The movies aren’t dying, Hollywood is killing them by David C. Stolinsky, MD

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Even here in Los Angeles, the movie capital, many theaters have closed, and the remaining ones are over half empty. A few films still take in many millions of dollars, at least inflated dollars, but the movie business is in decline. Why?Half empty movie theater

People have many more entertainment choices than they did in the past. There are hundreds of TV channels, music videos, video games, and the Internet. Many people watch DVDs at home, so the empty theaters may be deceptive. Despite these explanations, it’s clear that movies play a much smaller role in the lives of people today than they did in former years. But it’s equally clear that the movie makers themselves are at least partly responsible.

Aiming movies at young people

Most moviegoers are young. Understandably, movie moguls aim films at this audience. But this raises two questions. The first is the chicken-egg problem. If you make films for young people, mainly young people will see them. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The second question is deeper. Film makers try to please young people, but how? When I was young, I was called an adolescent. This term denotes someone becoming an adult, just as obsolescent denotes something becoming obsolete. Today kids are called teenagers, which describes what they are, but says nothing about what we expect them to become.

We see middle-aged “boys” walking through the mall wearing shorts, baseball caps on backward, and T-shirts with juvenile or even obscene lettering. And we see middle-aged “girls” with see-through tops, tattoos, and navel rings. Only weeds grow spontaneously. Boys and girls must be taught how to become men and women.

● In my day, the teaching was done by parents, who knew their job was to be parents, not friends to their kids. But now, middle-aged parents try to dress and act as young as their kids. They run around with revealing clothes, tattoos, and body piercing. How can they be role models of manhood and womanhood if they are immature?

● In my day, the teaching was done by teachers, who were addressed as Miss, Mrs., or Mr. They dressed and acted as adults. But now, many teachers dress sloppily and try to act “cool,” instead of modeling adult behavior and ethical values for their students. Students address them by their first names, as if they were fellow students.

● In my day, the teaching was done by Scoutmasters and ROTC instructors. But now, both are being kicked out of schools. Now, schools teach “nonviolence.” Defense of self, family, and nation are no longer considered noble — or even acceptable. Boys no longer have master sergeants with combat ribbons as role models. This is called “progress.”

● In my day, the teaching was done by movies. I watched Gary Cooper and John Wayne, and learned what it meant to be a man. But now, Hollywood panders to middle-school tastes. Instead of adult role models to inspire them, kids now see adults acting childishly to amuse them. The problem is not that Hollywood tries to attract a young audience — the problem is how Hollywood does it.

America-hating movies

I used to keep a list of films that depict America as militaristic, imperialistic, greedy, racist, and generally despicable. I used to be able to recall the films that depict our leaders as corrupt, even homicidal. I used to be able to name the films that show our military as crazed, murderous fascists, and our veterans as alcoholic, drug-addicted, divorced, unemployed, mentally unstable losers.

But there have been so many of these films that I lost track. For example, take the “Bourne” series. The hero is so disgusted with being a hired killer for the CIA that he develops amnesia and forgets his own identity. He is so busy beating up and killing American agents that he has no time to fight America’s enemies. It’s not only Jason Bourne who forgets his own identity — it’s also the movie makers and anyone who swallows their propaganda.

I grew up watching “High Noon” and saw the brave lawman face the killers while cowards hid. I watched “Sergeant York” and saw the pacifist learn that violent evildoers must be opposed by force, then go on to win the Medal of Honor. I watched “The Fighting Sixty-Ninth” and saw the chaplain, “Fighting” Father Duffy, praying with wounded and dying soldiers.

Instead, we now watch “Training Day” and see police as drug dealers who kill their own partners. We watch “Syriana” and see Americans as bloodthirsty money-grubbers, while the only sympathetic character is a Muslim suicide bomber. We watch “The Da Vinci Code” and see Christian clergy committing murder in order to cover up fraud — the fraud being Christianity itself..

