The Unspoken Specter: Ignorance by Colonel Avery Chenoweth, Sr.

The Macon Telegraph
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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ignorance, not racism or other societal ills, is the real, strangely unaddressed underlying problem in today’s world.

Prevailing collective ignorance undermines truth, wisdom, and justice. It engenders envy of the successful, is the basis of poverty, bigotry, the thorn of vengeance, instigator of hate mongering; furthermore, coupled with crime, drugs, illegitimacy, illiteracy, lying, and wanton violence, it erodes society. En masse, it succumbs to the thought control of political correctness and panders to the false charisma of the inept and blindly elects the likes of a President Obama.

Universal ignorance

Of course, we are all ignorant to large degrees, especially in today’s world of the Internet, technology, and the mass of information that is beyond human comprehension. The mere collection of facts, however, does not equate with common sense, education, or wisdom, as the demise of the U.S. education system behind 22 other nations clearly affirms. Ignorance of our own history is allowing Big Government to turn the U.S. into a Peoples’ Socialist-Republic, as the Chinese and other dictatorships falsely term themselves. Asians here are outsmarting our younger generations and it will be a question as to who will be running the country decades from now.

Up until the mid-20th century ignorance was generally held in place. It was eschewed and the ignorant were not acknowledged by the communicators as they are today with the plethora of social-media outlets with no constraints. Ignorance is now equated with wisdom without challenge. All assertions gain credence, hence a dumbed-down populace that lacks the ability to discern and, therefore, is easily manipulated. History is revised, core values are discredited, and the trivia and ephemera of Twitter, Facebook, et al, prevail.

Many degrees of ignorance

Obviously, each person functions only in the realm of his own understanding, be that great or small. Few have ubiquitous, polymathic knowledge.

I learned early that one cannot deal with ignorance; you’ll lose every time (as this country has been doing for the last seven years). The ignorant lack the ability to judge or compete sensibly.

Ignorance cuts across all segments of society: the 80% who are followers and the 15% mid-level leaders: bureaucrats, priests, preachers, teachers, entertainers, writers, journalists, pundits, celebrities, politicians, unions, the military, and, even lawyers, doctors, and especially narrowly-focused PhDs. Most are one-dimensional; rightly obsessed with their own narrow endeavors to excel in whatever enterprise they are engaged. But, because of that, their wider opinions are often all the less credible.

It is not a corollary that learning necessarily begets wisdom; often the old saying that an ignorant fool is less dangerous than a learned one is very apt.

Locally, I praise most but take issue with some of the writers of the [Macon] Telegraph newspaper, both columnists and letter-writers. Those who blast Fox News display knee-jerk ignorance; even the esteemed Bill Cummings astounded me recently with his passing slur of Fox News and therewith lost my respect. Only the ignorant criticize but do not actually watch Fox News, which affords liberal-Democrats vast opportunities to put their feet in their mouths defending their ignorant arguments before being humiliated by facts.

I question, though, why only Conservatives seem to comprehend the greatness of our Constitutional System, our Free Enterprise, and understand that Business not Government is the engine of this once great country?

Could the answer be that liberals and democrats must be woefully ignorant or just plain stupid, or both?

Ignorance will affect the 2016 election

The ignorant Democrat electorate irreparably damaged the Nation by electing and re-electing Barack Obama. Now, augmented by the illegal immigrant influx and combined with their usual fraudulent votes, Democrat voters could elect Hillary Clinton in 2016. Hillary has absolutely no achievements or ability yet the ignorant sycophants will vote for her just because she is a woman, just like they voted for Obama just because he is black (mulatto).

Even the average Republican voter will ignorantly vote for the likes of Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, or Ted Cruz who have never run anything like a business or state. Ben Carson is a good doctor but by no means a leader. Only former governors have the requite experience to lead.

