Living in a Chaotic — and Dangerous World! by James I. Ausman, MD, PhD

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dr. James I. AusmanAfter talking with young neurosurgeons and residents around the world, they often ask "How do I know what I read is the truth?" I answered that question in a recent editorial.(1)

This month in Surgical Neurology International, Miguel Faria warns of increasing control of medicine by government (politicians and their bureaucrat enforcers) and its consequences as he writes about the recent discussions of neuroethics by U.S. President Barack Obama.(2) He states that "investigating scientists (in this instance, neurologists and neurosurgeons), not only in this country but globally, should recollect and adhere first of all to the traditional, universal, and individual-based ethics of Hippocrates, centered on their individual patients or human subjects, rather than utilitarian, population-based ethics that place monetary considerations or the interest of third parties or the state ahead of the interest of patients." Lest we see the atrocities of the Nazis and Russians on medical experimentation on humans during WWII and the cold war repeated.(3,4)

As a case in point, just last week, Jonathan Gruber, an MIT economist and architect of the Obamacare Healthplan, indicated that it was designed to deceive the public, whom he describes as "too stupid to understand" [what was intended].(5) In other words, you are too stupid, and we must make the decisions for you. Another Obamacare architect, Dr. Ezekial Emanuel, recently wrote a long article suggesting people should only live to the age of 75, beyond which they are not useful to society.(6,7) Cataract surgery, hip surgery, knee surgery, and even coronary artery bypass surgery for older people are being restricted under Obamcare. Imagine this policy being applied to the rule-making politicians who need these treatments at age 75 and older.

Interestingly, the Rasmussen Report (a major polling service in the USA) sampled public opinion after Gruber’s talks were revealed. The results indicated that "thirty-two percent (32%) of likely USA voters agree that the American people are too stupid to understand the true costs associated with Obamacare."(7) I disagree. Informing your patient of decisions that affect their life requires that you must explain to them in terms they can understand what their choices are. Your role as a doctor is not to be a God or an authority figure, but a consultant that the patient has hired to help him/her understand a problem they have, of which they have little understanding.

George Orwell stated in his book Animal Farm, a critique of communism in 1948, that "all pigs are equal but some are more equal than others." We are seeing a reminder of this warning with the emergence of Russia's power under President Vladimir Putin that is affecting the Ukraine. We are living in a chaotic world.

These events are a dire warning about surrendering your individual liberty and power to people who think they are smarter than you, and claim to know what is best for you. Faria also wrote in his extensive research on guns and violence that "when the population has guns, the government fears the people. When the government takes guns from the people, the people fear the government."(9) The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees citizens the right to keep and bear arms; yet, in the USA and countries around the world, there is a movement to take guns away from the public. Why? Is it really to protect the people? The evidence states otherwise. Those interested in taking power from you will do anything they can do to obtain it.

As you may know, the American people voted last week, and overwhelmingly rejected the policies of President Obama, although the media and the president himself deny this result. Obviously, they cannot believe this rejection by the [stupid] public. So they have made other excuses. We are living in dangerous times that affect all people, physicians as citizens, and the practice of medicine for our patients.(10) All citizens, including physicians and surgeons, should "connect the dots" and understand what is going on around them. Neurosurgeons, get out of the O.R., and think about what is happening, how events will affect your life, and your family and patients. These are not chance occurrences. Connect the dots, for we are living in a dangerous world!


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Written by Dr. Jim Ausman

James I. Ausman, MD, PhD, is Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Southern California in Los angeles (UCLA) and Editor-in-Chief of Surgical Neurology International (SNI). The SNI website is

Copyright ©James I. Ausman, MD, PhD

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A chaotic world indeed!

Submitted by Dr. Russell L. Blaylock

A Chaotic World indeed!

This is another excellent review, Jim. Unfortunately, so many are clueless and do not see what should be plain to all. Likewise, many are so brainwashed themselves that they cannot see, as they have been blinded by their collectivist education (brainwashing). Several writers, one a psychiatrist, have written books describing liberal/leftistism as a mental illness.[1,2] It certainly is an aberration of the mind that does not allow one to see reality or to come to obvious conclusions that normally would develop from a rational mind. I am always amazed that the liberal/left collectivist cannot see the numerous flaws within the collectivist philosophy and tremendous harm that always results when their idiotic nostrums are enforced---political correctness, egalitarianism, socialist economics and oppressive, powerful governments/bureaucracies are all cases in point.

