Random thoughts on the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States by James I. Ausman, MD, PhD

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Trump called Alex Jones to thank him and his listeners for their support. It looks like the Counter Coup worked. But there has been no release of Hillary’s health record that I was expecting the weekend before the election.

I think all Americans are seeing for the first time the behavior of the Left, the Democrat Party, the Establishment, and the Media. They still do not understand why Trump was elected. It is total denial. Even Hillary and her crew are blaming FBI Director James Comey rather than themselves for the arrogance and incompetence, which was the real message of Wikileaks. Even Hillary still thinks she was not guilty of any crime from the substandard FBI investigation. Intent is not a requirement in her transgressions. Just having an unprotected government connected server in her home is enough to garner a felony charge. Obama lied (again) in saying he did not know about the server in her home until Wikileaks disclosed it, even though he apparently used that e-mail to contact her before he said that he knew about it. So, no doubt in the destroyed e-mails, Obama is also implicated. My guess is that Obama will pardon Clinton and her whole team, including himself!

There is some perplexity with the presidential power to grant immunity in certain situations but, in fact, Hillary and accomplices can be pardoned by the President, even though they have not been charged with the commission of a crime. Rudy Guiliani stated that Hillary and her cronies could be pardoned and that Obama could pardon himself, and those decisions are irrefutable. They are the prerogative of a President, according to Guiliani, himself a lawyer and former prosecutor. What do you think the result of that action will be in the public's eyes?

Note that on December 3-4, Italy will vote on the reelection of its Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, who supports Italy’s membership in the EU. However, the sentiment, according to reports, is that the Italians are 55% against his reelection, primarily from the 5 Star Movement (M5S) Party. That party, if it wins, will vote to pull Italy out of the EU and to go back to the Lira. Other countries are similarly unhappy with membership in the EU — for example Austria, Spain, Hungary, and France. If more countries follow the path of the United Kingdom, the EU will be destroyed, and the Euro will fail as will the banks which supported those countries and others. Asians banks and USA banks all support the lending, particularly from Deutsche Bank in Germany, which is basically in default. So, watch to see what happens. Those events can affect the USA.

Another huge factor in the countries leaving the EU is that the EU is forcing them to take a number of immigrants which they do not want to take. Hungary is one of those countries. So, the immigration problem is also a major factor in their leaving. What we are seeing in the Middle East and now Europe is a breaking up of artificial boundaries drawn up after WWI and WWII and the return to the ethnic tribal states of former times. This trend is Nationalism, the reverse of the Globalism militated by the New World Order (NWO) of the internationalists. Nationalism is also what Trump is asserting. I believe that Great Britain is experiencing the same with Ireland. The same trend is happening with Catalonia in Spain. It has already happened in Russia with Georgia and the Ukraine. This trend represents another form of the people wanting self-rule rather than succumbing to the NWO. Although not much is being written about this trend, it is happening before our eyes.
We are witnessing a revolution worldwide as I wrote some years ago in SNI starting with the Arab Spring. We just had a revolution of the same sorts in the USA with the election of Donald Trump in association with the preservation of GOP control in the House and Senate, as well as gubernatorial races. This is a grassroots movement of the people against the establishment. This revolution may be unstoppable by the usual politics or machinations of the NWO internationalists.

Written by Dr. Jim Ausman

James I. Ausman, MD, PhDJames I. Ausman, MD, PhD, is Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Southern California in Los angeles (UCLA); Editor-in-Chief of Surgical Neurology International (SNI); President, Future Healthcare Strategies; Chairman of the Board, The Waymaster Corporation Productions' and Creator, Executive Producer, THE LEADING GEN® TV Series; and Contributor and Editor at Large, HaciendaPublishing.com. Dr. Ausman travels to all parts of the world teaching and lecturing.

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Another blow to the EU: Matteo Renzi falls in Italy!

It seems your crystal ball was once again correct, Jim:

Europe: Italy prime minister resigns after losing constitutional reform vote, A/P, Fox News, December 5, 2016
ROME –  Italian voters dealt Premier Matteo Renzi a stinging defeat on his reforms referendum, triggering his resignation announcement and galvanizing the populist, opposition 5-Star Movement's determination to gain national power soon.