The eminently more qualified Republican than Democrat candidates are now deriding Donald Trump—mostly because he is an outstandingly successful businessman and not an empty-suited politician—and the kind of person who accomplishes things. Trump and Carly Fiorina together are the only team that could turn this country around and get it back on its economic, business-jobs, international, and upright feet again. That can only be done by overcoming ignorance on both sides of the aisle, which I doubt could happen.  

The effects of ignorance: Demise of the West

Words no longer have precise meanings, nor do laws that are publicly scoffed or egregiously avoided. Justice has become a farce (viz. the U.S. Justice Department, the Supreme Court, confiscatory local law enforcement); IRS statutory law that fills 70,000 pages, epidemic slander, “Racism” labeled against the White race when actually misbehaving Blacks are the worst racists, outrageous deportment in schools without discipline, flat-out lies from elected officials, perfidy rampant, Godliness lost to apostasy, and the once strongest world leader-nation now cowering under the very great existential danger from the Islamic world, a monstrously ignorant populace spreading worldwide without assimilating, setting up their own mosques and Sharia law wherever they go as alien squatters.

This latter threat could inevitably portend the demise of Western civilization. Muslims are reproducing at twice the birth rate of all free Judeo-Christian nations and predictions are that they will be the world’s majority before the end of this century. American and European nations are not replicating themselves at a rate to even stem their own demise.

By the 22nd century it is predicted that there will not be an America, Europe, or Israel, as we know them today. The benighted Muslim world will erase all of the knowledge, culture, and freedom that undergirds Western civilization. There will be no recovery from that. Monstrous evil “ignorance” will have won over the well-meaning but weak beneficent ignorance of Christian leadership—or a lack thereof.

The “Biblical End Time”?

Perhaps the “Time of the End” (of the Judeo-Christian era) is upon us as predicted in Daniel, Ezekiel, John’s Revelation, et al. They foresaw a future time when knowledge would increase (astoundingly) and would presage the final days of the era with, of course, the coming of the Messiah to preside over a New Millennium of Peace.

That sort of belief is hard to sustain in the world of the moment when we have just seen up close the three-and-a-half-billion miles away, dwarf-planet Pluto—without having passed any Pearly Gates or Golden Streets—or any groups of 72 virgins awaiting their ISIS martyrs along the way.

Any wonder why the churches and synagogues are becoming irrelevant?

Fortunately, their teachings sustained a frightening and benighted world for six millennia, or mankind very likely would not be where it is today. But, is Judeo-Christianity (my word) able to prevail against Muslim Jihadism? It doesn’t seem so at the moment. The only thing Islam has contributed to civilization is conflict, chaos, and catastrophe. Their Koran is the exact opposite of the wisdom, goodness, and love of the Jewish Tanakh and the Christian New Testament. (I’ve read the Koran twice and have studied the Bible deeply). And the estimated one hundred million Jihadist extremists in their monstrous ignorance are taught to kill the infidel—all non-believers. (Fortunately, my three excellent local Muslim doctors are not in this category.)


At the rate this country and Europe are down-sliding, our progeny will face a world dominated by Islam and China. Worse, the coming younger Muslim generations will be even more ignorant than the present—and we are fast headed the same way in the dumbed-down “Watter’s World” that this nation has become. This is a threat far greater than Nazism and Communism of the 20th century. Those were overt; this is covert and internal.

Western civilization might soon be relegated to revisionist history. There will be an “End of the Age” all right; if Iran gets a nuclear bomb, they might well fulfill that biblical prophecy.

Written by Colonel Avery Chenoweth, Sr.

Avery Chenoweth, Sr. is a three-war Marine Reserve colonel, a military historian, writer, artist, former TV advertising executive and TV-film director in NYC, and former general manager of two Christian television stations. He and his wife are retired in Perry, Georgia.

This article was originally published in the Macon Telegraph, August 9, 2015, and is reprinted with permission of Colonel Chenoweth. The Colonel opinions expressed in this commentary are his own views and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Hacienda Publishing.

