Faria: The Turkish-Russian conflict — Converting adversity into opportunity

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The downing of a Russian jet by a Turkish F-16 fighter plane is a distracting development for the war on ISIS, as well as an event that could have ominous repercussions for the NATO alliance. Turkey says the Russian plane, a Su-24 aircraft, was shot down while violating Turkish airspaceTurkish airspace. The Russians deny this and affirm that their jet did not stray from Syrian airspace. Turkey, a member of NATO, is supported by the Western alliance that asserts the Turkish claim that the Russian warplane violated Turkish airspace, flying over a tongue of land stretching into Syria.

What is lost here is the fact that despite political disagreements about the Syrian government, both the Russian Federation and Turkey should be cooperating on the war on terror and the defeat of ISIS; instead they are responding in a historic and adversarial manner that could lead to a major and potentially catastrophic war in Europe involving not just old historic enemies — i.e., Turkey and Russia — but also NATO and the U.S. with calamitous consequences for Europe. Defiant Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan should be reconsidering Turkey’s rules of engagement in alleged Turkish airspace and territorial violations. This is especially true when his country stretches into a hotbed of terrorist activities directed by ISIS. Moreover, both Turkey and Russia are being assailed and destabilized by ISIS and terrorism. Just last month a Russian Erdogan and Putinplane was blown up by Islamic terrorists in Egypt. Russian President Vladimir Putin has a right to be fuming and asking questions. But both the Russian and Turkish presidents should be placing aside centuries-old historical distrust and animosities stemming from old conflicts in the Balkans, the Black Sea, and the Crimea, from the time of Catherine the Great (reigned 1762-1796) and Nicholas I (reigned 1725-1755) — and instead reconsider the present situation and the future of Europe.

It took a great American, Republican President Theodore Roosevelt, to arbitrate and bring an end to the disastrous Russo-Japanese War of 1905 (for which he won a Nobel Peace Prize). It may take another trusted and eminent person to settle this new dispute and avoid war, but it is essential that this situation be settled before it escalates to the benefit of ISIS and the calamity of the rest of the civilized world. The British no longer have Margaret Thatcher, and we no longer have Ronald Reagan. Nicholas Sarkozy no longer rules France. Are President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry up to the task of sheathing gently the Turkish scimitar while taming the Russian bear?

What needs to be done? Simply, friends and foes must be clearly identified. Alliances must be strengthened. Intelligence must be shared between the two countries, and Russian planes must be allowed to use Turkish airspace with the blessing of NATO!

Written by Dr. Miguel Faria

Miguel A. Faria, M.D. is an associate editor in chief and world affairs editor of Surgical Neurology International and the author of Cuba in Revolution — Escape from a Lost Paradise (2002). His website is www.haciendapub.com

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What is going on in Turkey?

The recent failed coup in Turkey, once again demonstrate the perilous state of affairs in that country. Part of the problem has been in the EU, which has acquired a contemptuous attitude impeding Turkeys’ entrance into the EU partnership. Ostensibly the attitude stems from turkey’s authoritarian streak in repressing freedom of speech, prosecutions, etc., as if every social democratic measure in place in Europe would work in Turkey. The EU would take notice with the humbling vote in Great Britain!

According to the BBC, the Turkey coup attempt was a serious one with over 6000 people detained, particularly army personnel and high-ranking officers. According to the BBC, “The sweep has included high-ranking soldiers and 2,700 judges,” and, “at least 265 people were killed in clashes as the coup failed.”

The big question is to determine who was behind the coup attempt? Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has implicated the US-based Turkish cleric, Fethullah Gulen being behind the plot, and the plot carried out by his vast number of followers in Turkey and elsewhere. Gulen denies any involvement in the plot. The high-ranking officials cited by the BBC include turkish top brass and civilians:

“The arrests reportedly include Gen Erdal Ozturk, commander of the Third Army; Gen Adem Huduti, commander of the Second Army; and Akin Ozturk, the former Chief of Air Staff. Maj Gen Ozhan Ozbakir, commander of the Denizli garrison, was among the senior military figures arrested on Sunday, Turkey's Anadolu news agency reports. One of Turkey's most senior judges, Alparslan Altan, has also been taken into custody.”

