Vladimir Putin — A threat to the Power Elite and the New World Order by Russell L. Blaylock, MD

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Part 1 of Dr. Miguel Faria’s analysis of Vladimir Putin (photo, below) and the war in the Middle East, as with all Vladimir Putinhis writings, is well worth reading and pondering deeply as it contains some excellent observations. I have been driven by new information to revise my original article on Putin and Russia, not so much on its basic thesis, but rather on Putin’s position. During my deep study and analysis on the subject, I have unearthed newer information and will need some time to digest it all. I look forward to the second part of Dr. Faria’s article on this issue. This is a very difficult subject and things are not always what they seem on a first look—as most of us well know. This is like an onion—one must peel back many layers before one finds the truth. The outer layers are stained with propaganda, lies, and carefully crafted deceptions. Only the inner layers, those not seen by the average superficial thinker and observer, come closer to the truth.

First, for the outer layer of the onion. It appears on the surface that President Donald Trump has fallen into the Power Elite's trap by attacking Syria and Bashar al-Assad. On first look, it is obvious that Assad had absolutely nothing to gain by a gas attack and everything to lose. I don’t buy that he is a loose cannon madman—that is, a lunatic. Assad is a trained ophthalmologist and known to be quite intelligent and has ruled Syria for 30 years. I suspect the CIA and Saudi Arabia are behind this gas attack event and this is part of their continuing support of the so-called rebels, in essence, supporting the Neocons' idea of regime change for designing the New World Order. Michael Savage made a good case for this not being a sarin gas attack, as one cannot handle victims’ clothing and be around their bodies as sarin can easily penetrate the skin and even in very small concentrations can kill. He proposes something like phosgene gas, which would be obtained from Saudi Arabia.

Before this event, Assad had both Russia and the US defeating his enemies. Now Russia is withdrawing and the US is taking up the entire battle without the aid of Assad or Russia. To the casual observer this means a wider war, greater US military involvement, a massive need George Sorosfor cash to pay for the war (which pleases the hell out of the international bankers), and a more rapid move to eventual economic collapse of the US economy and eventually the world economy. It also paves the way for the one thing that two of the evil and foremost players in the Power Elite—Zbigniew Brzezinski and George Soros (photo, left)—wanted, and that is the fall of Vladimir Putin and Russia. This greatly increases the risk of WWIII. The fact that Senator John McCain (R-AZ) is elated over President Trump’s seemingly foolish move can be taken as evidence that Trump may have made a drastic mistake—one we will all pay for. As we peel back the layers of the onion, things may be quite different.

Second, let’s see what would be the result if what we think we are seeing is real. With the U.S. up to its eyeballs in war in Syria and Libya, as well as Afghanistan and Iraq, it will most likely tempt North Korea to launch its missiles (as instructed by China). One of the historical lessons we learn (or should learn) from the history of warfare is that few empires can withstand a protracted, multi-front war. Russia will, of course, do anything it needs to survive this Brzezinski-led attack. This will eventually destroy Trump completely and everything he has fought for up to this point. This would be an absolute disaster and Trump’s enemies know this quite well. The more I read about Putin, the more I am convinced he has been set up and attacked on all fronts since the fall of Boris Yeltsin. At present, he is our only viable ally against the globalist, collectivist NWO.

Steve Pieczenik and Jerome Corsi agree that there may be a better explanation for Trump’s attack on Assad—one that would mean President Trump is a lot smarter than any are giving him credit. Pieczenik gives his analysis on this event in this video. He says that to understand Trump’s thinking, one must understand what the president discussed in his book, The Art of the Deal. Pieczenik concludes that Trump cleverly announced the attack on Assad at the dinner he threw for the Chinese leader Xi Jinping, and that it had a hidden purpose—that is, hidden from his enemies in the United States and Europe. Importantly, Trump had previously warned all parties involved, including the Russians, as to what he was about to do—but he kept it from the Chinese president until the grand announcement at the dinner.