Now films teach that America is loathsome, our military and police are treacherous, and Christianity is detestable. Why should older Americans patronize films that insult them and their values? Why should many younger Americans patronize films that insult their family members in the military?

Lack of courage

During World War II, Hollywood gave us many films that encouraged morale. Even during the less popular wars in Korea and Vietnam, Hollywood gave us films like “The Bridges at Koto-Ri” and “The Green Berets.” What films has Hollywood given us since 9/11?

We have “Flight 93,” a docudrama about the brave passengers who fought the hijackers on 9/11 and prevented the plane from crashing into the Capitol or the White House. But even here, the facts were watered down. Omitted was the heroic Todd Beamer reciting the Lord’s Prayer with the phone operator, then shouting, “God help me. Jesus help me. Are you ready? Let’s roll!”

Support us in our time of peril? No, that’s too “controversial” for today’s Hollywood. Yes, we have “The Hurt Locker,” which was ambiguous. And we have “Zero Dark Thirty,” “American Sniper,” and “Megan Leavey,” which are unabashedly pro-American. Are they enough to overcome all the negative movies?

And yes, we have films about heroes. But they are cartoon heroes like Spiderman and the X-Men, who fight cartoon villains. These heroes are irrelevant to current events. They don’t inspire, they merely entertain. I could try to emulate the quiet strength and dignity of Ward Bond in “Fort Apache,” but today’s kids can’t emulate Spiderman.

Committing suicide

Do movie makers understand any of this? Don’t bet on it. Many of them are at the intellectual and emotional level of the teenagers at whom they aim their films. They blame their current anti-Americanism on their hatred of President Trump. But they were just as anti-American under President Obama. They revel in the anti-American, anti-Judeo-Christian propaganda and the mindless violence. I believe that to a large extent, they make films to please themselves – their own leftist, atheist, obscenity-loving, cowardly, rootless, vulgar selves.

Otherwise, they would be aiming at a larger audience, not a smaller one. They would be making films that depict our war on terrorists, and which show our Judeo-Christian and American values in positive terms. They would be portraying America in a favorable light to friends and foes alike, rather than advertising us to the world as contemptible.

The movie moguls prefer their narrow agenda to a wider audience. You could drive from Key West, Florida, to Bonners Ferry, Idaho, on the Canadian border, and never pass through a state that voted for Hillary. But movie makers ignore this huge potential market as “fly-over country.” They make movies that please themselves and their leftist friends in Manhattan and West Los Angeles.

Hollywood bigshots are killing the movies. And they don’t even know it.

Written by David C. Stolinsky, MD

Dr. Stolinsky is a retired medical oncologist, scholar, and co-author of Firearms: A Handbook for Health Professionals, published by The Claremont Institute. For other articles written by Dr. Stolinsky, check out our search feature on this website.

This article was originally published on, on July 10, 2017.

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Ingrate NFL millionaires

From ingrates to God heroes

“That bunch of ungrateful millionaires who have all the relevance of tree fungus and continue to hold their pity party to disrespect our national anthem now have a PR problem. The ingrates have underestimated our ability to affirm their irrelevance by tuning them out. A recent Washington-based Winston poll affirms that the protests have transformed the NFL into the least popular professional sports league in America. A J.D. Power survey in July indicated 30 percent of the viewers who watched less football in 2016 than they did the prior season said it was because they were offended by players protesting the anthem. Obviously, that has carried over into 2017. So, keep exercising your right to kneel, you overpaid ingrates, and We the Unwashed will continue to exercise our right to tune you out. Is this a great country, or what? …”

By Dick Yarbrough, Macon Telegraph, Oct. 16, 2017

Movies Reflect Left's Hatred of US

I think the core left hates America, as it exists and seeks to destroy it. Hence, they attack capitalism, race (whites), the military, the family, certain religions, morality, states’ rights generally, the individual (unless he or she is anti-establishment),etc. Everything NAZI is OK but no criticism of communism is allowed, all the while rooting for America’s enemies, no matter who they are, even terrorists. The moviemakers merely project this worldview.