All of these destructive programs have principally been driven into the minds of our youth through the NEA-controlled educational system, which is openly radical and extreme leftist. By excluding the true conservative thinkers from the public forum, the public has been convinced that there is only one way of thinking and that is collectivist thinking. They have been told by the media, the movies, the schools, the mass of books, the magazines and the other voices of society that conservatives are the enemy of "the people" and of “social good”. We are painted as the ministers of greed and that only they care about the "little man"; when in fact, the opposite is true.

Some of the wealthiest people in the United States are among the elite of the left, yet they are the least generous, on a personal basis, to those in true need. Most are products of extreme wealth, attended Ivy League schools and have lived pampered lives within exclusive social communities. Most have never spoken to an ordinary person and regularly shun and humiliate members of the middle class and below. Their answer to poverty is to tax the hard earned wealth of others—that is, to redistribute wealth—all but their own personal wealth. While they love to talk of soaking the “billionaires” in fact, the new taxes always seem to be levied on the upper middle class, most of who are two income earners and make many sacrifices to earn their wealth. Yet, these leftist demagogues have no sympathy for these hard-working people, who are just trying to have a better life for themselves and their children. These victims of leftist taxation also make up the most generous of the economic classes in terms of giving.

The leftist spokesmen have nothing but contempt for men such as Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Ben Carson and other conservatives who grew up in abject poverty and attained intellectual and professional excellence by hard work, discipline, moral behavior and sacrifice--things the left find distasteful and even dangerous. Hillary Clinton is a perfect example. Here is a person who according to has a personal net worth of $32 million dollars[3] (but really $153 million in conjunction with her husband ex-president Bill Clinton, although they claimed they were “dead broke” when they left the White house over a decade ago), who owns at least 5 homes, each worth millions of dollars — yet she lectures hard working Americans on their duty to the “poor” (presumably those not working) — always which entails confiscation of more of the fruits of their labor. She speaks not just to those who are poor through no fault of their own or because of disability, but the left’s special class of supporters entail the true underclass of society--the drunkards, the gang members, the criminal class, the thugs, the violent, the lazy and the undisciplined welfare loafs who infest every society. This dependent segment grows ever larger because the leftists encourages their behavior and convinces them that they are owed special dispensation and total care by the hard working men and women who themselves are always struggling to improve their lives and the lives of their children. The segment of society the leftists hate the most are the ones who obey the law, treat people fairly, care for their families, are religious, support private property rights, respect human life, save their money, act responsibly and are patriotic.

After 100 years of socialist experimentation we are witnessing the collapse of civilization throughout the world, from Latin America, Cuba, Southeast Asia, Europe, Russia, the Balkans and Africa. The entire world is in the grip of massive wars, raging gangs of Islamic barbarians, mass murder of innocents and this cult of mass death is spreading rapidly throughout the world because of the failure of the left to see reality. Their dreams of a world government and governmental/bureaucratic regimentation of all aspects of society in the 20th century has led to the mass murder of 30 to 60 million people in Soviet Russia, over 100 million in communist China and millions more in other communist dominated countries. They have reintroduced mass slavery and yet the left remains silent. They have brutalized women wherever they are in power and the left remains silent. They have taken countries such as South Africa and Rhodesia and turned them into living hells, all in the name of some utopian leftist dream—and the left remains silent. No amount of death, personal destruction, economic collapse, mass starvation and oppression by leftist governments has any effect on them. They march ahead as if each of these disasters has been a success, mainly because society does not demand a report card on these leftist programs. Once a country is turned into a living hell, the leftist media walks away as if all has turned out well. The public loses interest and never even ask the obvious question--"How did it all turn out?" Where are all the useful fool, pampered rich students who protested on the campuses of American and Europe for disinvestments from South Africa and Rhodesia after these countries collapsed into nations of barbarism and corruption? Where are all the student protestors, black leftist pundits and their limousine-driving white supporters when traditional, family-safe black neighborhoods were bulldozed and turned into cinderblock, high-rise living hells by the liberal/leftist dreamers? The leftist revolutionary leaders went back to their safe, gated communities and the poor black is left trembling in gang-infested high-rise ghettos. Abandoned black mothers are left alone to care for their children who are then stolen away from them by the gangs and by the promise of quick money by the drug dealers. Where are the screaming leftists, pampered, elite of the universities--Oh, they have moved on to their next big idea for restructuring society. They trudge though the wake of their previous destruction, always looking for another socialist cause to lead.