In addition, he fired off a salvo of tomahawk cruise missiles that are now obsolete and no longer being manufactured—missiles that were known to have poor accuracy. Only three Syrian jets were damaged—all not in flying condition to begin with and did not actually harm the runways or other important structures. There were only six deaths. It was a grand show of power, according to Pieczenik, all for the benefit of the Chinese president, designed to send a message that the United States was not to be trifled with. Trump’s greatest concern, according to Pieczenik, is North Korea and China and not Syria—in fact, he posited that Trump may even pull out of the Middle East.

As we further peal back the onion, we now see an even different picture. There is now concern by Pieczenik that with recent events, Trump may have allowed himself to be conscripted by the Neocons and the globalists. National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster has now attempted to take the lead in foreign policy (similar to what happened to Reagan when George Schultz ran foreign policy) and announced that massive troop deployments are in the works and there will be regime change. This, of course, would be an absolute disaster and as a result Trump would most likely be impeached.Zbigniew Brzenziski

As for Vladimir Putin’s fate, the Power Elite, mainly in the person of Zbigniew Brzenziski (photo, right), is following the grand chessboard strategy in bringing down Putin and marginalizing Russia. Why? Because Russia, under Putin, is a major obstacle to the Power Elite’s plan for a world government and an end of nationalism. In addition, Russia is an incredible source of rare gemstones, chromium, oil, natural gas and gold as well as fertile lands. The Power Elite want to take Russia as a spoil of their secret war. Under Putin, Russia’s economy exploded from the economic disaster left in the wake of Yeltsin's reforms. For example, the Russian Domestic Product (GDP) increased 6 times under his charge, with Russia rising from 22nd to the 10th largest economy in the world. Average wages increased tenfold and objectively measured poverty was cut in half. Nearly all of Russia’s foreign debt was paid off. He lowered the personal income tax rate to 13 percent and removed many tax penalties. This all occurred after the engineered destruction and rape of Russia by the Power Elite using the IMF (also under the guidance of Soros and Brzezinski). How they did this is a fascinating story in itself. Putin has also instituted a number of other critical reforms, such as controlling criminal oligarchs and reforming health care, after the Soviet disaster. Of note, Putin was endorsed by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and even made The Gulag Archipelago required reading in Russian high schools. When we look at what Putin has accomplished in Russia it would be the envy of all those who voted for Trump and it explains the 80% approval rating Putin has enjoyed.

Moreover, Putin has brought to the forefront the issue of declining population growth and declivity in Western civilization, including Russia.  I have  previously described how Putin has completely rebuilt the impressive Cathedral of Christ the Savior, which had been destroyed to the last stone by Joseph Stalin and his henchman Lazar Kaganovich in 1931. Putin has also additionally built 1,000 Christian churches across Russia, and he has not stopped there. He has defended Christianity and traditional morality, as no other Western leader has the courage to do. Perhaps I was too hasty in questioning his motives. My new studies suggest that in fact he is not only courageous enough to speak about these issues, but sincere enough to stand by them.

Another reason for President Trump’s move against Syrian dictator Assad may have been to reduce the thundering rhetoric of the Left that he is a tool of Moscow. In addition, President Trump may have outsmarted the Power Elite in his bold move against the Chinese threat. China appreciates that should Trump desire to he can drive China to economic collapse—knowing that China’s economy is already tottering. Trump is a much deeper thinker and strategist than the previous puppet presidents the Power Elite has dealt with. Only time will tell if the Power Elite has been severely hurt by this move or, heaven forbid, if they have outsmarted Trump.

Putin in Shanghai CO meetingFinally, what is Putin really up to? Some make a good case that he just wants to regain his country’s pride and have a place in the world as a respected superpower once again. While this is certainly possible, we also must consider Lord Acton's axiom—power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Once Putin has positioned Russia as a major superpower, not just militarily but also economically, he may be tempted to expand the Russian empire much further into the West. We know that Russia has made major investments in Latin America and is once again involved in Cuba. Of real concern, Russia is now quite influential in Eurasia, which Brzezinski stated was critical to the building of the New World Order by the Power Elite. Russia may have beaten the Power Elite to the punch.

