Trump conspiracy theories by David C. Stolinsky, MD

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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sometimes politics becomes boring, even for a political junkie like me. Sometimes an election season exceeding a year is just too long, even for so crucial an election. Sometimes the mind wanders, seeking something more exciting though not more important. Sometimes we wonder whether important things are being hidden in plain sight.

Donald Trump as a Clinton double agent

Suppose you were a brilliant politician. Suppose you had a devious, even Machiavellian mind. Suppose you were seeking a second eight-year sojourn in the White House. Suppose you felt you were cheated out of it in 2008 by an upstart named Trump Conspiracy TheoriesBarack Obama. Suppose you didn’t intend to let that happen again. Suppose you had a golfing buddy named Donald Trump. Suppose your name was William Jefferson Clinton.

Is it beyond the realm of the possible that Bill contacted his friend Donald — in strict secrecy, of course? Is it inconceivable that he said something like this?

Don, here’s the deal. You run for the Republican nomination for president. You barge into their little clique of pre-approved candidates like a bowling ball into a neat array of pins. You call them names, you yell and shout, you generally raise hell. You cause such havoc that the Republicans won’t know what hit them. They’ll spend so much energy and money fighting you that they’ll have none left to fight Hillary, so she strolls into the Oval Office — hand-in-hand with me, of course. And then, when we’re back in power where we belong, we’ll send so much business your way that you won’t be able to handle it all. How’s that sound?

But then, is it just possible that Trump enjoyed the limelight so keenly, and gloried in the adulation so eagerly, that he thought, “To hell with the Clintons — they’re old news. I really love the prospect of being the most powerful man on earth”? So Trump ran all-out and got the nomination for himself, rather than dropping back and allowing a sure loser like Jeb Bush to take it.

After all, double agents are notoriously unreliable. They have a known tendency to identify with the very people they are sent to spy upon. As brilliant as Bill Clinton may be, perhaps he didn’t foresee this happening, any more than he foresaw the 2008 nomination being stolen from Hillary by Obama, who — in Bill’s words — was carrying their bags a few years earlier.

In short, is it possible that Trump is a Clinton double agent who “turned”? But as I said, it’s just a theory.

Conservative pundits as Clinton double agents

Have you been reading conservative magazines like Weekly Standard, Commentary, and National Review? Have you been listening to conservative commentators like Charles Krauthammer, Thomas Sowell, Michael Medved, Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, Jonah Goldberg, Bill Kristol, and Dennis Prager? Have you been listening to more-or-less conservative commentators like Glenn Beck?

If so, you have been treated to a continuous stream of anti-Trump invective. Granted, much of the criticism was deserved. Trump has shifted his positions on many key issues such as abortion, taxation, and foreign policy. Trump often has gone over the top in his language. Trump often has Trump Conspiracy Theoriespresented the image of an entertainer rather than a serious leader of a great nation. Trump has failed to enunciate a clear understanding of conservative — that is, Judeo-Christian and American — values.

All this is true. All this has justified criticism, even harsh criticism, during the campaign for the Republican nomination. But now that Trump has the nomination virtually assured, much of the harsh criticism still continues. Why? Some of the critics may be trying to pressure Trump into firming up a more conservative agenda. But other critics are saying, in essence or explicitly, “Never Trump!”

These critics may see themselves as conservative spokespersons. But in this case, they are in fact double agents working for Hillary. For almost eight years, they have been bemoaning the leftward drift of America. And now, all they can think to do is to further that leftward drift for another four or eight years.

A similar thing happened in 2012. But in contrast, then the establishment conservatives — Krauthammer et al. — were strong in their support for Mitt Romney. It was the paleo-conservatives and the anti-Mormons who opposed Romney, even after he was nominated. They went so far as to kick off their websites anyone who was insufficiently rabid in his criticism of Romney. I know — it happened to me. So as a result, many conservatives stayed home on Election Day, and Obama won a second term.

If we are not careful, this will happen again in 2016. Now the paleo-conservatives and blue-collar workers will vote for Trump, while many of the establishment Republicans may stay home. But the result will be the same: The Republican candidate will be deprived of crucially needed votes, and we will be treated to Obama’s third term.