We have a thong of poorly educated university students who are proudly supporting Bernie Sanders for President because he says he is for the "little man". His ideas are the same old Marxist/Leninist nonsense that soaked the world in blood and misery. It has been said that the leftist revolutionary is good at destroying societies but cannot rule a society peacefully. The leftists are destroyers, not builders, Lenin soon realized after he had won the revolution in Russia that socialism could not work-- he had no idea how to create wealth, run factories, deliver goods and services-- all he could do is make speeches, murder innocents and enslave millions. He was then force through his NEP policy, to reintroduce capitalism. The NEP capitalist system worked beautifully-- standards of living began to rise rapidly, food was abundant, factory output rose and people were once again relatively happy. Then Lenin died and Stalin reverse the NEP program as rapidly as he could. In the end-- over 90% of the people were existing at a subsistence level, living under the ever watchful eye of the NKVD, and dying by the millions in his extensive system of gulags. Criticisms were met with brutal force-- dissenters were given a long tour in the gulag system or shot outright. The Ukraine was, before the socialist revolution, known as the breadbasket of the world for its food production under private property and capitalism. The collectivized farming system-- socialist agriculture-- led to the mass starvation of 7 to 10 million Ukrainians. This was not due to crop failures or poor harvest years, but by a forced Soviet policy of starvation. While millions starved, Stalin shipped tons of food out of the Ukraine so that he could use the money to support his communist regime and build a military force.

What the idiot leftist followers cannot seem to grasp is that socialism cannot produce anything other than misery, paperwork, bureaucratic rules, regimentation of society and eventual collapse. Only a free market can be creative and productive and only within such a system can people truly be free and independent. This has been demonstrated time and again, yet the leftist ideologue never learns. The youth thinks that collectivism is new and "progressive," yet they do not realize that socialism is over 4000 years old--it is not new. The idea of rule by elite and heavy regimentation of the population has been written about by virtually every generation of revolutionary. The youth think it is new because they know little or nothing about history, which is by design. In the Soviet Union true history was considered a crime against the state (which they call a crime against the people). The purveyor of truth, under collectivism, is a security risk and must be dealt with.

We have no more time for such mass ignorance-- the world is collapsing into anarchy, which inevitably will lead to world dictatorship. None are so blind as he who refused to see.


1. Lyle H Rossiter, Jr. MD. The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness. Free World Books, St Charles, IL 2011

2. Michael Savage: Liberalism is a Mental Disorder: Savage Solutions. Thomas Nelson, Inc, 2006.

3. Paul Brandus. The 4 richest and 3 'poorest' presidential candidates in 2016.

Russell L. Blaylock, MD is a retired neurosurgeon and President of Advanced Nutritional Concepts and Theoretical Neuroscience Research, LLC. He has written numerous path-blazing scientific papers and many books, including Excitotoxins — The Taste That Kills (1994), Bioterrorism: How You Can Survive (2001), Health and Nutrition Secrets (2002), and Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients (2003). He is Associate Editor-in-Chief and a Consulting Editor in Basic Neuroscience for Surgical Neurology International (SNI).

Michelle Malkin on Obama—Year 2014!

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"Let's start with premiums. President Candy Land promised that he'd "lower premiums by up to $2,500 for a typical family per year." But premiums for people in the individual market for health insurance have spiked over the last year. In fact, Forbes health policy journalist Avik Roy and the Manhattan Institute analyzed 3,137 counties and found that individual market premiums rose an average of 49 percent.

"The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services itself admitted this month that average premiums will rise at least five percent for the lowest-cost plans offered by federal ObamaCare health care exchanges. Democrats' reaction? ObamaCare rate shock doesn't matter ... because government is redistributing the burden and taxpayers are footing the bill! HHS crowed this week that nearly 90 percent of exchange enrollees received public subsidies in order to pay their premiums..."

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The quote of the Year and it says it all:

Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage… Basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical to getting the thing to pass. – Prof. Jonathan Gruber, who was paid $392,000 to help write ObamaCare

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