Interestingly, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) met in Saint Petersburg in 2002, where Putin played a major role in its charter, goals and principles. The six countries that made up the original SCO account for 60% of SCO mapthe land mass of Eurasia and 25% of the world’s population. More nations joined the SCO in 2005, further enlarging Putin’s influence. The president of the SCO, Nursultan Nazarbayev, the President of Kazakhstan, stated that those involved in the negotiations represented “half of humanity.” In 2007, Tayyip Ergodan of Turkey asked Putin to let Turkey join this increasingly influential group. Today we have an association of countries known as BRICS—Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The West has no control over the actions of BRICS. Putin also has excellent relations with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), which includes Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

With an increasing influence in the Middle East, especially among Egypt, Syria and Libya, Putin will either control or influence a great deal of the world’s land mass and population. With his ties to some of the most mineral and oil rich territories in the world, his power and influence can only increase exponentially. One example is of major importance—Russia and South Africa together possess 90% of the world’s supply of chromium, which is essential for making steel.

Russia has announced the development of the RS-28 (Satan class 2) nuclear supersonic ICBM, which is mirved to carry 16, rather than the usual 10, individually targeted nuclear warheads. It has been estimated that one such missile could destroy an area the size of Texas, the UK, or France. As Putin’s military grows more sophisticated and powerful, especially with the new warm water submarine base along the coast of Syria, soon his power will reach that stage that Lord Acton spoke about and we all risk the possibility of Putin being corrupted absolutely by this new found power. We also must consider that Vladimir Putin will not always be the president of Russia.

Written by Russell L. Blaylock, MD

Dr. Russell L. Blaylock is President of Advanced Nutritional Concepts and Theoretical Neurosciences in Jackson, Mississippi. He has written numerous path-blazing scientific papers and many books, including Excitotoxins — The Taste That Kills (1994), Bioterrorism: How You Can Survive (2001), Health and Nutrition Secrets (2002), and Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients (2003). He is Associate Editor-in-Chief and a Consulting Editor in Basic Neuroscience for Surgical Neurology International (SNI).

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Intent and deeds—Judging good and evil men!

Dr. Blaylock has written the article I would have liked to have written for my Part 2 of “Vladimir Putin — The enigmatic Russian leader,” and he has done a superb job of eloquence and scholarship! The article turns out to be succinct, yet a comprehensive study of Vladimir Putin and his formidable enemies, who Dr. Blaylock refers to as the Power Elite — the same globalist shadow government that more recently has been denoted the deep state, particularly in reference to the United States.

Other than re-state that there is no evidence the CIA or Saudi Arabia was behind the Syrian government's chemical weapons attack, there is little I disagree with. It would have been foolhardy for either the CIA or the Saudis to pull such dangerous shenanigans. True, the CIA has make some foolhardy mistakes in the past and under the Obama administration lost sight of its mission, becoming increasingly ineffective and corrupt under former Director, John Brennan. The Saudis are not part of the structure of the Power Elite and the NWO, and, like the CIA, have much to lose with such perilous ruse. The Saudis have led an effort to form a league of moderate Arab nations not only to seek peace but also to cooperate with Israel’s military and intelligence operations against rogue nations in the Middle East, including Iran.

The chemical weapons attack by Syria was must likely ordered by the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad without the approval of the Russians. Assad himself had recently suffered a humiliating attack from ISIS within his own capital, Damascus, which I mentioned elsewhere. He was likely jittery and on the edge, and he, like his own father and Saddam Hussein — have all carried out atrocities against their own people, including chemical attacks. There is no reason to look elsewhere unless evidence points in any other direction.

Boris Yeltsin has not been treated well by contemporary history or his own people; yet he should be considered the father of modern day Russia. He brought freedom and the first democratic government to the Russian people after 70 years of tyranny and regimentation under communism. The disequilibrium and economic hardships that came about, both from the behemothic political change and his impatience to bring about free market capitalism, have at least temporarily soiled his legacy.

