Guns in the Medical Literature — A Failure of Peer Review by Edgar A. Suter, MD

Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia
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Tuesday, March 1, 1994

Abstract — Errors of fact, design, and interpretation abound in the medical literature on guns and violence. The peer review process has failed to prevent publication of the errors of politicized, results-oriented research. Most of the data on guns and violence are available in the criminological, legal, and social sciences literature, yet escapes acknowledgment or analysis of the medical literature. Lobbyists and other partisans continue to promulgate the fallacies that cloud the public debate and impede the development of effective strategies to reduce violence in our society. This article examines a representative sample of politicized and incompetent research.

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Publication Note: Guns in the Medical Literature — A Failure of Peer Review by Edgar A. Suter, MD was originally published in the Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia, Volume 83, March 1994, pp 133-148 while Dr. Miguel A. Faria served as Editor-in-Chief of that medical journal. The link above is provided for readers who wish to read the entire article including graphs.

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