Trump, the Pope, and Immigration

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Friday, July 29, 2016

My mother and I recently had a difference of opinion regarding Pope Francis. I said that he was naive and certainly not of the caliber of his two previous distinguished predecessors, the two towers of intellect: John Paul II, canonized as Saint John Paul the Great by his brilliant successor, Benedict XVI. She said Pope Francis knew what he was doing and by his words and action is a communist. He has brought about the friendship between President Obama and a dictator, who along with his more majestic brother, has held the Cuban people captive for over half a century. Pope Francis has done his best to preserve the communist dictatorship presently and for the foreseeable future in Cuba, and seems to have succeeded; never mind the continued political repression and misery of the Cuban people. Which one of us is right? Probably my mother who has experienced the tribulations of both religion and politics longer than I have.

Donald J. TrumpAnd so as we approach the 2016 American presidential election, we have at the head of the Catholic Church a political Pope Francis, who said about Trump (photo, left): “A person who thinks only about building walls and not bridges is not Christian.” With that sally into politics and effusive religious condemnation, the pope has not only shown a lack of statesmanship and judgment, but has also violated his own maxim pronounced a few months ago, when in reference to homosexuality, he rhetorically asked, “Who am I to judge?” This new impertinence and poor judgment, for which Pope Francis later apologized, clearly reaffirms the wisdom in the denial of Papal Infallibility — at least with certain popes relatively deficient in intellect and more interested in media headlines and celebrity status than in being a worthy successor to the Rock of the Church and the Vicar of Christ. 

And it isn’t that I wholeheartedly support Donald Trump on his idea of building a wall along the Rio Grande, I don’t. Something needs to be done about illegal immigration, but I have reservations about the idea of building a wall along the southern border, an idea discordant with America’s legacy and message of freedom. The Berlin Wall was a totalitarian idea hatched by the communists to keep people in, but it eventually came tumbling down along with communism. Oh yes, I support Trump for president, despite his sometimes insensitive, sometimes bombastic statements. Trump will certainly make a much better president than corrupt and power-hungry Hillary Clinton, who in case of victory will have a determined and authoritarian socialist party behind her. Trump will have problems bringing about and accomplishing certain tasks, such as constructing a wall across the border and having Mexico pay for it. 

Controlled legal Immigration Hispanics workingfrom Latin America is needed for two reasons. One reason is tactical: Mexicans and other Hispanics are doing menial labor such as agricultural, industrial, and construction work no one else will do in America, no matter how much this fact is denied. One only needs to look, when driving around, at who is working in the fields harvesting crops, on road construction, landscaping, etc. Why are Mexicans and other Latin-Americans virtually alone doing this type of work? Because many Americans, infected with the germ of socialism, prefer idleness and welfare, and even malingering to avoid work, preferring to live at the expense of others. It is a worldwide problem but it is most acutely observed paradoxically in those countries that have enjoyed freedom the longest but in which creeping socialism has grown to kudzu proportions, such as in the social democracies of Europe and the United States. So it’s that some Americans, unlike many immigrants, do not avail themselves of the opportunity of realizing the American dream. Immigrants want to get in the U.S.; emigrants from the communist bloc during the cold war wanted to get out. 

Hispanics doing construction workThe second reason to allow legal immigration, at least from Latin America, is strategic: Latin-Americans south of the border, are our Hispanic neighbors, and we need them because Western civilization, of which the United States is the culmination, is dying from lack of cultural pride and the under-reported, catastrophic rapidly declining population rate in Western countries, including the United States. In fact, unless the West stops its cultural suicide and increases procreation, by the end of this century, if not sooner, the Western way of life will be transformed and supplanted by a population explosion on the part of Arabic and other Moslem people. Islam is overwhelming the globe politically, ethnographically, and culturally. Unless the West awakens to this threat, our children and grandchildren will be living in the not-too-distant future under oppressive Islamic theocracies, subject to draconian Sharia law, rather than growing up in liberty protected by the Natural Rights enshrined in the American Constitution.

Those who have an unwarranted pathological fear of Catholicism, should remember how intrasigence of (and the bickering beween) Byzantine Greek Orthodoxy and Latin Roman Catholicism contributed to the isolation of Byzantium and the cataclysmic fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks in 1453. Moreover, Catholicism is already the largest Christian denomination in the U.S., and throughout the world, from the European Mediterranean countries and the U.S. to Latin America and the Philippines. Like it or not, if America and the West are to survive the culture wars and the invasion, Roman Catholicism, and not watered down Protestantism, will be the last stand of the West against militant Islam.