As to the character of Vladimir Putin, and this is also referable to Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey — it is as difficult to judge as to divine their intentions. We must judge them by their overt actions. Both the theology of the Christian church in the works of Saint Thomas Aquinas and Aristotelian philosophy agree that even “bad” persons may be converted to good persons by repentance, faith, the performance of good works by the grace of God (Christianity, particularly Catholicism), and by habitually exercising the intellectual and moral virtues and doing good (Aristotle). I think that we cannot know what is the human heart, except by their actions—the net good or bad of their actions.

Putin has done some good and bad things as has Erdogan, but in the balance of actions in their own countries, I think that good deeds predominate in both, at least judged by what has been objectively published about them, as well as the support of their own populations. As Dr. Blaylock points out, Putin has done some good things for the Russian people. For his part, Erdogan has preserved order out of chaos and prevented the inception of a military dictatorship or an Islamic theocracy from taking over in his country, as happened in Iran. So I consider them "good men" and on the right side of morality and history. Unless persons overtly declare their bad intentions, we must assume their good actions reflect the exercise of virtues and benevolence, such as Putin building churches, and speaking out about the decline of morals in the West. We must remain informed and vigilant to preserve our liberty and way of life, but seeing conspiracies and treason everywhere and assuming evil intent and malevolence without proof from those who rule contrary to our wishes, is not good for the soul in Christian theology or in Aristotelian philosophy.

I consider the internationalist Power Elites of the NWO with their deceptive tentacles seemingly extending everywhere in their quest for monopolies and power, subscribing to authoritarianism, socialism, economic fascism, and regimentation — dangerous threats to liberty and presently the greatest evil; Islamic terrorism in the form of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, etc. is presently the second evil. These evils may intertwine. This combination of the first and second evil has, in the 21st century, virtually replaced the 20th century evil of communism, and become the greatest threat to world peace, liberty, and prosperity. Make no mistake, communism, though now dormant or quiescent except in Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea (in practice), and Vietnam and China (at least in theory), is still an evil, an immoral and enduring malevolent idea because it stems from the deep cardinal sins of envy and the instinct for violence from the dark side of human nature.

Putin and Erdogan are overtly against all three of these evils, and we hope Donald Trump does not waver from his firm stand on the side of good and does not succumb to the first of these evils by the machinations of the Power Elite, the EU, and the deception of evil men such as Zbigniew Brzezinski and George Soros, who inspire the Power Elites or manipulate them with their machinations and power. We must also remember that nationalist “good men" will do what is good and in the best interest of their countries, not necessarily ours. If we don't cross them, perhaps they will not cross us. That is all we can expect. We must judge them by their actions toward us as a nation; and by their actions to their people, as to their humanity.---MAF
Dr Blaylock responds: Well said; the Bible tells us: “Ye shall know them by their fruits — Matthew 7-16.

Don Horacio responds

Miguel, Dr Blaylock's piece is excellent but a rambling article. I don’t know where he gets his info about such a Power Elite; Soros, yes, but Brzenziski? I thought he was in hospice.

There is no way I could be convinced that Trump would be a pawn of some such global Power Elite. His cruise missile attack on Syria was not meant to destroy (as Tomahawks are flat trajectory missiles) but to send warnings to N. Korea, Putin, and China.

Furthermore, to even give McCain the time of day is a waste; peripheral military like him, the guy who shot Bin Laden, and most of the Army advisors on FoxNews are ignoramuses. A sergeant in a battle does not a military expert make— neither the lowest USNA grad who gets shot down (although a very brave man).

Today’s 21,000 lb. concussion Mother Of All Bombs was simply another warning to North Korea not to detonate a nuke. Our BOABs can neutralize all of the sites without radiation.