The report continued:

“Mr Erdogan said that those behind the plot would pay a heavy price, calling the coup a ‘gift from God... because this will be a reason to cleanse our army.’ He called on the US to extradite Mr Gulen, who heads the popular Hizmet movement and is said to count military chiefs and mid-level bureaucrats among his followers. Once allies, Mr Erdogan has long accused Mr Gulen and his supporters of plotting against him. US Secretary of State John Kerry said of any extradition, that Turkey should ‘present us with any legitimate evidence that withstands scrutiny.’ ”

Others believe the secularists on the other side of the political pole were responsible for the attempted coup citing as evidence (BBC):

“The attempted coup happened because Turkey is deeply divided over President Erdogan's project to transform the country and because of the contagion of violence from the war in Syria. President Erdogan and his AK Party have become experts at winning elections, but there have always been doubts about his long-term commitment to democracy. He is a political Islamist who has rejected modern Turkey's secular heritage. Mr Erdogan has become increasingly authoritarian and is trying to turn himself into a strong executive president.

“From the beginning Mr Erdogan's government has been deeply involved in the war in Syria, backing Islamist opposition to President Assad. But violence has spread across the border, helping to reignite the fight with the Kurdish PKK, and making Turkey a target for the jihadists who call themselves Islamic State.“

Could the coup attempt "have been staged" as claimed by Gulen? I seriously doubted, way too big, too serious, too extended, etc. to have been orchestrated by the administration?

I tend to agree with President Erdogan that the Gulen Islamists, with Gulen's consent or not, conducted the affair because they are not happy with the persistent secularist institutions and the belief that Turkey is not moving fast enough into an Islamic Republic. Turkey is balanced in a tightrope with one side falling to the fundamentalist Islamist, the other to the secularist militarists; but the secularists have had their wing clipped on several occasions and don’t have enough support for movement in their direction. The EU better take notice and recognize the different situation in dynamite-laden Turkey and somnolent, fully secular, and declining Europe! — MAF

Turkey under fire!

Jose: What is your opinion of the repressive situation in Turkey. I refer to the article, “Turkish prosecutors to investigate academics over Erdoğan petition.” The petition criticizes “the military’s crackdown on Kurdish rebels in the south-east that angered President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. More than 1,200 academics from 90 Turkish universities calling themselves “Academicians for Peace”, as well as foreign scholars, signed the petition last week calling for an end to the months-long violence” reported in the Guardian, jan 14, 2016. Reportedly,”All Turkish nationals named in the protest, which was also signed by foreign intellectuals including Noam Chomsky, could face jail if convicted.”

MAF: Repression should never be condoned. Nevertheless, we must always be aware of agent provocateurs who exploit mayhem for their own purposes — e.g., incite reprisals to make a government even more repressive and thus lose the support of the people. The situation in Turkey is very delicate. I do not expect the world to follow the U.S. lead in everything in adopting democratic principles. In this light, Woodrow Wilson was wrong: we can not "make the world safe for democracy," by forcing foreign countries to accept our style of political "democracy," especially those countries are surrounded by hungry wolves and hyenas, as in Turkey. Noam Chomsky is a progressive, or rather, radical left-winger, who is only involved because our ally Turkey, not a left-wing dictatorship, is involved. The Castro brothers have done worse and he has never complained about Cuba or any of the despotic governments of the Left. That alone is enough to be skeptical of his hidden agenda.

Turkey is threatened from the outside by the Russians from the North and Iran from the East; from within by the Kurds and ISIS from the South. And in Turkey itself it is threatened by a population becoming more fundamentalist and polarized. Turkey is being forced to abandon the principles of her Founder Kemal Ataturk as a secular society by radical Islam from within and from without. Erdoğan is in a hard spot just like the Shah of Iran was in the late 1970s!

Elsewhere I wrote:

"Modern Turkey straddling East and West has been a secular nation thanks to the legacy of its founding father, Atatürk. Turkey was a staunch Western ally during the cold war and a member of NATO. Continuously criticizing Turkey and bringing up the Armenian genocide, the European Union leaders and the Obama administration appear not to understand the importance of Turkey in the age of Islamic fundamentalism and the fact the Turkish government is under tremendous religious pressure to go the way of Egypt, Iraq, and Iran.

"Is Obama trying to give Turkey a push, just as another Democrat president, Jimmy Carter, did with Iran in 1979, when America’s pivotal friend in the Middle East, the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, was overthrown and a militant Islamic Republic was created with 60 American hostages taken?"