What motivates such hatred. Certainly, liberal guilt could explain some of the racial hatred seen in college campuses like Evergreen, Columbia, and Berkeley, etc, and at BLM (Black Lives Matter) demonstrations. No doubt some wealthy college kids feel bad at their silver spoon, so they blame capitalism, or increasing their “privilege,” rather than be grateful and help others.

The core left used the Palestinians in the 70-80s, and now they rally behind Islam, even when these terrorists continually murder in the name of their religion across the globe. For just as the NVA were useful in the causing harm to the US, so does Muslim terrorism serve this purpose.

At its ugly core is a common theme: attack upon any impediment to the all-powerful state. Think communism. Religious icons were replaced with Lenin or Stalin portraits or reproductions. The collective was god, and even the loyal Bolsheviks had to confess to the most absurd crimes in order to remind them of their status: slave to the omnipotent state.

Morality comes from the state, since God has been replaced. Communism made state worship the new religion: its citizens owe everything to the state. Even basics like food and the freedom to move from one location to another were controlled by the state. Politically incorrect speech could land you in one of the slave labor camps—GULAGs, along with about 18 ½ million in the USSR or simply shot.

Today we see the attack upon religion and morality by the leftist in homosexual marriage, biology ignored with boy’s in girl’s restroom and vice versa, transsexuals in the military, abortion up to the point of birth as a means of birth control, homosexuality pushed in some high schools, Jr highs, and even some elementary schools.

The family itself is especially an obstacle. Communist East Germany recognized this and taught the youth to snitch upon their parents. A friend of mine from former Communist East Germany had the ability to see the file on his family but chose not to since he believed that his uncle was informing to the Stasi about his father. The brainwashing of the youth was vital for the survival of the Bolsheviks; hence, the Komsomol was formed in the very beginning in 1918. Today, the universities perform this task, although this disease is spreading throughout many high schools and even elementary schools.

The open hatred of the military was common in the Vietnam War, both the hatred of our military and of our soldiers. My Lai and the photo of the Napalmed girl became an indictment upon every soldier returning from Vietnam. They were “baby killers” instead of soldiers, often drafted, doing their part to help the South Vietnamese keep their independence from the communist NVA or VC. The slaughter of the villagers by the VC was virtually ignored. When the US pulled out of South Vietnam, the Left's great concern for people evaporated while communist murdered 30,000 Phoenix cadres in 1975 or eventually enslaved 300,000 people in re-education camps (National Review 1977)

Today, this hatred of the US military and its servicemen are still smoldering, albeit more covertly. However, just as Jane Fonda and others visited our enemies during Vietnam fighting, just as Bernie Sanders visited the Sandinistas Nicaragua and tried to meet with Castro in Communist Cuba, so will leftists choose America’s enemy North Korea over America. Remember, it took 99 years for them to lose their love affair with USSR and Russia. Spying on America, aiding student protests in US that divided the US, aiding our enemies in North Vietnam and elsewhere was no big deal, really. But spying on the “grossly negligent” Hilary Clinton and the DNC; why that is crossing the line.

This core left has an anarchist strategy to destroy America as we know it and resurrect their state god afterwards. Remember, an estimated 100 million were killed in order to further communism, and the core left is more than prepared for the US to lose many lives. They hate America that much.
Great perception and insight, Koba. You write: “The family itself is especially an obstacle. Communist East Germany recognized this and taught the youth to snitch upon their parents. A friend of mine from former Communist East Germany had the ability to see the file on his family but chose not to since he believed that his uncle was informing to the Stasi about his father... Today, the universities perform this task, although this disease is spreading throughout many high schools and even elementary schools.” I certainly agree and have very personal stories of my own as well as from my family in Cuba, which I described in my book Cuba in Revolution — Escape from a Lost Paradise (2002). Thanks for your informative post, as always, Koba.---MAF

The Culture War: Report From the Trenches

“For the world is broken, sundered, busted down the middle, self ripped from self and man pasted back together as mythical monster, half angel, half beast, but no man...Some day a man will walk into my office as a ghost or beast or ghost-beast and walk out as a man, which is to say sovereign wanderer, lordly exile, worker and waiter and watcher.”
― Walker Percy, Love in the Ruins

As someone who is involved in the Culture War from the production end — albeit in a very modest way, as a lowly grunt soldier — I thought I’d share my observations and ruminations, at the instigation of Dr. Faria, prompted by the sharing with him of a music video that I was involved with making over thirty years ago.