All the rouges will now think twice before messing with the USA. Anyway, I doubt Putin’s ultimate objective is that all-encompassing. I doubt he will live too much longer— and then what? I foresee no WW3 on the horizon.--- Don Horacio.
Hello Don Horacio, Unless you object, I would like to post your comment here under his article. I like debate as you know. Perhaps Dr. Blaylock will answer you at the site. The Power Elite exists. They are the globalists and internationalist, most of them members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and other international organizations, who for example now run the EU and for years have included the majority of the power structure in our own United States. Many of them are in the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, and other internationalist organizations. They are part of the entrenched establishment who oppose Trump, who oppose Brexit, who abhor nationalism, and who espouse the NWO — Soros & Brzenziski are part of it; Obama and Hillary kowtow to it; while Sen. McCain and Lindsay Graham are pawns in the game, trying to get entrance and paying their dues to get in this prestigious circle.

It is because of this click that the Reagan legacy was squandered by George H.W. Bush (Bush #41), who was a major part of this clique. He put the NWO and the UN ahead of Reagan's conservatism. He moved away from Reagan’s path of freedom, increased taxes, increased regulations, increased political correctness, but thankfully could not stop the collapse of the Evil Empire. Think about it…

I mentioned in my article the fact I suspected that Trump sent a brilliant warning message to China, and both you and Dr. Blaylock agreed on that point. Read my comment below his article. Dr. Blaylock made a courageous turn around in his second article. We do not think Trump is a pawn in this at all. We just hope he keeps the course and does not allow himself to be guided by the Power Elite.

Below are the links to the articles in chronological order in case you missed them. The points you made in your excellent article is not necessarily in opposition to Dr. Blaylock’s article main points. In fact there is a lot of agreement. George Soros is not an isolated individual in a vacuum, going against the world, as he makes out himself to be. He is a big player in the New World Order and the internationalists.

1. Here is the link to my comment in reference Dr. Blaylock’s second article that you just read: http://www.haciendapublishing.com/articles/vladimir-putin-%E2%80%94-thre...

2. Here is the link to Dr Blaylock’s initial article with his initial views not flattering to Putin: http://www.haciendapublishing.com/articles/vladimir-putin-%E2%80%94-rein...

3. Here is the link to my initial article on the subject in case you missed it: http://www.haciendapublishing.com/articles/vladimir-putin-%E2%80%94-part...

I hope this is helpful. Let me know if you need sources for the Power Elite. Let me just mention that the first book to open my eyes to the problem of the Power Elite was The Shadows of Power — The Council of foreign Relations and the American Decline,/em> by James Perloff (1988; revised 2002). You can get this book very cheaply from Amazon. Warmly, Miguel A. Faria, M.D.

Dr Blaylock replies to Don Horacio!

Don Horacio’s comments on my latest article are rather confusing. First, he says it was “excellent,” then he negates that evaluation by saying it was “rambling.” I thank him for his “excellent” comment. As for the article being “rambling,” it was, in fact, a step by step evaluation of Putin using the analogy of peeling back layers of an onion in search for the truth. I think I accomplished that goal in a methodical and logical way.

Then he repeats several of the statements I made in the article, for instance, that the cruise missile attack was not intended to really affect Assad’s fighting ability, but rather to send a message to America’s enemies in North Korea and China. I have no idea where the McCain comments comes from since he has no part to play in this discussion, except as an example of a power-seeking idiot.

I think Horacio’s problem with this article is he is completely unaware of the Power Elite and, as a result, this whole discussion seems to him confusing. It is like the old saying— A person may read a book and incorrectly concludes it has no meaning, when in truth the problem is that the reader has no understanding. As for his confusion about Brzezinski, he was the principle founder of the Trilateral Commission, a central player in the Power Elite’s global plans and has written a number of books detailing his view of a need for a global world, principally his books, Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technotronic Era and The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and its Geostrategic Imperative. As for Brzezinski being in a hospice nursing facility, as recently as March 17, 2017 he was interviewed concerning President Trump’s policies and did not seem to be demented.