We assume that because religion (and ethics) in our Western culture has declined and is not as influential as it once was, that the same holds true for other religions. Not so for Islam. The fact is that Moslems are more loyal to Islam than Westerners are to Christianity. Islam occupies a center position in the life of its adherents, a central position that Christianity no longer occupies in the lives of most Europeans and Americans. There is no separation of “mosques and state” in Islam. Therefore, I can understand why Trump wants to limit Islamic immigration at the present time, and former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, proposed that Moslems should be “tested to see if they believe in Sharia law and deport those who do.”

And while most politicians blather away, the media prevaricate, the politically-correct cites multiculturalism and diversity, and those informed and concerned get ridiculed — the future of Western civilization hangs in the balance. 

Written by Dr. Miguel Faria

Miguel A. Faria, M.D. is a retired neurosurgeon and author of “Cuba in Revolution Escape from a Lost Paradise” (2002). His website is

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The Beauty & the Wall!

CeutaWho says a border fence has to be ugly? Here’s the border fence between Ceuta (a Spanish enclave) and Morocco. The fence keeps potential Arab terrorists from entering Spain and from there to the rest of Europe.

Besides the need for such a wall, the wall itself can be a source of architectural beauty. As you can see the photos reveal a scenic sight, especially at night when lit up!Ceuta at night

So let’s go ahead and build a fence like this between the U.S. and Mexico. Perhaps someone can send our President-Elect these photos! Hint. Hint.

Hamas deception and World Vision!

Rolando: You will find this interesting:

Hamas Diverts Millions From U.S.-Based NGO To Finance Terrorist Capabilities by IPT News — The investigative project in terrorism, Aug 4, 2016

Hamas diverted "tens of millions of dollars" from World Vision, a U.S.-based Christian charity, to rebuild its terrorist infrastructure, Israel's Shin Bet domestic security said Thursday. The terrorist group reportedly siphoned 60 percent of the charity's resources in Gaza to reconstruct Hamas' tunnel network and military installations, in addition to purchasing weapons intended to kill Israelis. This amount translated to roughly $7.2 million each year. Israeli security personnel arrested World Vision Gaza operations manager Muhammad Halabi on June 15. On Thursday, Halabi, also an alleged Hamas operative, was indicted on several charges related to the case.

The investigation revealed that Halabi was recruited to infiltrate World Vision in 2005 for the purposes of stealing funds to help Hamas. The alleged scheme exemplifies "the cynical and crude way in which Hamas takes advantage of funds and resources from international humanitarian aid organizations," a Shin Bet statement said.

World Vision defended Halabi and denied the accusations. As of one of the largest humanitarian and charitable organizations worldwide, World Vision receives most of its support from the United Nations and Western governments.
Millions of dollars were intended to help in civilian reconstruction efforts for Gaza's population, including building greenhouses, enhancing agricultural projects, helping fishermen, and promoting mental and physical health initiatives. Instead "these [funds] were all used as a pipeline to transfer money to Hamas," Shin Bet said…

MAF: Very interesting but not surprising in the annals of deception. The Soviets used front organizations with deceiving and eerily similar benign-sounding names, such as the Institute of Pacific Relations, Lawyers' Guild, and the most deceptive of all, the ecumenical — except for the sole exception of the Roman Catholic Church that was not a member — World Council of Churches used mainly for influencing policy, espionage, disinformation, and recruitment. Now Islamic radicals used the same technique for mayhem and terrorism!
Jose: Obviously with a President who is 1) a closet Moslem 2) a demagogue, 3) a socialist — and all of what he has and is doing, is destructive of the American System. As I told Rolando this election is a Struggle of Life or Death for the Socialists behind the Democratic organization. They have come to the final solution point of world wide domination and Communism. Winning the USA election will be the path to the final destruction of the Democratic American System. The public has been brain washed in the school systems that have indoctrinated the young with the Socialist doctrine, and the proper corrupt officials are in place to make this happen. Economic Chaos has been sown worldwide, and the US has been spent into bankruptcy, so that the government will fail. It will be in a difficult bargaining position at the final solution, and the US will surrender its principles to a Collectivist World government that will be for climate change to control all of industry, total healthcare to control all the people, centralized government to control guns and take them from the public, commerce and distribution of goods from a central source. It will aim to “stamp out poverty,” by making all people equally poor and dependent on the government from the beginning to the end of their lives, and develop a multinational standing army to enforce all of these global plans similar to the old KGB.

There are problems with this system, however, and that is the problems collectivism and Communism — Goods will not be produced by non-incentivized workers and will be of poor quality, distribution as always will be uneven, directed toward the controlling elite, and the rich who does not play by the rule will be eliminated, charged with false crimes, and a Russian state will prevail but only for a time, and its collapse will eventually come with a worldwide revolution. Not too pretty but connecting the dots gets you to that position.