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A sad commentary

It's as if the Colonel had been reading my mail. I've commented for 20 years both publicly and privately on the devolved state of public education. Though there are pockets of private and public successes, quality produced by quality (and conservative for the most part) teachers and institutions are few and within the public education, extremely rare. I believe it was somewhere around 1970 when the liberals overwhelmed logic and common sense in education. At the college level the tenure system has ensured the perpetuation of the liberal mindset and union and association ideology took its toll on the government school.

Fantastic minds have been nurtured to greatness in one-room school houses with "Tom, Dick and Jane" primers and memorized multiplication tables. Vaccines, transistors, and lunar landings were examples of the outcome these great minds and possibly a slide rule produced. For all of their political and societal faults, gender and race education segregation; multi-grade and overcrowded classrooms turned out some good product. "Why trade a first-rate system for anything less" you may ask? In the eyes of the liberal, that system was failing to produce the bleating herd necessary to populate a centrally controlled Utopia. However, using the liberal metric we are now well on our way to establishing that Utopia. A Utopia for cattle.

History has taught most conservatives that the socialist model doesn't work. The Socialist State doesn't endure without the application of constant force. The coercive state could not thrive while opposing the yearnings of human nature while Capitalism embraces them. There was once a time when American students were taught history and there was much less chance of repeating the tragedies of the USSR, China, Italy, DPRK, etc. Unfortunately history is not a current priority of "modern" US education and what is taught, neither are government or civics. What passes has been processed and reprocessed so as not to offend now resembling a politically correct fairy tale. "Watters' World," "Jay (Leno) Walking," and "(Hannity) Man in the Street," are arguably edited to promote an exaggerated finding but they are actually congruent with my real-life observations. A REAL conversation in current events or politics with a young person is refreshing and rare and a radical break from the post-graduate knowledge level that youth hold in pop-culture and personalities.

We are victims of our own success. Ingenuity, vast resources, Capitalist economy (as much as allowed,) liberty, and an industrious population has produced a nation so productive, so wealthy, that the luxury of laziness and social experimentation has been allowed to creep in. Just around the fringes at first, after all, the expenditure for experimentation was not a great burden. Now those experimental forays into abstract thinking have matured into to full size bureaucracies. Now those have metastasized and greater and greater numbers of "takers" are infecting the ranks of fewer and fewer "producers." Critically few who can no longer sustain the weight of folly. Trillions spent on "Great Society" programs have reduced the percentage of poor by near zero. Food stamps are received (and used in some way) by 45 million people and nearly $19 trillion in debt to attest to these and other wasteful outlays of the now uncontrollable Leviathan. The weight of financing the interest alone destined to overtake the budget of the military.

The US treasure was vast but not bottomless and the US culture is strong and alluring but can it sustain unchecked dilution and the implementation of feckless social theories? What elements now find the US alluring?

A declining nation

detcord, you are absolutely correct. Education, before the 1960s set in, educated and produced youngsters that once grown took us into space and traveled to the moon — with the slide rule as their greatest tool — and developed the internet. Today’s children have computers, cell phones, and play video games. Some cannot even carry on intelligible conversations, with boys hardly able to keep their pants up.

The youngsters who are truly educated are a treasure resulting disproportionately from private schools or home schooling. Charter schools in Georgia, like Georgia Cyber Academy, are one of the best things to happen to education in the state. I highly recommend it. It’s a shame that relatively few parents are taking advantage of this opportunity.

Future domination of America


Avery Chenoweth Sr., in the Sunday, Aug. 9, edition of The Telegraph, has written the most concise and chilling prediction of the future of the human race. And he is right — our greatest enemy is ignorance. The “Greatest Generation,” those who fought for our country during World War II, are dying and the next generations are not listening to the dangers that await us in the ignorance of Muslim fanatics who are silently infiltrating every area of our free society. He predicts that our world as we know it, will be dominated by Islam and China by the 22nd century.

The political leaders now in power seem to be contributing to the demise of the strongest world leader, our nation, that is now cowering under the very great existential danger from the Islamic world — an ignorant populace spreading worldwide without assimilating, setting up their own mosques and Sharia law as alien squatters.