I would recommend Don Horacio do a careful study of several works, starting with the one Miguel mentioned by Gary H. Kah. Also, Fire in the Minds of Men by James H. Billington, The Rockefeller File by Gary Allen and None Dare Call It Treason... Twenty Five Years Later by John Stormer. Dr. Dennis Cuddy has written several excellent books on the Power Elite, including The Power Elite, Conspiracy and the Globalists.
Another book that tells more of the inside of this power elite is the popular work, Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making by David Rothkopf.

And if that is not enough, I would suggest Anthony C. Sutton’s books, National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, and Wall Street and FDR. A close friend of mine worked for Anthony Sutton and said that he would never write anything unless he had full documentation.

Now that the Power Elite is in its ascendancy, all who truly care about individual liberty and preserving the founding principles of Western civilization (in particular, the founding principles of our republic) should read and study these works carefully. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has been described as the shadow government of the United States (a government within a government) and along with the Trilateral Commission and Bilderberger group, makes most of the major decisions in both foreign and domestic policy. The evidence is too extensive to ignore and the consequences could mean the end of individual liberty in the world.

Dr. Faria comments: I thank both Don Horacio and Dr. Blaylock for the lively and informative dialogue. I've replied to both of them separately already as posted here. I would only like to add to the references cited by Dr. Blaylock's reading suggestion an article I wrote that may serve as an introduction to the list.(Please note I wrote this article in 2001 but it explains the nature, power and influence of the CFR.): Cuba and the Council on Foreign Relations

Gentlemen's disagreeing on very minor points...

My Dear Doctors Blaylock and Faria:

...In the late 1970s these same conspiracies almost debilitated Christian fundamentalists and I rebuked these clandestine forces.  However, due to your two essays— which I respect—I again researched these secretive organizations and noticed that most of the writings were of that 40-year ago era: except for this self-styled guru, Steve Pieczenik, you quoted.  He might be a top-notch doctor, as the two of you are, but his addition of Ph.D. must have inflated his ego to the point of blowing his mind! I have found in dealing with lots of Ph.D.s that their degree does not equate with universal wisdom...

It was hard to stomach Pieczenik’s bio and his present diatribes on the internet. “Erudite” he is not. And such monstrous ego as to assume superiority above Trump and retired (not “Ex-“) Marine General Mattis is imbecilic. Both Trump and Mattis are better educated, accomplished, and successful than P’s second career as a bureaucrat. Furthermore, Pieczenik’s startling reference to a combat record in Vietnam is preposterous. Given a temporary specialist’s rank of Navy Captain (06) and assigned hospital duty does not a military expert make. What a fraud!  If Pieczenik is a believer, he should take to heart Proverbs 3:5-6.

Cases-in-point are Pieczenik’s errors: First, in his videos about North Korea, he is not even aware that the U.S and S. Korea are still in a 67-year State of War with N. Korea and China. It was only a “Cease Fire” that was signed July 27, 1953, not a Peace Treaty. Consequently, whatever North Korea does with its missiles is a violation and therefore the U.S and S.K. can respond defensively. Of course with the big MOAB (which Pieczenik writes was used in Vietnam is erroneous); smaller ones were, and a 15,000-lb one was used in the Gulf War)—but the one in Afghanistan was the 21,000-lb first of that size. It was The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb from Eglin Air Force Base. Furthermore, Pieczenik says the recent MOAB had an explosion radius of 1000 yards— WRONG! The explosion diameter was two miles! So much for his expertise.

As to Dr. Blaylock’s missive, yes, Soros is certainly a Power Elite, and an evil one at that. Brzezinski (who is hardly listened to anymore), chastised Trump with words that he should have used for Obama. Again, as one who is a academic-intellectual, thus removed from reality like so many, he is not worth anyone’s attention. Even Kissinger and Richard Haas, both of whose books I have read (not worth the time), are passe.  In short, it appears to me that Trump has reawakened Nationalism in this country and Europe, thus Brexit, and the crumbling of the EU, members eventually returning to their own nationalism. Globalism has not worked and many are confronting that situation, which has caught the so-called Power Elite off-balance and they are furiously trying to defeat everything Trump does, because he is not one of them—and is wise to them.