There is an old saying that the best is the enemy of the good. Some conservatives seem to be searching for the ideal conservative, who exists only in their imaginations. We do not live in an imaginary world, which is perfect. We live in this world, with its many imperfections. We do not have the luxury of voting for the ideal candidate. And even if we did, he or she would want ideal supporters, which surely leaves me out.

As things stand, we are faced with the choice of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. With Trump we aren’t sure of what we are getting. Will he stick with his current conservative opinions, or will he revert to his previous liberal views? Will he have the steadiness to pursue his agenda, or will he vacillate and wander off course? Will he settle down with a presidential demeanor, or will he continue to be a showman? Will he have the strength to act tough, or merely talk tough? We just don’t know.

But with Hillary, we do know what we will be getting — the third, and perhaps the fourth, term of Obama:

● One or more Supreme Court appointees, to shift the balance of the Court leftward for a generation — and all the irrevocable rulings that will result.

● The dismantling of the coal industry, with concomitant rise in electricity prices.

● The deletion of the Second Amendment, and the weakening of the First.

● Statehood for the District of Columbia, with two sure Democratic senators shifting the balance of the Senate, perhaps permanently.

● More regulations controlling every aspect of daily life — added to current regulations mandating light bulbs that are expensive and give poor light, low-flow toilets that barely flushshower heads that barely dribble, and detergents that barely clean. And we still call ourselves free?

● More uncontrolled immigration, which provides cheap labor for the “elites” but harms the working class — not to mention infiltration of terrorists and drug runners.

● More dangerous foreign policy blunders, like the “reset” with Russia and the descent of Libya into chaos.

● The further weakening of our military, with departure of thousands of officers and senior noncommissioned officers who will refuse to serve under Hillary.

● More lies like, “We didn’t lose a single person in Libya.” No, we lost four, including our ambassador. Telling lies is bad enough. Telling lies that everyone knows are lies is even worse. It reduces citizens to the level of subjects of an oppressive regime, who must pretend to believe what they know is untrue. The object is not just to spread untruth; it is also to warn people that even their minds are government property.

To me, all that would be far worse that the uncertain conservatism of Trump. Why can’t Trump’s conservative critics see this? They may be sincere in their continuing opposition to him, but in effect they are double agents for the Clintons. And this isn’t just another conspiracy theory — it is an undeniable fact.

We have to play the cards we were dealt. We can’t just fold and wait to be dealt a royal flush, while our opponents rake in the chips. The pot is far too big. The pot is our country’s future.

Written by David C. Stolinsky, MD

Dr. Stolinsky is a retired medical oncologist and co-author of Firearms: A Handbook for Health Professionals, published by The Claremont Institute. For other articles written by Dr. Stolinsky, check out our search feature on this website.

This article was originally published on, May 25, 2016, and the photo used to illustrate this article appeared in the original article posted on Copyright ©2016

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Trump or Nobody?

I have never had much faith in the conspiracy theories that abound, since my life’s experience has taught me that even the simplest things can and will go wrong. The thought that Hilary and Trump could work together for the same goal is comedic, considering the size of these two egos.

No, the real question is why would a conservative vote for Trump? First, there is the “lesser of two evils” with Hilary and Trump. This is the only valid argument that could drive me to vote for Trump. She has proven untrustworthy, an abject liar concerning the YouTube video that she—along with Obama and UN Susan Rice—blamed for the attack on 9/11/2012 while telling Chelsea and the Egyptian Prime Minister the video was not the cause for the “demonstration.”

The date, coordinated attack with RPGs, automatic weapons, and grenades all were supposed to be because of a YouTube video seen in the desert and which Americans had much trouble locating. Then came the House hearings and we learned that Clinton sent an email within 24 hours admitting to the Egyptian Prime Minister what could not be admitted to the American people even 5 days later: that it was NOT a video that caused it. Clinton claimed she never saw one of the over 600 requests for more security within less than a year from the 9/11/2012 attack. Then we learn in the House hearings that there were over 100 emails discussing security with her beloved Sidney Blumenthal in Benghazi. Then there were the 22 Top Secret Emails that Clinton sent over her unsecured server, which she had no permission to use. Then there is the State Dept IG report stating Clinton broke the law concerning record keeping. Clinton should have printed and saved all her emails from her time as secretary of state and handed over all work-related emails when she stepped down. "Because she did not do so, she did not comply with the Department's policies that were implemented in accordance with the Federal Records Act," the report finds, per Politico.

