A glance at Trump's tough foreign policy!

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Friday, July 22, 2016

NATO emblemThe BBC reports Europeans are quite alarmed (“a nightmare for Nato’s European countries”) because Donald Trump has stated that if elected president he may withdraw a guarantee of protection to Nato countries that do not “fulfill their obligation” to the US.

First, let’s categorically affirm that the United States should unconditionally come to the aid of Nato countries under attack as to fulfill our treaty obligations under Nato. Nevertheless, what Trump said to justify this policy makes a lot of sense.

Second, Nato was established with the US for the collective defense of European countries threatened by the Soviet Union during the cold war. The Soviets and their central and Eastern European allies subsequently formed their own defense Warsaw Pact. But the Soviet Union and Lenin’s Russian communism and collectivism have already been discarded to the dustbin of history. Despite Vladimir Putin’s saber-rattling, there is as much authoritarianism and definitely more collectivism in the European social democracies than in Russia today. Besides Nato, some European nations are part of the EU, and they should be investing more in their own defense and protecting their borders, than in thinking and dreaming economics and the EU.

Third, the US has been urging Europeans to increase military spending for their own security, but instead their budgets are fat on socialism and extravagant domestic social welfare programs they cannot afford. Instead, American taxpayers are saddled with burdensome taxes for our own profligate NATO military budget 2016social programs, as well as defending the pusillanimous Europeans and other nations that should be doing more for their own defense. Of Nato’s military budget of $893 billion dollars, the U.S. contributed $650 billion, more than two-thirds of the budget (other Nato members contributed the remaining $243 billion; photo, right). And we also police most of the world, thus shouldering a third of total global military spending! Trump wants the Europeans to share the financial burden more evenly, if they are to be defended by the U.S., while reducing America’s exorbitant defense spending.

Fourth, on top of the Western and Central European pusillanimity, we hear again and again, the irksome criticism of America’s alleged “gun culture.” The Europeans want to have it both ways. They are militarily helpless and beg to be protected, but then they mock us and criticize us for our Second Amendment and our guns!

And fifth and last, the EU needs to get its house in order before it meddles and criticizes allies and even member nations for doing what is in their best interest. Nato and the EU have been helpless to stem the tide of refugees pouring into Europe and to protect the border of EU members.  Instead, the EU has set immigration quotas for members states and forced compulsory resettlement of refugees that have been understandably rejected by many EU countries. The EU has been injudiciously critical of member nations, and not only in immigration matters, but also in internal matters seriously affecting national security.

So, I also agree in part with Trump’s opinion related to the failed coup d’etat in Turkey in which at least 290 people were killed and over 1,400 wounded, when a faction of the military attempted to overthrow the government on July 15, 2016. Trump supported Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan in his vigorous response against the coup participants. For its part, the EU has criticized Erdogan and EU spokesmen said that they were “concerned” about the “unacceptable” measures taken by the Turkish government. All the while, the EU cannot protect its porous borders from Islamic Jihadist terrorists pouring into seemingly defenseless and helpless Europe.

Likewise, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was critical of Erdogan for the crackdown in the wake of the coup attempt. I wonder what Kerry would say if the attempted coup had taken place in the US and his own life had been in danger? Has Kerry forgotten the conflagration that took place in Waco, Texas, by our own government against American citizens, ostensibly for violation of gun laws under the watch of another Democratic administration and an Attorney General named Janet Reno?  It is the same hypocrisy we hear repeatedly from the Democrats in selectively criticizing other nations that supposedly do not “maintain strong democratic principles.” We have seen what “democracy” has wrought in Iraq after the U.S. tumbled Saddam Hussein. As the refrain warns, one size does not fit at all!

But let’s not stray from the Europeans; they need to do more for their own security — share the financial burden and military obligations, and stop whining and criticizing others, as when a member acts and does what it needs to do to uphold law and order and national security, and preserve its border! If not, the US should renegotiate the antiquated Nato treaty or leave the alliance, just like the Brits courageously left the meddlesome and national sovereignty-eroding EU!

Written by Dr. Miguel Faria

Miguel A. Faria, M.D. is a retired neurosurgeon and author of “Cuba in Revolution Escape from a Lost Paradise” (2002). His website is haciendapub.com

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A similar but unillustrated version of this article also appeared in GOPUSA.com on July 25, and in the Macon Telegraph, August 8, 2016

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Trump's three victories in one fell swoop!