Iran failed in 1979 when Jimmy Carter kept on pushing the Shah to liberalize. Iran ended up with a repressive Islamic theocracy worse than the Shah ever was! Ditto in Nicaragua: Somoza was a selfish dictator, but the Sandinistas were worse! In Cuba Batista was a Teddy bear compared to the Castro brothers, etc. — what came after those regimes was worse because the people had not been educated about constitutional government and "democracy," and were not prepared for the duties and responsibilities of liberty. So disastrous revolutions followed, in turn succeeded by worse dictatorships, headed by tyrants who were not our friends, just as the scum flows to the top!

More on the aborted Turkish plot

As the dust settles in Turkey, it is becoming clear that the attempted coup was a massive effort to overthrow the government of Erdogan. The “harmless” exiled US-based Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen sees to have been behind the coup, directing it from afar, from his safe compound in the United States. He has quietly established a gigantic social and educational network in the US and the world with tentacle everywhere, purportedly with moderate views.

As Turkish intelligence unravels the plot attempt, and what not even the BBC clearly states, is that the conspiracy aimed at overthrowing the government and establishing an Islamic republic. This was not s secularist-military, but an Islamist, plot aimed at creating an Islamic State similar to Iran.

You heard it here first, and the evidence is accumulating that I am correct about what is going on in Turkey. The powers that be, which includes the EU, American progressives, and the international mass media want dump Erdogan the way of the Shah of Iran (overthrown by the Ayatollah in 1979), Anwar Sadat (assassinated in 1981), and Hosni Mubarak (overthrown in the much touted Arab Spring of 2011) in Egypt, Muammar Gaddafi (who had renounced terrorism and was killed in another touted Arab Spring in 2011).

Although the BBC also leans left, it is the most reliable and most objective source of international information in the global mass media, which is the reason haciendapub.com carries it.

So it appears that my preliminary mention of the Turkish plot in my last article on Trump and foreign policy was more correct than even I suspected

I remember Noam Chomsky stirring criticism among “intellectuals” of the government of Turkey a few weeks ago, supposedly violating human rights and cracking down on subversive liberal professors. Chomsky is treated with great respect and his work is quoted or published in numerous mass media outlets and Jewish newspapers and literature. The fact is that his “scholarship” in philosophy and social politics have been greatly exaggerated. He has been praised because of his liberal (progressive-socialist-authoritarian) tendencies, which are in accord with the left-wing mass media and academia. But for those interested in a Jewish perspective about the Middle East, in particular, and politics, in general, I would recommend David Horowitz. He is the most impressive Jewish conservative writer in my opinion, and his biographical and political books, most of which I have read, are the most perspicacious and brilliant.

Debating Turkey!

Jose: Dr. Faria, I have been in Turkey many times now some 15 years ago. I know many people in academia and also some who had positions in the secular government at the time. They have expressed to me since then that they are very disturbed at the trend of the Erdogan administration. His health plan provides less wages for doctors who have left academia and gone into practice. At one time Turkey was one of the growing places for scientific research. They are concerned with Erdogan’s attempts to gain more power and side tract the secular government which he has.

I do not know the origins of the coup but from what I read. But I suspect that regardless of how it started, it is now being used as an excuse to emulate his opposition as you can eat by the up to 50,000 arrests of people in and outside of the military. It appears to me that he is assuming more power and wants his nation to be an Islamic State.

Dr. Faria: Dear Jose, Regarding the doctors, professors, and their lower wages — that may be! Regarding attempts by Erdogan to gain more power — that may also be... as Jefferson said "the natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and for all governments "to gain ground" at the expense of uninformed citizens. Same here and everywhere, democracies or dictatorships, governments will do, if they can get away with it!

As to academicians (not to mention advocacy journalists and judicial activist clerics), they are frequently the problem, and the disturbances they are inciting, of course, cause community disharmony, including scientific research, to be hampered in a country veritably under siege! 1200 soldiers have already been released but arrest warrants have been issued for 42 journalists.

As to the big picture in Turkey and this attempted coup, as the second link of the BBC articles previously cited, the BBC noted that even the Turks do not even know what is going on in their own country, similar to many of our own citizenry. And yet the Turks seem more aware than citizens in the US — the majority of Turks were glad of the coup failure and went in the streets to support Erdogan! I believe he prevented another full Islamic Republic like Iran!

Although Erdogan's Party was Islamist to begin with, under Erdogan it has moved toward the center in a tight rope, and was certainly not Islamist enough for the coup planners and a sizable portion of the population.