Yes, Clinton has experience in government: bad experience. However, Trump is not a conservative, fiscally or socially. He was for abortion before he was against it, he has for the “assault weapon” ban, he is still for—as of the second debate—single payer health insurance (government ownership of all health insurance companies which is a socialist position like Sanders), and he has financially supported more liberal Democrats than conservative Republicans.

Trump does not appear motivated at all from ideological point of view, nor convincingly from a moral one either. Would a vote for Trump equal a vote for a cessation of representation for social and fiscal conservatives, although in the case of the latter many Republicans have been all too complicit in the US debt, now 19 trillion and rising? Are the attacks upon fellow Republicans, some of whom are the real conservative that he is not like Senator Cruz, forgivable? Trump attacks were very personal and of the 4th grade level. Questioning McCain’s 5 years as a POW from a man who never served one year in the US military is inexcusable. Then came the National Enquirer stories overseen by David Pecker, the avid Trump supporter, attacking whoever the primary Trump opponent was at the time. Ben Carson left a sponge in a patient’s head and wielded a scalpel like a hatchet. Fiorino’s daughter OD’d on drugs. Cruz had 5 mistresses. Naturally, none could be produced.

Then came the National Enquirer front page story linking Rafael Cruz to Oswald and the JFK assassination. I listened to Rafael Cruz speak in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was imprisoned by Communist Cubans. Oswald was an actual communist, who had traveled to the USSR and shot JFK. Rather than refute this absurd story, as the rest of liberal media did like CNN, USA Today, etc; Trump states: Cruz’s father “was with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to Oswald’s being — you know, shot.” Then Trump claims during a phone interview with Fox News. “What is this, right prior to his being shot, and nobody even brings it up. They don't even talk about that. That was reported, and nobody talks about it.”
Sadly, there are those who believe this nonsense. A good friend of mine who supports Trump told me “but there is a picture of it.” To which I replied: “There are pictures of a statue of Elvis on Mars. Do you believe that too?”

Trump will say and do anything to get his way, I am convinced. He has insulted Sen Cruz, who has actually fought in the senate with the liberal Republicans, while Trump—who has never one time fought for any conservative cause in office-- has actively supported Democrats like Hilary. He cannot be trusted. Nor do I believe that he will listen to anyone with knowledge of issues, of which Trump clearly has no grasp.

Clinton has also said the US Supreme Court “got it wrong” on the individual right to bear arms, as stated in the 2nd Amendment, and just last week refused to answer whether this is a constitutional right by her old pal Stephanopoulos. Meanwhile Muslim terrorists murder us and Obama and his leftists fret and threaten us over allowing men in women’s restroom. Maybe self-preservation regarding the right to protect ourselves against the Muslim terrorists could be the tipping point for reluctant conservatives like myself.

We have to rally behind Trump!

Hi Koba!

Informative comment as always and I agree with much of it. Great to read your take on this!

Trump is an unknown ideological quantity, but Hillary is a well-known authoritarian, fascist variety, and they are our only choices.

Trump has already done an excellent service to this country— and that is, that he has challenged political correctness and championed freedom of speech. We have to rally behind Trump not only as the definite lesser of two evils, but also for the potential to do good after he is placed with responsibility at the driver’s seat.

Consider the Supreme Court nominations. Hillary has a leviathan chance of completing the destruction of this nation, with the potential nomination and confirmation one, two, or three Supreme Court Justices, including Barack Obama and worse — imagine that scenario! Ditto for judges. Consider the potential damage to the Second Amendment, freedom of speech, and other civil liberties.

You may want to read further comments about Trump pro and con in the comments and the critique of Hollywood in the articles below:

Trump attack on fellow Republicans was deplorable and the damage to the GOP I hope is temporary; but for our survival, as you have intimated against Islamic terrorism, as well as in the preservation of freedom is vital we support and rally behind Donald Trump!

Thanks for your post, Koba, and welcome back!