"I lost, and the post that gets eliminated is mine," Renzi said early Monday about an hour after the polls closed. "The government's experience is over, and in the afternoon I'll go to the Quirinal Hill to hand in my resignation" to President Sergio Mattarella.

Besides the "anti-establishment" 5-Stars, the outcome energized another "anti" party, the anti-immigrant Northern League, an ally of French far-right leader Marine Le Pen, a candidate in France's presidential race...

Matteo Renzi resignation: Italy PM meets president after defeat
BBC, December 5, 2016

Outgoing Italian PM Matteo Renzi has met the country's president following a heavy defeat in a constitutional referendum on Sunday. Mr Renzi, who resigned after the vote, and President Sergio Mattarella will be anxious to ease fears of instability and a deeper crisis for Italy's troubled banking sector. President Mattarella must either appoint a new PM or trigger elections.

It was a resounding victory for the No camp, a medley of populist parties headed by the Five Star Movement, which capitalised on Mr Renzi's declining popularity, years of economic stagnation, and the problems caused by tens of thousands of migrants arriving in Italy from Africa.

Five Star says it is getting ready to govern Italy. Its leader Beppe Grillo said an election should be called "within a week."

... The result is being seen as a blow to the EU, although there is no question of Italy following the UK out of the door. Both Five Star and the Northern League are opposed to the eurozone but not to membership of the EU itself…The leader of the far-right Front National in France, Marine Le Pen, tweeted: "The Italians have disavowed the EU and Renzi. We must listen to this thirst for freedom of nations."

What will it do to the economy? Markets seemed to have taken Mr Renzi's departure in their stride. [Despite an early fall in Stocks and the Euro] there were no signs of panic, as the possibility of his resignation had already been factored in...

Cashless society & digital economy, threats to freedom!

I have been doing a lot of reading on world economics, and I am very convinced that Rolando’s concept on the NWO, or the “Deep State" that controls what is happening is already operational, working effectively more than ever for the NWO. The effects can not be missed by savvy and vigilant citizens. One main goal of the Deep State is to construct a cashless society, which essentially is a digital economy. There is immense pressure to implement this collectivist and authoritarian concept. The spin will be that it makes sense and is easier for everyone to function in a cashless society. But the the real reason, people control, will be hidden. A cashless society puts all the money in the world under government control so that the Deep State will know the finances and means of all citizens and be capable of using this knowledge and power to control them. There will be a digital file on everyone. The installation in Utah of huge data banks are for that purpose, although we are not being told the whole story. In a digital economy, the State can make all debts disappear or push them farther in the future. This would also avoid runs on the banks which are a serious threat to financial markets. Taxes can be levied by the government at will on whom they want. Economic cycles and Recessions will be avoided, and money can then be steadily redistributed for political control. It goes without saying that since all transactions will be digital, paper money will disappear. Cash and financial freedom will be obsolete. A controlled economy in a cashless society is the perfect answer to the world's unpredictable, dire economic problems.

Already countries in Europe are limiting cash transactions, and India is actively phasing out cash. They are going fully digital. The simple question to ask is, “Who does this new system benefits?” The answer is obvious: “The Deep State,” which finally achieves control over each individual and all the money. Despite the recent U.S. Presidential election, the “Deep State” is not going to give up its power easily. It was fully behind the Clinton campaign. The recent purported implication of Russia in the corruption of the U.S. election process is nonsense. This is an excuse of the Democrat Party and Obama to avoid taking the blame for their failure. Obama sees his legacy being destroyed. His recent blame of not being informed about the plans of ISIS, when the day before he lauded his victories in the Middle East, is an example of his desperation to build up a legacy. One thing that Putin did not want is Trump to deal with rather than Hillary. Trump was a surprise to most, but the Deep State will be working hard to try to mould him the way they want. He already has a number of Wall Street and Deep State people in his proposed Cabinet. From his rhetoric during the campaign, I am sure that he and his advisors are aware of the mechanics of the Deep State. Alex Jones alluded to this awareness last week...---Jose