In reading [Colonel] Chenoweth’s words, I have never been more terrified for our country, no, for our world, as we know it today.— Judy S. Veal Lawrence, Milledgville, Georgia

Letter from the Macon Telegraph, August 19, 2015

Public Ignorance is it contrived?

This was a heart felt article written with a degree of frustration that comes out quite loudly in the article--and I totally agree with his outrage. Colonel Chenoweth is entirely correct that ignorance of the public has led to our dilemma. Unfortunately, this widespread ignorance of the world is not a matter of unintended erosion of education, but rather a result of a deliberate policy by elitist who wish to rule society. The widespread use of communications technology has played a major role as it diverts their attention from concentrating and thinking deeply about important issues. This technology has created a generation of young people who multitask and cannot focus their attention with any detail for an extended length of time. This makes it difficult to discuss issues in depth with them or allow them to read scholarly books. Everything is in sound bites and what I refer to as "bumpersticker quips". They waste their time blabbering on social media, cell phones and being obsessed with sports.

I do not support Colonel Chenoweth's faith in Donald Trump, as I believe he is a self-centered. arrogant blowhard who is only interested in his own position in the world of economic and business. I am glad that he has forced several important issues to the forefront and shown and hopefully made the professional politician realize that the public is sick and tired of the politically correct campaigns we have seen for the past 30 years. Rand Paul has a much deeper understanding of the world but I fear he may not have the backbone that is needed. Ted Cruz appears to be made of sterner stuff, but only time will tell. Scott Walker may be the better man as he has withstood one of the greatest battles in modern political history. It is difficult to discern the heart of a political person--deviance and deception has become a major part of such endeavors.

I have two other concerns with the paper. One is that in modern times it is fashionable among conservatives to believe that the central issue facing our country is "business" and the economy. While important, it is a far second to the moral crisis that faces our country and the world. Capitalism without a Judeo-Christian moral foundation will degenerate into a monstrous system of what has been labeled "crony capitalism —that is, cheating, lying, deception and even dealing in illicit marketing. Von Mises stated as much and eventually Hayek did as well. Mises pointed out that a businessman who enters government is no longer a businessman, but becomes a bureaucrat.

The second concern I had, was with his statement about the telescopes not seeing the Pearly Gates or Golden Streets, etc. I pray that he is not denying the existence of Heaven based on such flimsy silliness. Heaven could exist in another dimension and not be seen by any earthly device.

The good Colonel is to be praised and honored for his service to this country and his continuing concern for the fate of our country. The other items in his paper I totally agree with.

Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

Crony capitalism

Much has been written lately about crony capitalism and not enough about the persistent growth of collectivism (and the specter of socialism that refuses to die), despite the collapse of the Soviet Empire in 1991. In my view Crony capitalism comes in two forms: (1) Corporativism —i.e., modern economic fascism, the unholy, corrupting partnerships of private and public interests acting for the benefit of each other, rather than the public; and (2) the corruption of the free enterprise system. But this corruption is due to the fallibility of men, free will, and its intrinsic human weaknesses. Individual foible, envy and greed with the resultant violating of the rules of fair play, operating in uneven playing fields is even worse when the government enters the equation. There might have been a lot of crony capitalism in the United States after the Civil War and Reconstruction in the late 19th century (especially if judged by the historic novels of Gore Vidal!), but that corruption, at least in the United States, did not result in tyranny. In fact the nation prospered and became a world power. Fair play and absolute equality of opportunity are worthwhile goals but we should not be too harsh on the nation that has done the most good in the world since the turn of the 20th century. As long as man is a fallible being, there will be a number of “isms” not at all flattering to the human race —e.g., cronyism, nepotism, egoism, but the worse excesses will be those involving the negation of freedom to entire populations, "isms" enforced by governments’ using their monopoly of force to subjugate the individual and turn him into a slave: fascism, communism, socialism, as have been well pointed about all forms of collectivism in the cyber pages of this website.