What would we do if our capitol was under attack, Pennsylvania Avenue closed by tanks, machine gun fire in the streets and by hovering helicopters — all by forces of the coup? Do you not think we would have the National Guard and the army and Air Force retaliating; and the FBI hunting the coup leaders?

Janet Reno, in the Clinton administration, went after American militias for having "illegal guns," the FBI framed people for possessing ”illegal" firearms, and federal police and the BATF hunted and incarcerated many citizens, and with other federal police carried out "dynamic entries" in people's home, some totally innocent, betrayed by unsavory ruffians seeking favors acting as the FBI and BATF informants — and no shots had even been fired until Waco.

Trump stated that Erdogan was well justified in using force to stop the Islamic coup and supports him. The EU and Secretary Kerry are "concerned"!

I side with Trump and Erdogan, and even Putin seems to be coming on board on this one — And why not? all three have been treated as outcasts by the International intelligentsia, the the pusillanimous social(ist) democracies of Europe, and the arrogant, condescending EU!

More on this later! --- MAF

Trump joining with Erdogan and Putin?

Rolando (haciendapub; July 28, 2016): Interesting comments. I did a little research on Erdogan and found some interesting things. The evidence suggest that the coup came as a tactic of Putin, the old KGB agent and is in keeping with Soviet tactics. From the Free Beacon site i learned that Putin has been using Dugan as a emissary to Turkey, His mission was to engineer the pulling away of Turkey from Western influence and to instead enter the Eurasian movement sponsored by Russia, Erdogan played into Putin's hands by shooting down the Russian combat fighter and then snubbing his nose at Putin. Putin in response cut off all Russian tourism to Turkey and cancelled the $15 billion pipeline deal. He even, at one point, called for a regime change in Turkey. Erdogan wanted Assad of Syria out of power, but Putin supported Assad. After the Turkey shoot down of the Russian jet, Putin also increase military supplies to the Kurdish separatists, which terrified Erdogan. In addition, Russian warships sail almost daily through Bosporus and display their military might to the Turks. In addition, the FSB has assassinated several "enemies of the Russian state" in Turkey.

The Eurasian (Russian led) movement gained power when Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu resigned--which signaled the end of overture to the EU. In addition, right after the shutdown incident the Istanbul airport was bombed by Russian-speaking ISIS terrorists. The story goes that it was the CIA that backed the coup to drive Turkey out of the Russian camp into the US backed NATO camp. Others are convinced that the coup was an FSB engineered operation to terrify Erdogan into shifting alliance to Russia and away from the US. With Erdogan's purge of nearly one third of the military's generals and replacing them with Eurasianists accomplishes Putin's goal. Putin has conducted a hydra-headed war against the West and calls for the removal the US and NATO from the Black Sea and Baltic states. 

One must keep in mind that the terrorist war on the West was originally initiated, funded and the terrorists were trained and supplied in numerous Soviet constructed training camps near Moscow and its captive states. It was a surrogate war against the West. I believe that the evidence exists to support the idea that the entire terrorist "theater" was created by the old KGB and continued by the FSB to eventually bring about the collapse of all of Europe and the UK, which would then need the Russians to save them from absolute destruction. The Russians now own half of all American uranium (UraniumOne), they have bases in the United States, they have infiltrated the highest offices in our government, they have considerable support from our media and regularly patrol our shores with their battleships and nuclear-armed submarines. We have convinced ourselves that "communism is in the dustbin of history", which is exactly what the Soviets wanted us to think--just as Golitsyn disclosed in his book--New Lies for Old. My good friend Joe Douglass told me that the drug trade is directed by the FSB and that they have more money that the KGB ever had for operations. Also, that the FSB is larger than the KGB and better entrenched in all aspects of American and European society and government. The role of the terrorist is to destroy the fighting ability of the United States and its allies and to bankrupt them in their effort to protect themselves from the terrorists. The evidence for this is overwhelming. We have been fooled. 

The EU is a disaster and is a totalitarian system being run by Germany. Turkey is smart to stay out of the EU and other nations should leave. I think that Putin and Obama are working together. We must keep in mind that Obama is a communist and also recall that in the "open mic episode" he whispered to the Russian President that after the election they would be working together. I think the rift between Obama and Putin is theater--I may be wrong. The Soviets have heavily infiltrated our government at all levels and are making policy.