A Triple Victory for the American People
By Phil Kerpen, GOPUSA, December 21, 2017

With his signing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, President Trump will achieve three signature legislative victories for the American people: cutting taxes, repealing the Obamacare mandate, and boosting American energy production.

Tax reform will provide a strong direct boost to take home pay.The standard deduction jumps from $13,000 to $24,000 for a married couple and from $6,500 to $12,000 for a single filer.Above the much more generous deduction amount, the 15 percent rate is cut to 12 percent, all the way up to $77,400 for married couples and $38,700 for singles.The rest of the rates are also cut, providing tax cuts at every income level while making the overall tax system more progressive: the share of all federal income taxes paid by millionaires is expected to increase from 19.3 percent to 19.8 percent. The bill doubles the child credit to $2,000 per child, including up to $1,400 per child for non-income taxpayers…

According to the liberal Tax Policy Center, over 80 percent of tax units will receive a tax cut averaging $2,140, while just 4.8 percent of units will see a tax hike.

The tax hikes tend to be for high-income taxpayers in areas with high state and local taxes. Under the old system, state and local taxes could be deducted without limit from federal taxes.Under the new bill those deductions are limited to $10,000.In time, even that small group of taxpayers should benefit too as state and local politicians – no longer able to offload the taxes they impose to the rest of the country via an unlimited deduction – will be forced to lower taxes to stay competitive.

The new law is expected to be implemented in time for February paychecks…Read the rest at GOPUSA

Mr. Kerpen is the president of American Commitment and the author of “Democracy Denied.”
No wonder liberal-socialists of all stripes are mad!— MAF

Tax Bill Takeaways

My initial thoughts on the tax bill is that the Republicans needed to have a win in congress after losses like repealing Obamacare, their inability to get the wall built, etc. I still do not see this bill as for middle class, although the benefits may be forthcoming. The removal of the Obamacare mandate is a win for Americans who were forced to buy a product because it was erroneously called a tax. The 35% corporate tax rate never made any sense either, unless America hated capitalism--which the left absolutely does. The excellent article is in today's WSJ, and it is worth reading. I hope I do not overstep any boundaries with the Hacienda Staff in posting it.

Now, Tax Reform Gets Real, Kimberly Stossel, WSJ 12/22/2017

In the wake of last year’s election, a humiliated press corps was forced to reassess, to explain how it had gotten the presidential race so monumentally wrong. Conclusions: It had been too blinded by its own biases, too sheltered from Middle America. It apologized. It promised to do better. Or not.

Yahoo News: “Meet some victims of the Trump tax bill.” Washington Post: “10 Reasons Democrats think the tax bill will be a political loser for Trump’s GOP.” New York Times: “In Tax Overhaul, Trump Tries to Defy Economic Odds.” Business Insider: “Americans have already made up their minds about the tax bill—and it looks brutal for the GOP.”

To read all this coverage, you’d be justified in believing that the entire Republican Party had been hit with a stupid stick. Its members united to jack up the taxes of millions of middle-income voters, throw the country into recession, and saddle today’s toddlers with a future debt crisis— all to enable the transfer of tax plunder to fat-cat donors. And not only did it pass this colossally idiotic policy, it did so enthusiastically, in full view of the public—guar- anteeing a 2018 GOP midterm wipeout. What dimwits!

This is the Democratic line, and the media is embracing it. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi bet that the GOP would fail to enact tax reform, so they pressed their members to boycott negotiations. Instead, Republicans are delivering bigger paychecks and the prospect of accelerated economic growth, and not a single Democrat can take credit. The Democratic Party’s only path is therefore to spin an obvious GOP victory into a disaster. The press, with all its biases and insularity, once again is all in, with another attack on reality.

Nearly every story quotes a variation of Mrs. Pelosi’s line that the bill is “wholesale robbery of the middle class.” Mr. Schumer continues to claim the reform helps “only the wealthiest few.” These are Trumpian-size whoppers, which the media eagerly repeats. Yet even the liberal Tax Policy Center has acknowledged that 90% of the middle class will get a tax cut in 2018, and that the average cut will be $1,600.

USA Today was so desperate to depict the bill as a tax hike that its analysis of “5 household situations” included a childless single renter earning $1 million a year, paying $50,000 in state and local taxes, and claiming $40,000 in charitable deductions. The paper triumphantly pointed out that this downtrodden soul would pay $1,887 more in taxes. And therefore have to forgo a bottle of Chateau Lafite-Rothschild.

