Fidel Castro is dead and history will condemn, not absolve him!

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Fidel Castro 2015Fidel Castro is dead. Yes, the communist sultan finally expired yesterday evening, November 25, 2016. The news was ushered with an excellent editorial by the Miami Herald that argues Fidel Castro (photo, left) had become irrelevant. The editorial is a concise recapitulation of his life and influence for seven decades. But the truth is that despite having become irrelevant, Fidel leaves behind a twisted legacy of communist tyranny and evil personal dictatorship that cost at least 100,000 lives in Cuba (i.e., 40,000 alone trying to escape his regime*), and millions of other countless victims of wars, deprivation, and suffering throughout Latin America and Africa. He converted one to the happiest, freest, and most prosperous nations in Latin America to one of the poorest, desolate, and enslaved countries in the world. His revolution was romanticized by the media and American sympathizers, and he was hailed as a great agrarian reformer by the U.S. press. This false acclamation carried him to victory and communism “in our own backyard.”

And still today the contrast in views attest to his charisma, or rather to his legacy of evil.Cuban Americans celebrating in Miami after Fidel Castro's death Recognition on one side; self-deception on the other. The Cuban-Americans in freedom are celebrating his death in Miami (photo, right); the enslaved people of Cuba are getting ready to mourn him, voluntarily or not, ordered by his brother and present ruler, Raul. President-Elect Donald Trump called Fidel “a brutal dictator” and hopes the Cuban people will eventually be free. Lame-duck President Obama, who ushered in the normalization of relations with Raul and his dictatorship, claims that history is still to judge Fidel and his impact on the world — as if there was any doubt as to the wasteland, the desolation, and the suffering of the Cuban people for nearly 70 years!

The truth, though, is that Fidel’s death came as an anticlimax. Like his mentors, the communist mass murderers, Stalin and Mao, he lived too long, pardoned by the Furies, and the Fates destined that he die in his bed peacefully —  too late to end suffering and bring Mao, Fidel, Stalinabout liberty for the Cuban people. And again, like Stalin and Mao (photo, left), no matter how Fidel's brutal crimes are recounted and exposed to the light of day in the years to come, he will continue to be worshipped by some people, incited by the progressive theoreticians in the ivory towers of academia, who tap on the envy and resentment that some perpetually discontented people always have against their fellowmen and the world.

Poscript: For those who doubt what Cuba was like before the Revolution, and the catastrophe that the Castro brothers and communism brought to the island paradise, watch the video of Havana in 1958, posted in this website. And this panoramic video, if you missed it in the link in the narrative above, was filmed during and in the midst of the insurgency against Fulgencio Batista. Compare this video to any video of Cuba in the last 20 years and cry!

* It is not surprising that these figures are estimates. Prof. Armando Lago and his associate Maria Werlau at the Cuba Archives continue to investigate these deaths. From 1959 to 2005, they estimated the figure forn non-combatants at 87,073. My figures includes combatants from the Escambray insurgency as well as the African wars.

Written by Dr. Miguel Faria

Miguel A. Faria, M.D. is an Associate Editor in Chief and World Affairs Editor of Surgical Neurology International (SNI). He is President of Haciendapublishing, a retired neurosurgeon, and the author of  Cuba in Revolution — Escape From a Lost Paradise (2002). His website is 

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A similar version of this commentary was also published in the Macon Telegraph and on November 28, 2016.

Copyright ©2016  Miguel A. Faria, Jr., MD

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Christmas Came Early!

I awoke to the news that the Castro was dead, and my heart soared. My first Christmas present had come early. The communist dictator and all that entailed—lack of basic freedoms, one party rule, totalitarianism, terror, murder or imprisonment of political opponents, and government imposed mass poverty for all but elites—had at last died. Dr. Faria rightly reminds us of the 40,000 dead, which is the first column I have read of the dead mentioned.

Mainstream, that is the leftist, communist-sympathizing media mourn their fellow comrade. Naturally, CNN immediately produced a documentary on the brave communist dictator Castro.

World leaders and insignificant wanna-bees weighed in on Castro’s demise. “Fidel Castro was a symbol of the struggle for justice in the shadow of empire. Presente!” tweeted the Green-is-the-new red leader Jill Stein. Note that the empire of which she speaks so proudly against is the one for which she ran for office a mere 2 weeks ago. As for justice, I guess that is the euphemism for communist terror.

Castro was the enemy not only of freedom, but he was the enemy of the people of the US, despite this omission by the leftist US press. There were nuclear missiles Castro had upon his soil from USSR and intended for the US. Although USSR’s role is often discussed in their confrontation with the US, do not forget Castro was the dictator of Cuba, and he absolutely desired these deadly medium-range and intermediate-range ballistic nuclear missiles. (In fact, Dr. Faria has more to add with the information on the Armageddon letter).

Whether dependent upon USSR, China, or Venezuela, Castro kept Cuba a beggar nation. The US refused to do business with this communist country due to the horrors of communism intentionally imposed upon the people of Cuba. For this refusal to recognize even the most basic rights of people and the economic sanctions imposed, Castro bears the blame. His power was more important to him than the welfare of his people.