As to wars—they will be kept to minor raids and punishing attacks; no major country is going to go to war against another in a world-wide conflict. U.S. MOABs will take care of North Korea’s nukes—and massed forces if necessary—and China’s bases in the South China Sea (e.g., the Spratly Islands), or anywhere else.

Too, Syria got the chemical weapons from Saddam Hussein who unloaded them to Assad just prior to the U.S. invasion. If you recall, in 2007, the Israelis obliterated the Syrian nuclear plant before it was completed—and can repeat that in Iran along with the U.S. I respect both of you gentlemen…

Don Horacio (aka. Avery Chenoweth, Sr., USMCR Ret.)
Colonel Chenoweth served in the United States Marine Corps during the Korean War, and in the Reserves in Vietnam and the Gulf War, retiring as a Reserve colonel. He is an art historian and the author of several books.

Dear Colonel, As you know we agree on many things. And certainly with what you wrote below I can not disagree:

"As to Dr. Blaylock’s missive, yes, Soros is certainly a Power Elite and an evil one at that. Brzezinski (who is hardly listened to anymore), chastised Trump with words that he should have used for Obama. Again, as one who is a academic-intellectual, thus removed from reality like so many, he is not worth anyone’s attention. Even Kissinger and Richard Haas, both of whose books I have read (not worth the time), are passe.

"In short, it appears to me that Trump has reawakened Nationalism in this country  and Europe, thus Brexit, and the crumbling of the EU, members eventually returning to their own nationalism. Globalism has not worked and many are confronting that situation, which has caught the so-called Power Elite off-balance and they are furiously trying to defeat everything Trump does, because he is not one of them—and is wise to them."

And I doubt if Dr. Blaylock would disagree with much within those two paragraphs. These words underscore, I think, what both Dr. Blaylock has said on the topic in different words

As to Steve Pieczenik, I'm not one of his devotees either, but I tried to keep an open mind as to separate the wheat from the chaff. I'm not of a conspiratorial mindset, and yet, one must ask such questions as who leads and provides the intellectual ammunition to the globalists?

As I already mentioned I thought your articles in the Telegrpahs, like Dr. Blaylock's, represent valid and important points of views within the conservative spectrum. We are all behind Trump. Dr. Blaylock and I have our differences on the extent of the conspiracy, and if you search the website, you will find plenty of our debates on these and other topics.

I'm sending a copy of this with your missive to Dr. Blaylock, and please note we are conversing among friends.

Miguel A. Faria, M.D.

Dear Miguel, I have the highest respect for Colonel Chenoweth, not only for his military service in multiple wars, but also for his deep knowledge concerning the situation in North Korea and the South China sea. I was not aware that he had at one time studied the conspiracy works. I disagree with his assessment on this subject, but so be it. As for Pieczenik, my first impression when I first listened to him, was that he was a pompous blowhard and that may still be true, but he also has had a lot of experience around these bureaucrats and his assessment has been somewhat accurate. But as the Colonel says, he also makes a lot of statements that are somewhat off the mark. I didn't like that he admired Kissinger and FDR. 

And the Colonel is entirely correct that there was no peace treaty with North Korea and it has been an ongoing war of various degrees. And like the Colonel, I agree that the MOAB an handle most situations that might arise in both the Middle East, China and North Korea. My feeling has always been that China has way too much to lose in a military confrontation with the United States and Trump took advantage of the fact that China's economy is on the verge of crumbling. He most likely let them know they could either play nice and benefit from trade with the US or be belligerent and suffer not only a military humiliation but total economic collapse. This is evident in how quickly China rebuffed N. Korea. 

What I like about Trump is that he keeps his plans close to the vest and this drives the left crazy—especially the Fake News media. I always pray that the Lord will guide Trump in all that he does. 

Russell L. Blaylock, M.D., Theoretical Neuroscience Research, LLC. Associate Editor-in-Chief, Surgical Neurology International (SNI). He is an editor-at-large at haciendapub.com