is more of state of mind prompting “progressive” ideology than the reality of wielding power.

Why you? Because of the revealing statements you made, which we have already discussed, and your citing more statistics to justify your assertions. Yes you are a liberal Democrat impersonating and acting by a state of mind called elitism! You may have been raised in poverty, but you don’t identify with the people you so scorn!

Your figures seem correct. They are part and parcel of the American people. Why didn’t you cite Obamas’ figures? Be that as it may, these people you so denigrate are all around you: Next time you need a plumber, ask him/her who he/she voted for. Next time you need a mechanic for your car, or a handyman, the same. Yes, those are some the people who voted for Trump, but there are also businessmen, lawyers, physicians, neurosurgeons (note the writers and contributors at haciendapub.com who have commented favorably and may have voted for Trump). People from all walks of life, except perhaps the media elites and internationalists, voted for Trump, but were afraid or are still afraid to admit it. Consider the difference in the pre-election polls and the result of the real election, where it counted!

Incidentally, embarrassing for you (and for that matter, Tina Fey and other feminists): 44% of white female college graduates also voted for Trump! And embarrassing for the media, who had been inciting Latinos against Trump and crowing about the expected Latino vote for Hillary — one third of Latinos voted for Trump. Oh, and did you read my article on the election coverage? It covers tragicomedy very well? Watching the media preside over Trump’s victory was a show in itself!

You tell me about yourself but you are anonymous. I’m in the open. Have you read, anything about me and my background? I don’t want to excite you too much, but you might want to do so! I enjoyed your measured temper tantrum, and hope you keep the debate going, and hope you remain a reader and commenter at haciendapub.com.— MAF

Wishful thinking article

This is a very well written article, one that makes some critically important points. What impressed me most is that Miguel focused with laser-like sharpness on the weakness of the nefarious arguments of people like Bill Ferguson. The Republican party over the years has stagnated and deviated so far from it conservative core principle that it is unrecognizable as even remotely conservative. This “neo-conservatism” is in truth collectivist and it differs from the left’s brand of collectivism only in degree.

What has been lost by this regenerated Republican party is dedication to the individual and to the family, recognition of the centrality of Judeo-Christian religion, the centrality of the Constitution as the protector of our freedoms and an appreciation of the importance of adhering to the rule of law.

Like their Democratic counterparts, the Republican leadership believes in modernism in the form of expanding the size and power of the central government, all disguised as progressivism, and building a utopian, expansive technocracy. After Reagan’s presidency, we spoke of the “big-government” conservatives, such as Jack Kemp, even the Bushes. Their world view was globalist, not in an economic sense only, but rather as building a one-world government. Theodore Roosevelt Maddoch, who held major positions in many of the international organizations, including the UN, discusses this in great detail in his book, Davos, Aspen & Yale —a book well worth reading.

The primary rift with President Trump is that he is a nationalist. Like the Democratic left, the Bush family favored open borders, mass illegal immigration, expanding the scope and intrusiveness of the federal government, autonomy of bureaucratic departments to generative massive new laws and even high corporate taxes. In the past, most wars were initiated by the Democrats, but the Republicans have now outdone them in that they have bogged the United States in a three-country war and are seeking to expand our military commitments even more.

The Bush wars have cost the taxpayers more than six trillion dollars, created mayhem in the Middle East, caused the mass migration of refugees into Europe and the U.S. and is unending. President Trump is using real diplomacy to stop nations, like North Korea, from endangering the United States and not the phony diplomacy of that Marxist/Leninist Obama, as Miguel demonstrates Obama perpetrated in Cuba.

I hope that President Trump spends even greater effort in “draining the swamp,” but unfortunately the creatures of the swamp are mustering all the extensive forces of the extreme left, utilizing money from Billionaires (such as George Soros) to undermine any such efforts. Unfortunately, the civil unrest being engineered by the left radicals is only starting and will rise to a much more dangerous level very quickly.

Our major conservative voices are now the focus of concerted, vicious attacks by the organized left in an effort to silence them. Unfortunately, they have been very successful. Their main strength is that they have so many extremely wealthy benefactors, most in positions of power, who are funding these violent demonstrations and even help organize the leftist resistance.

With the NEA destroying education over the past 50 years and the universities and colleges filling their ranks with the street radicals from the sixties, our youth are left highly susceptible to leftist brainwashing techniques. The media, likewise, has filled its ranks with extreme leftists.

Antifa is a case in point concerning the rising violent left, an international, communist organization. On watching the interviews with its members, I am appalled that so many are so ignorant of communist history. In one such video a skinny, goofy kid, all decked out in his black uniform with his glowing red hood pulled over his head, is asked what are their goals. He peers through the narrow opening of his bright red mask and mumbles— “to get rid of capitalism.” He says this while holding a iphone in his left hand. The interviewer should have snatched it away and told him he couldn’t have it as it was created by capitalism. After removing all his possessions made by capitalism he would be standing naked in the street staring like a deer in headlights.

If we do not all join our ranks, we will be in danger of losing all our freedoms. These people are psychopaths and very dangerous.

Trump, worst president?

Readers reply to Dr. Faria's article on Ferguson in the Telegraph:

Fred Dixon: Love or hate Trump, he has exposed the establishment for what it is. It unfortunately includes what we once to believed alternative ideas. We now know the political class is comprised of Academia, Hollywood, media elites, Democrats, and as revealed in the last budget (that could have been written by Democrats)—Republicans. Well said Dr. Faria!

Dillard Jenkins: Dr. Miguel A. Faria, Jr., stick with surgical neurology, that's where your talent lies.

Bill P. Northenor: Or consult with a reputable psychiatrist for a diagnosis held by many that he is a pathological liar and has narcissistic personality disorder!

Worst president? (Letter in the Telegraph; May 2, 2017): In response to Bill Ferguson’s column about the worst president ever, has he been hiding under a log for the last eight years? Obama takes that prize by a mile. Among his countless screw ups: He doubled the national debt in just eight years. He presided over the weakest recession recovery in our nation’s history. His actions in the Middle East led to the death and displacement of millions. He stole millions of acres from Western states. His policies and actions have led to the worst race relations in decades. He stacked our federal courts with left wing judicial activists. His lies helped pass the worst piece of legislation ever, the Affordable Care Act. He and Hillary turned Libya into a terrorist quagmire. He handed over five notorious terrorists to secure the release of a gutless traitor. He negotiated the worst possible deal with Iran, and in the process handed them billions of dollars to pursue their terrorist agenda and nuclear program. He treated one of our staunchest allies, Israel, like an enemy. I could go on forever but don’t have enough space. Ferguson has proven himself to be what many of us have thought for years, a closet liberal masquerading as a moderate.— Michael Harrelson, Gray
I agree Mr. Harrelson. Incidentally in the article the reference and implications for the "mother of All bombs" is Colonel Avery Chenoweth's article in the Telegraph:
http://www.macon.com/opinion/readers-opinion/article145104054.html --- MAF