Obama, ever friendly to US enemies, whether communist—where they can still be found, existing as a virulent bacterium having once ravaged humanity and now nearing extinction yet still devouring humanity in small bites—or Muslim terrorists, as with Iran and Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, reestablished via executive order relations with a communist dictatorship.

Personally, I am opposed to trade with communist Cuba until they change their government to begin the process of freedom. The US does not need Cuban goods; we have existed fine without them since 1959. Nor do I care about the Chamber of commerce, rice farmers in my home state, or wealthy motel owners or American vacationers to this "worker's paradise.".

I do recognize the view that enticing the communists with a taste of US interactions and wealth by the visitors could predispose the people toward our way of life. However, short of a violent revolution, the power still resides in a communist, one party dictatorship. Will the leadership there still slaughter their people or will they follow the USSR path away from mowing down their people in the streets in a tornado of bullets? I cannot say. It took the USSR over 70 years to reach this point. Moreover, the communists in China immediately ended the “Jasmine” revolution with the arrests of any groups in street corners. So, I err on the side of caution. Besides, who really benefits from Cuban and US trade? Those Cuban’s in power, and they are the communist elites. Trade empowers them more, giving them the financial means to retain power. With Venezuelan financial ruin from socialism, Brazilian’s failing socialism, and communist China’s small steps toward capitalism, perhaps Cuba can finally face their destruyer: communism. I am curious to see what Dr. Faria has to say. I have not studied Cuba, nor lived there, as he has.

“Today we remember them and honor the brave souls who fought the lonely fight against the brutal Communist dictatorship he imposed on Cuba,” said Senator Cruz. I concur wholeheartedly. The victims need remembering, not the devil who tortured them. I agree with Dr. Faria on Castro: “he lived too long.”
Reply: This is an excellent comment, quite insightful and poignant for an American who has not lived in the entrails of the beast. I will come back to comment on several points deservingly so. Thank you Koba! --- MAF

Fidel Castro's victims, Armageddon letter and the future of Cuba

First, Koba, your instructive observation has brought to my attention that my 40,000 dead figure was incorrectly stated, and I’ve now made the correction in the posted article. I thank you for triggering this important clarification, that so importantly brings to light the best estimate of deaths in the island.The sentence should have read:

“Fidel leaves behind a twisted legacy of communist tyranny and evil personal dictatorship that cost at least 100,000 lives in Cuba (i.e., 40,000 alone trying to escape his regime), and millions of other countless victims of wars, deprivation, and suffering throughout Latin America and Africa.”

As I explained in my linked article: “Since Fidel Castro took over the island in 1959, the best figures we can glean are that between 30,000 and 40,000 Cubans were either executed en los paredones de fusilamiento (on the firing squad wall) or died at the hands of their communist jailers. Between 1960-1965, hundreds of anti-communist rebels, many of them former RD members, went back to the hills of the Escambray Mountains in my native Las Villas province to fight the new communist dictatorship of the Castro brothers. The mostly peasant insurgents, who were defending their lands, lacked sufficient weapons to overcome the well-armed, communist Cuban military forces. Thus, most of these peasant insurgents were annihilated by 1966. Moreover, between 1960 and 1993, 36,000 Cubans perished at sea trying to escape the Castro brothers' communist inferno. If we include all of those who died escaping the regime, those who were shot or died in custody, the figure well exceeds 100,000. In fact, the late scholar Armando Lago arrived at a death toll of 105,000 victims directly attributed to the regime of Fidel Castro. Countless thousands of other Cubans have died indirectly as a result of Fidel Castro's collectivist policies, unspeakable privations, malnutrition, and the general desolation of a once prosperous island — the island Christopher Columbus called the ‘Pearl of the Antilles.' "

Second, for those not aware of Fidel Castro's Armageddon letter. I disclosed its content in reviewing Brian Latell’s book, Castro's Secrets — The CIA and Cuba's Intelligence Machine. It refers to Fidel Castro's letter to Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev written on October 22, 1962, the last day of the Cuban Missile Crisis. In that letter, Castro advocates a preemptive nuclear strike against the U.S., using not only the island's strategic and tactical assembled missile force but also urging Khrushchev to use the USSR long range nuclear arsenal. Khrushchev not only turned him down but the emotionally charged, diabolical impetuosity of the Cuban leader frightened and prompted Khrushchev to subsequently cave in to JFK’s demands. In fact, Khrushchev’s reply has recently been published. Despite the face-saving, obligatory accusations against the U.S., subsequent actions by Khrushchev and the gist of the letter condemns Castro's call for nuclear war:

Mr. President: I have just received your letter, and have also acquainted myself with the text of your speech of October 22 regarding Cuba. I must say frankly that the measures indicated in your statement constitute a serious threat to peace and to the security of nations... We reaffirm that the armaments which are in Cuba, regardless of the classification to which they may belong, are intended solely for defensive purposes in order to secure the Republic of Cuba against the attack of an aggressor. I hope that the United States Government will display wisdom and renounce the actions pursued by you, which may lead to catastrophic consequences for world peace.… N.S. Khrushchev

As to the future of Cuba, I think freedom, capitalism, and prosperity are coming. And Cuba will join with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary, those nations which suffered enormously under the yoke of communism, in rejecting not only communism, but the so called “socialism with a human face,” as in Western Europe. Cuba will attain her place in the sun, rejecting Marxism sooner than anyone thinks. The end of tyranny is near!