MAF: The EU is an unmitigated disaster indeed, and I agree with you that just recently at about the time of the disturbance in Turkey, Putin and Erdogan seem to be reaching rapprochement, perhaps either because of the Eurasian agreement or coordination with ISIS strategy. That was magnanimous on the part of Putin to ease the pressure at a time of trouble for a potential rival. Of course he had ulterior motives, namely enhancing Russia's standing in the world and advancing her interests in Europe and Asia. Either way the rapprochement is profitable for all, as I discussed in the commentary above and elsewhere.

Moreover, this rapprochement, even if temporary, should not be surprising, since the EU keeps rebuffing Erdogan and Turkey with their uppity demands and stupid criticisms of both Putin and Erdogan. On the part of Putin, the criticisms and punitive actions are frequently with reason; in the part of Erdogan, frequently not so. The EU leaders are a pusillanimous and despicable bunch of pragmatic cowards. Additionally, Obama and his State Department are no match for Putin and his obvious knowledge of geopolitics. He is a nationalist and will always do what is in the interest of Russia. Putin seem to have studied Karl Haushofer (1869 –1946) and his son Albrecht Haushofer (1903 – 1945) for his expansive Eurasian policy and his master of geopolitics. The rift between Obama and Putin is real, as Obama kowtows to the EU as he does with Islamic and communist leaders, and is very much part of the socialist New World Order. For his part, Putin on June 19, 2016, delivered “a scathing attack of the NWO” and warned Trump that a secret cabal have him “in their crosshairs!” Putin also said that the “NWO is out to get Trump,” but reassuringly told Trump that any enemy of the NWO is a friend of him.

As I said before, Putin is a extreme Russian nationalist, so much so that he will do anything, even illegal actions, “wet affairs” and even threaten war and invade neighbors as he did in Georgia and Ukraine, to get what he wants. In short he is throwback to the militancy of the Tsars, but he is not a communist. He is said that Russia should not return to that and I believe him. --- MAF

Global affairs!

Rolando: “…We have convinced ourselves that "communism is in the dustbin of history," which is exactly what the Soviets wanted us to think — just as Golitsyn disclosed in his book — New Lies for Old. My good friend Joe Douglass told me that the drug trade is directed by the FSB and that they have more money that the KGB ever had for operations. Also, that the FSB is larger than the KGB and better entrenched in all aspects of American and European society and government. The role of the terrorist is to destroy the fighting ability of the United States and its allies and to bankrupt them in their effort to protect themselves from the terrorists. The evidence for this is overwhelming. We have been fooled…”

MAF: I agree that the evil idea of communism is not dead. In its original malevolent form, it still survives in Cuba and North Korea, etc. China is more fascist than anything else, but saves face by calling itself communist. A crude form of socialism is ubiquitous in third world countries in much of Africa, Asia, and in a few countries in Latin America, such as Venezuela and Ecuador. Most dangerously and insidiously, it is prevalent in the minds of the elitist global intelligentsia and prospers in the deceptively gentler form of socialism —i.e., seductive and creeping totalitarian collectivism with a human face — in the social democracies of Europe, Australia, and even insinuates itself in the United States’s “democracy.”

But Russian, old Soviet-style communism, pre-1991, is dead in that country and in Eastern Europe. Russian autocratic authoritarianism began after Ivan the Great overthrew the Mongols and it prospered to barbarism under Ivan the Terrible, not softening even with the greatly over-celebrated Peter the Great. Russian Tsarism should not be confused with Soviet communism. There is much truth in what you say, and there is evidence that the drug trade was in part handled by communist intelligence services of various countries to subvert the West, certainly by the KGB and DGI. I have read Joe Douglass’ books and cited him as a source in some of my articles. The FSB, like the old KGB, remains formidable. And if some of us have been fooled, particularly in government circles, it has been either by their own ignorance, to gain power, or by their own private financial or ideological (treasonous) desire to be fooled.

I will come back to Anatoli Golitsyn in another post, as it will require considerable text. Espionage, agents of influence, disinformation, and last but not least, fellow travelers and useful idiots, are intriguing subjects to which I have dedicated a considerable time over many years. Several books I have reviewed here may be apropos to this dialogue:

(1) Edward J. Epstein, The Invisible War Between the CIA and the KGB (1989)

(2) Farewell — The Greatest Spy of the Twentieth Century by Sergei Kostin and Eric Raynaud (2011)

(3) The Mitrokhin Archive books

Thanks, Rolando for your informative dialogue and your challenging give and take exchanges!

Communism's survival!