Democrats spent months insisting that corporations would pocket their tax cuts rather than invest in their workers. The press continues to parrot this line—even as AT& T, Comcast, Wells Fargo and others immediately announced bonuses, pay hikes, higher starting wages, better benefits and plans for new hiring. Democrats call these PR stunts, but so what? Workers are benefiting.

The left and the press claim the bill—which abolishes ObamaCare’s individual mandate starting in 2019— will throw 13 million people off health care. They don’t seem to know any of the millions of Americans who will be relieved from paying a tax that can run more than $2,000 a family for being uninsured. The left and the press belittle the average cut as “only” $100 a month. They are out of touch with millions of solidly middle-income Americans who follow tight budgets. A hundred dollars can be enough for piano lessons, a family night out or new winter coats. The left and the press are suggesting the reform will primarily benefit Donald Trump’s empire—as if the Republican caucus, including Sens. Jeff Flake and Ben Sasse, love Mr. Trump so much that they were willing to spend all fall on a bill for his personal enrichment.

They are running with these upside-down-world stories because so far they’ve gotten away with it. The tax bill has been but a theoretical proposition up to now, defined by press coverage. A recent Monmouth poll showed that 50% of Americans think their taxes will go up under this reform (the actual proportion is estimated at 5%). No wonder approximately 50% of Americans disapprove of the reform.

The left and its media enablers got away with their Hillary fictions, too—until they had to report Donald Trump’s victory. The risk for the GOP here is that the early impression that this tax cut is “bad” could remain stuck in American minds.

Then again, those $1,000 AT& T and Comcast bonuses— destined for hundreds of thousands of workers—are quite real. By February, the Internal Revenue Service should have recalculated its withholding formulas so millions of workers will be taking home larger paychecks. In the months that follow, the country should begin to see the early benefits of new U.S. investment—in jobs, benefits, and opportunity.

Whatever happens, the anti-tax-reform campaign is a reminder to Republicans of the unprecedented hostility they face in the age of Trump. The best way to triumph in this war of spin is to produce real policy results that help real people—as they just did with tax reform, no matter what you read to the contrary.
Excellent article. I thought the same as you that we needed to pass something, but the legislation is way much better than that after looking at all the fine points. It is a momentous piece of legislation, a Christmas present for all Americans, who have an investment in this nation. Parasites and Marxists, sadly approaching 50% of the population, of course, are inciting hatred with the politics of envy and deliberately deceiving, toeing the socialist Party line, but the country will find out as early as April 2018 that they have been lied to. The truth will set the nation free. This is a great victory beyond my expectations. I will be posting an article by Pat Buchanan explaining further how great a victory it was and how well-crafted the legislation was! Thanks, Koba and Merry Christmas! — MAF

Projected US and Russian power in Syria & the Mediterranean

Re. Debka 750, March 31, 2017

The ongoing peace process between Israel and moderate Arab states is proceeding according to Debka’s time table since last Fall. The American media is not reporting on this but on "fake news" they themselves concoct for sensationalism or for promoting their liberal agenda. But developments of cooperation between Putin and Trump in Syria in the one hand and Israel and moderate Arab states, such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Yemen, in the other — are very good news. The thing that continues to bother me has been the push by the Arab states to get more and more land from Israel at every peace negotiation. As it is, Israel is the smallest state in the region and surrounded by hostile enemies. Why is the tiny nation to cede more & more land and risk its security, as happened in the Yom Kippur War of 1973, when Israel faced near annihilation?

Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, and El-Sisi of Egypt (and possibly also King Abdullah of Jordan, who should be the one ceding land for Palestine) may all end up sharing a well-deserved (unlike Obama’s) Nobel Peace Prize!

Continued cooperation between Putin and Trump is, as I had expected and noted in various articles, and I hope it holds. Consider Debka’s words about Trump giving the Russians a "free hand" in Libya and the observation about the Europeans:

He [Trump] is therefore not averse to letting Russia through the Libyan door and putting European noses out of joint, especially when they [the European Union] still refuse to respect him as the duly elected US president. Furthermore, Russia is fully supported in its Libya venture by Egypt, whose president is closely coordinated with Moscow and Washington alike.