Again Koba, thanks for your inspiring commentary.— MAF

Don't rule out Divine Retribution!

Dear Miguel,

I enjoyed all of your articles on Castro on your website and GOPUSA. Excellent! Castro may have died comfortably in his bed, but before he died I am sure that he was filled with fear of the punishment due him from God. He may have struggled during his life to be an atheist, but his Catholic upbringing lay deep in his psyche and surfaced as he approached the end. The consolation for all the Cuban people who have suffered so terribly under his rule, as well as all those throughout the world who have suffered through his "wars of liberation", is that he will burn in hell forever. His torment will exceed any of our imaginations and will never end. Many mistakenly think that Satan rules in hell. Hell was designed by God to be a place of torment for Satan as well--after the end times. All the evil monsters of the world will spend eternity in this place of ultimate torment and agony. I pray for all the people of Cuba--especially for those, such as yourself, who have fought so valiantly for liberty in Cuba and the world.

The left's response is expected. The left lives in a world of their own making that exist only within the confines of their skulls. They see the world around them in unreal terms and project a mystical world for the future that can never exist and they project upon every attempt to create such a world as reality. They are basically fools and as the Lord says--"thinking they are wise, they have become fools." In essence they develop a protective psychic blindness that makes them unable to see the reality of the collectivist hells that have been created throughout history by the utopians. They see the sea of blood of the French Revolution as a glorious coming of utopia. They envisioned the Russian revolution as utopia in power and consistently ignored the mass death that even exceed that of Hitler's utopia. No matter how many failures their attempts at utopia occur-- Cuba, Russia, China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Venezuela, South Africa, Rhodesia and during the Soviet held Eastern block nations of East Germany, Romania, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and others--they never give up the dream. They defend every act of oppression, police state activity, mass murder, gulags and crushing of freedoms as necessary for the creation of the utopia. All is to be sacrificed for the dream. Being collectivists they have no consideration or empathy for the individual and the crushing and death of the individual can always be justified as being for the "greater good," a concept that has throughout history justified mass murder and oppression. Leftism is a psychopathic mentality that like the psychopathic individual, allows them to justify any outrage, any destructive act and any number of deaths. This is why they extol Castro's imagined grand successes-- universal education, universal healthcare and glorious athletes, and ignore the creation of one of the most oppressive, destructive and deadly regimes in the world. They do not realize that these so-called success have a purpose. First, they are pablum for Western useful foods-- especially the athletics and the health care. Second the education is so that they can indoctrinate the populace-- mainly the non-thinkers. The useful fools of the American and European West fall for these ploys hook, line and sinker. It reminds me of the book by Horowitz on the Second Thoughts Conference where they tell of traveling with the Venceremos Brigade and standing with the other American useful fools at a psychiatric hospital were they were observing a lobotomy unit for political prisoners. One of the visitors stated that it was a horror and that it was something they had always fought against in the United States. A bright-eyed useful fool turned and told him that he just didn't understand-- these were "socialist" lobotomies and in American they were doing evil "capitalist" lobotomies. It takes a sick mind to think in such a twisted way. Your friend, Russell

Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.
Theoretical Neuroscience Research, LLC
Associate Editor-in-Chief
Surgical Neurology International

Dr. Blaylock's best sermon!

Dr. Blaylock, That's the best sermon I've heard in a while. Millennial 101 if you will. Thanks, I do enjoy your writing and thoughts.

Additional comments ...

bravo!!! great analysis.... with admiration... --- Joe Goulden

When news broke that Bin Laden had been killed, some people opined that it was irreligious to celebrate a person's death. But they forgot Exodus. When Pharaoh's army was drowned in the sea, Moses led the people in singing, and his sister Miriam led them in dancing. So sing and dance!---
Dr. David Stolinsky

He is a socialist and communist icon, which is synonymous with violence, oppression, and tyranny. I hope that for his sake, he repented for all his sins before he died. He was awful to so many people; hopefully Cuba can move towards a more inclusive and representative government. --- Douglas Harden

I thought of you first when I heard the news of Castro’s demise-a demise that took far too long. In fact I was tempted to send you a note, but waited... --- Fred Dixon

I had meant to send you this earlier:  "¡ Olé!  ¡ Olé! The evil Commie is Dead! I truly hope this means the end of tyranny and the beautiful, former "Pearl of the Antilles" becomes that again—in my lifetime.

Hoping, too, that Trump can negotiate the restoration of seized properties there. Thank God we're entering an age of recovery from liberal-progressivism under Trump. You wrote it well in your article. —— Don Horacio

What a wonderful article! I thought of you when I found out he died. I cannot believe how Obama spoke so highly of him. I hope you are doing well... --- M-K