I would agree that communism as the old political system is no longer in existence in Russia or China. You may remember Stalin admired Hitler's system of National Socialism over his own system — mainly because it allowed the government to continue to generate capital for its military objectives of eventual world conquest (which at the time saw Germany as the Soviet's co-conspirator). He even toyed with resorting to Lenin's NEP program. Over the years, following the staged collapse of communism, the communists abandoned communism as the Marxist-Leninist model and in essence became Fabian Socialists — at least until they could gain all power. The idea of communism with a "human face" is in truth one of their grand deceptions.

My friend Dr. John Lenczowski, in his book Soviet Strategic Deception, stated it best:

"The objective of strategic deception is to paint a false picture of the entire political climate in which the Soviet Union operates among friend and foe alike — disguising their objectives and ultimate ambitions." He further points out, "Soviet strategic deception succeeds not so much because of the ability of Soviet propagandists and agents of influence to deceive us, but because of our tendencies to deceive ourselves...(they) take advantage of our inclination to engage in wishful thinking or psychological denial. This manifest itself principally in our reluctance to admit to the possibility of certain ugly realities."

I also find that many mistake Marxism as the softer form of communism, when in truth socialism is communism. Marx and Engels wrote the core beliefs of communism in their celebrated book, The Communist Manifesto. Marx was just as much a believer in totalitarianism as Stalin and his earlier writings in fact suggest that he was one who worshipped "the Prince of Darkness".

If one looks at the UNESCO teaching program, which was used in most schools in the early sixties, it advocated the transfer of all weapons to the control of the UN so that no one would be able to resist the dictates of the UN elite — which were the communists (under the guidance of their elite puppet masters). This is the very same dream of the Soviets. The new communist system designed for the world will be more in the form of the fascist model, where the multinational corporations and international bankers will share a great deal of control. The only reason the socialist countries of Europe and Canada have survived this long is that they all lowered corporate tax rates substantially and made other provision to favor the existence of the corporations — they are the cows that are being milked, the goose that lays the golden eggs.

There is substantial evidence that what we are seeing is closer to the fascist model of Mussolini. For the average citizen, such a system is extremely oppressive — not because of concentration camps, mass executions and police state tactics, but because of the innate nature of central control and extreme regimentation of the populace. One will be told what profession they will enter, where they will live, what they will eat, how they will live and every other aspect of their lives. The schools are teaching the virtues of collectivism, the greater good concept and that the enemy of all good is the individual — those who resist the evolving utopia. Christianity has been secularized, as have most of the other religions, and have become temples of social activism and not salvation theology. Liberation theology (Marxist theology) is being preached from the pulpits of the major churches. Islam is being used as the guerrilla force to destroy the existing societies that persist with any remnant of the old order. They are the shock troops of the extreme left — this gives the communists deniability — at least one degree of separation.

If one reads the older conservative literature one will see that infiltration of our society by the extreme leftist elements — at every level — was extensive as far back as the 1930s and 1940s. Communists and various other leftist elements held powerful positions at every level of government (even in the administrations of multiple presidents) and especially the media and educational institutions. For example, in 1940 the Rapp-Coufert Investigating Committee of the New York State Legislature concluded that the 11,000 member Teachers Union in New York City were under complete communist control. Over 1,000 communists were teaching in New York schools. We now have a communist holding the highest office in the US government and most of his administration and advisors are communists or communist sympathizers as well.

Bill Clinton gave the Chinese communists the technology needed to MIRV their missiles and to increase the accuracy of their missiles in a way that is equal to ours. Russia was given access and total ownership of 20% of our uranium deposits by the Clintons and the Russians patrol our borders with supersonic aircraft and nuclear submarines are in our ports. The communist states of Russia and China supplies virtually all the weapons that killed and continue to kill our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Obama administration created ISIS (ISIL) and transferred 10,000 shoulder-fired missiles to the terrorists in Benghazi. The stories of betrayal and treasonous activity by those in positions of power are extensive and ongoing.

So, in essence — I agree — communism has changed its stripes, but only until they gain ultimate power and the West collapses. Then they will show their true nature.

If it prosper, none dare call it treason!

Thank you, Russell! What can be left to say! This is an excellent analysis with a number of astute and largely accurate observations. When you write, “ You may remember Stalin admired Hitler's system of National Socialism…” let’s not forget that likewise FDR loved “Uncle Joe” (Stalin) and let the communist monster have the run of the store using the agent of influence Harry Hopkins.

At the time of Ronald Reagan, we tried to get out of UNESCO, but I think we failed, just as we failed to abolish the roguish, corrupt band of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), and several executive departments. How? The liberal media helped the Democrats derail the Reagan Revolution in his second term with the diversionary “Iran-Contra scandal.”