In my youth, I became preoccupied with the desire to hop aboard the “Rock and Roll Rollercoaster”, and ride it to some distant, dark, and veiled land of undefined enchantment and fulfillment and contentment...

“Blood Southern Streets (In My Town)” — The Alkleins (Video):

Dr. Stolinsky spot on!

Spot on, Dr. Stolinsky! And talking about self-fulfilling prophecies, what about all the futuristic distopic and unrewarding movies that Hollywood puts out, such as Waterworld and Doomsday. They reveal mayhem, pandemonium, carnage, and yet, that is the future these liberals in Hollywood seem to yearn for as they destroy Western civilization and its twin pillars, our Graeco-Roman inheritance of art (aesthetics), government (justice) and philosophy, and the Judeo-Christian legacy of morality, charity, and hope.--- Dr. Miguel A. Faria
Reply by David C. Stolinsky: When I was a kid, my father bought me an electric horn for my bicycle. The only horns I had seen worked with a simple rubber bulb. I took the electric horn apart to see how it worked. Of course, I couldn’t put it back together, and I still didn’t know how it worked. I expected my father to be angry, but he said nothing. He knew I had learned an important lesson: Don’t dismantle what you can’t put back together again.

Isn’t this exactly what the Left is doing to our civilization? At least I had the twin excuses of being young and wanting to know how the thing worked. The Left has neither excuse. They are adults (at least chronologically), and they couldn’t care less how our civilization works. They just want to dismantle it – and replace it with some utopian system that exists only in their imagination. Whenever I read their latest pronouncements, I remember my bicycle horn lying in pieces on the floor. I really liked that horn.

Planet of the Apes

In a subsequent article “Planet of the Ingrates (July 20), Dr. Stolinsky expounded on this topic:

“My wife and I just saw the latest “Planet of the Apes” movie. Correction: We saw about 1/4 of it. For the second time in our lives, we walked out of a movie. And for the first time, we demanded our money back.

“The original “Planet of the Apes” movie was, well, original. It showed apes who had been genetically engineered by humans to be more intelligent and able to speak. It showed them sympathetically. But it also showed humans sympathetically. It showed a world wrecked by a nuclear war. The protagonist, played by Charlton Heston, struggles to discover what has happened. Finally he finds the Statue of Liberty on its side, and he curses those who caused nuclear destruction.

“The original film was clearly anti-war, and arguably anti-animal experimentation. But it was not anti-American. In 1968, when the first film was released, America was involved in the Vietnam War. We were in the throes of the anti-war movement...”

Once again I agree. The first Planet of the Apes (1968); the second, “Beneath the Planet of the Apes; and subsequent Planet of the Apes movies (early 1970s) were excellent or at least very good. In fact I’ve the cased DVD collection for the entire series.

The new “Planet of the Apes,” and I believe there have been more than two remakes, all look suspiciously bad. Once I saw the mutant new apes and watched the previews, I recognized them as Hollywood garbage. Now we know we were right to avoid it!

Incidentally we have walked out of two movies too. One was The Front, supposedly a comedy by Woody Allen (1976). In fact it was a satirical drama, bad propaganda masquerading as tragic comedy about the Hollywood blacklisting of the 1950s. It ended us going to see any more Woody Allen movies. Paradoxically, the unremitting Hollywood black listing has been going more forcefully in the reverse for the last several decades!

As conservatives, actors/ actresses better be a Charlton Heston, Mel Gibson, or Clint Eastwood before speaking out!--- Dr. Miguel A. Faria