Needless to say, Russian plan for military bases in Egypt and the offensive submarine and naval base in Tartus, Syria, tilts the balance of power in the Mediterranean towards the Russians. As I have said before, Putin is doing what the Soviets attempted and backfired; while Catherine the Great and Potemkin, and their successors only dreamed of doing — project Russian power with solid bases in the Mediterranean that could challenge the Western powers.

If Russia continues to increase its influence in Syria, Egypt, Libya, and continues to build military ties with Iran (e.g., an airbase has just been re-offered to the Russians by the Iranians in exchange for support of a railroad to be built through Syria for the Iranians to gain access to the Mediterranean Sea). The U.S will need more allies in the region besides Israel and Jordan. Turkey’s Tayyip Erdogan should be that natural ally. Russia has been for century the natural enemy of Turkey for geopolitical reasons — namely influence in the region and free passage, if not possession, of the straits between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. In the Crimean War (1853-56), France and England supported the Turks, and fought Russia and Tsars Nicholas I and Alexander II, to preserve the straits in the possession of the flagging Ottoman Empire, then “The Sick Man of Europe.” Trump and his advisors need to know the history, the best estimate available for us mortals to prepare and be ready for the most likely future scenario based on predictable human and national reactions. ---MAF

White Russia / Belorussia / Belarus

A bit off topic, but I always laugh when liberals speak of Trump aligning himself with Putin as part of some kind of sinister world wide fascist takeover.

If he was going to do that, he would have a better ally in Belarus President, Alexander Lukashenko, who has made far more statements expressing his love of Hitler and his racial ideologies. I'm not even aware Putin ever made any. Lukashenko, who has said he would like to see a reunification of all of the former Slavic populated SSRs, and ONLY the Slavic.

Sure, I understand how little power he has outside Belarus, and I also believe that although he isn't really a very nice guy, he is not the Stalin the press sometimes portrays him as.

What I also understand is Lukashenko is no Nazi. If you are not a nutty liberal and have a bit of intact perception, you could see right away that he is an old Soviet bureaucrat from the Brezhnev era, who is not a man I would want ruling me, but no Hitler. --ARB

Trump & the Europeans

inluminatuo (GOPUSA, July 25, 2016): The reason European country’s budgets are fat on socialism and extravagant domestic social welfare programs they cannot afford— is because they do not pay the expense to defend themselves whose bill when it comes due is footed by WE THE PEOPLE of the United States who allow them to safely reside under our military umbrella of safety. All we have succeeded in accomplishing is to free money the Europeans SHOULD be spending to defend themselves— that now allows for these SOCIALIST countries to try more Un-American, non Self-Governing failed experiments to go on in Europe, then travel to the United States to corrupt our own society, just like an unhappy Muslim on an economic Jihad. Yes, Vladimir Lenin was right in that we Capitalists would provide for and pay for the very rope which hangs ourselves. Thank God Trump can see the details and the Big Picture through the fog of political correctness. He has my vote.

bcsbug (GOPUSA, July 25, 2016): Brilliant commentary. What a revolutionary thought — that these countries who have caught a free ride on the US’s defense budget should be expected to actually PAY for some of their countries’ defense.

That’s part of what Trump — as a lifelong businessman — will work to fix. No more freebies to countries who criticize us every time we breathe. Funny thing, though, folks are still trying to get into the US, so we must not be TOO bad!

zeitgeist (GOPUSA, July 25, 2016): Nato membership and our commitments for active defense and funding definitely needs to be re-evaluated. The U.S. is paying 73% of the Nato budget? That’s a 650 BILLION dollar gift to the EU and others. Another item that has been left off the radar (due to the conventions?) is that Turkey, unlike Egypt, has a failed coup that will turn that (semi) secular country to full, flat out Islamic theological control. The leadership of Turkey has accused the coup attempt by the military as originating from the U.S. base at Incirlik. All the top brass (I assume only Turkish) have been removed and replaced.

According to the LA Times, Turkey (a Nato participant): “The Incirlik Air Force Base in Turkey has some other iconic American assets: several dozen B61 thermonuclear warheads.” Do we trust the current CIC to protect these devices from falling into the hands of extremists? What is being done? Where is O and where is the MSM or the Congress?

NATO and Trump

Interesting comments. I agree with Trump and Miguel that these nationals should pay their share for their protection. The United States is no longer a wealthy nation that can afford to carry the burden alone. As Miguel says, the EU certainly can pay its share.

Russell L. Blaylock. M.D.