But what about the Obama-Iran Scandal? And why has Hillary Clinton not been indicted?

You mentioned, “The schools are teaching the virtues of collectivism, the greater good concept and that the enemy of all good is the individual--those who resist the evolving utopia.” True, another concept the educators teach is that of the strong unifying ruler, rather than decentralization and liberty. Only the rulers who regiment their peoples or who have imperialistic designs, who fought wars, and not necessarily just wars but those they approve, are given credit as great leaders; but those who gave the people peace and prosperity are “mediocre.” The American presidents who presided over peace, tranquility, and economic growth (even those quietly presiding over Manifest Destiny) in the second half of the 19th century are all given short shrift in textbooks and called mediocrities. Ditto for American presidents in the 20th century — e.g., Wilson and FDR are given high marks and lionized; Eisenhower and Calvin Coolidge are ignored or deprecated with disdain and arrogance.

You write, “There is substantial evidence that what we are seeing is closer to the fascist model of Mussolini.” Yes, economic fascism seems to be the type of collectivist wave of the future! Remember that, as Sir John Harrington (1561–1612) asserted, “Treason doth never prosper... why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason." --- MAF

US— a threat to Russia?

Geopolitics— Russia reportedly names U.S. as threat to national security for first time, Fox News, January 3, 2015

Russia has named the U.S. as one of the threats to its national security in a new assessment signed by President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, according to a published report.

Reuters reported the document, “About the Strategy of National Security of Russian Federation,” replaces the 2009 version endorsed by former President Dmitry Medvedev, which didn’t mention the U.S. or NATO. Russia continues to increase its role in solving global conflicts, which has caused some reaction from the West, according to the document.

It is the first time Russia has officially named the U.S. a national security threat, according to Reuters.

Russia claims its heightened global reach has caused “counteraction from the USA and its allies, which are striving to retain their dominance in global affairs.” The document claims that Western pressures will likely lead to increased “political, economical, military and informational pressure” on Russia.

Relations between Moscow and the West became to deteriorate stemming from Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014. Western nations have repeatedly accused Russia of funding insurgents in Ukraine despite Moscow’s denials.

Russia’s security document accuses the U.S. and EU of supporting an “anti-constitutional coup d’etat in Ukraine,” which has deepened the rift between Moscow and the West.

The U.S. and European Union have imposed sanctions against Russian companies and businessmen. Russia, in turn, clamped down on food imported from EU countries.

The expansion of NATO also concerns Russia. The document also said the U.S. has expanded its military biological labs in neighboring countries.

According to Reuters, the document fails to mention anything on Russia’s ongoing airstrikes in Syria, which has aided the Bashar al-Assad regime in the embattled nation. Assad, a Russian ally, has received military support from Russia in its civil war against U.S.-backed rebels and the Islamic State.

The world and Trump: Connecting the dots!

Connecting the dots — Donald Trump may be the solution! by James I. Ausman, MD, PhD

The elite controllers are not reading the public sentiment. People are angry, losing money, out of work, cannot provide for their families. They voted for a Republican Congress to block Obama and it did not happen. Are they better off than they were 7 years ago?

The economy is about to collapse; inadequate efforts in foreign policy have failed. Americans are not interested in what is happening abroad and the USA has lost respect from other countries. Would you, if you were in Cuba, be asking for help from us? Connect the dots. Obama has violated the Constitution in several instances, and no one has done anything about it. With the help of the lame duck Democratic Congress he pushed through ObamaCare illegally. The IRS was used against political enemies and the NSA spied on American citizens — and nothing was done!Trump

People are mad as hell and Donald Trump [photo, right] was the only one to bring all of this to national attention; veterans are still being treated badly. Obama has offended our only allies in Israel. They do not trust him; neither do the Egyptians and others in the Middle East.

Europe is not the only one in economic collapse, so are China and Japan. Our spending is out of control, so we are on the verge of bankruptcy. Hillary Clinton will not be better. We have no policy for immigration, except desultory government fiats by Obama.

Thus if one connects the dots, the only answer that makes sense is that Obama is a radical socialist sympathizer and pro-Moslem. He is a Marxist. He is also in favor of world government, gun control towards civilian disarmament, banning and confiscation so that government can assume total control. People’s constitutional rights are not protected. He is one in a long line of American and world politicians pushing for the so-called New World Order.

I do not expect at this point for Donald Trump to reveal in more detail his domestic or foreign policy. Why should he at this point? He is a talented negotiator and does not need to reveal what he intends to do. He is extremely intelligent and perceptive, despite the media attempts to discredit him. He has whipped Jeb Bush and bettered most of the others in debate.

When the Democrats name their nominee we need to learn more. Senator Ted Cruz is my second choice. I also like Governor Mike Huckabee and some of the others in the GOP contest, but they lack leadership. I am sure you are worried about a demagogue, and so am I, but leadership skill is essential in these times.

So far that is my assessment. The Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) editorial on climate change is shocking for openly discussing the fundamental reason for the support of climate change, which is wealth redistribution and global socialism. It is the first time I have read this opinion in the regular press. We in the US do not have the luxury of time to make more policy mistakes. This climate change treaty and war on Islamic terrorism are make-or-break issues — and, frankly, it may already be too late. We cannot stand another 4 years of indecision. Even if Donald Trump wins the presidency and the Congress supports him, he will face a failing domestic economy and dire foreign policy challenges brought about by the machinations of the Obama administration and a weak indecisive Congress.

James I. Ausman, MD, PhD, is Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Southern California in Los angeles (UCLA); Editor-in-Chief of Surgical Neurology International (SNI); President, Future Healthcare Strategies; Chairman of the Board, The Waymaster Corporation Productions' and Creator, Executive Producer, THE LEADING GEN® TV Series. Dr. Ausman travels to all parts of the world teaching and lecturing.

Putin and Obama: the end of connecting dots!

The end of connecting the dots! by Russell L. Blaylock, MD

And it is all about not only connecting the dots, but also keeping one's eyes open for the dots. Many see no dots and they take the shrill purveyors of climate doom at their word — never daring to look deeper or to listen to the equally, or more often, higher credentialed climate scientists who disagree. To the astute thinker and observer, this crisis of "climate change" is all obviously Marxism/Leninism built on a Gramscian model. You may remember that during the so-called "cold war" the Soviets were paranoid about any of their people actually seeing the West — mainly because of the reality of its freedom, productivity and peacefulness. They spent a great deal of money and effort brainwashing their population as to the drab, violent, decrepit nature of Western capitalism.Cuban Poverty They could not afford to let their people see the stark difference between the free West and the abject poverty of the Marxist/Leninist countries.[Cuba photo, right] In today’s world these collectivist agents of "crisis" are attempting to destroy capitalism utterly so that there will be no examples of the free market anywhere to observe. At that point, when most of those who still might remember its blessing, will have died off, the new generation will see the drabness, the lack of freedom, the oppression of world socialism as "normal" and, in many cases, even beneficial.

I remember traveling to New Orleans for the first time and seeing the neighborhoods with their houses jammed so close together one could pass a newspaper from house to house merely by opening one's window. I thought at time — "How can people live like this?" In becoming friends with several of those living there, I found that they knew no other way — it all became normal to them. Once they moved and lived in better neighborhoods they could not believe they had lived like that. Humans can be made to accept terrible conditions as long as they know of no alternatives. We also saw this during the Great Depression. Many never realized they were poor — which is exactly what my mother-in-law has said many times. They never thought about having no indoor toilets, no hot water and other things that we now expect, because no one else around them had these things. That is the world the international socialist/fascists want to create. Then it will be easy to regiment the people into activities dictated by the wise, gnostic leaders of this "utopian world."

Dennis Cuddy just released his new book, Conspiracy, which is his best yet. He has a chapter in which he has a dialogue between himself and a skeptic — this is his most powerful statement on conspiracy yet. If one is not convinced by his arguments and proofs, then they are hopeless.

One must understand the Andropov principle in order to understand the world today. The idea that Putin is a better president than Obama is exactly the perception they want. Putin and Obama are evidently working together to create this illusion.[photo, right]Obama Putin shake hands
One must never forget that the Muslim jihadist began their quest for power first with Hitler’s aid and then the Soviets. The Soviets cleverly used them against the West to not only wage surrogate war but to demoralize our military and bankrupt our country. We have spent several trillion dollars on this war, far beyond the cost of Vietnam, Korea, and even the two World Wars combined. This is America’s longest, most expensive, and in human terms, most costly war.

The Andropov principle says that the West must be infiltrated and undermined by their agents of influence — the "change agents" as they are called. They have spent the past 40 years on this plan — which is only the final phase of a much older plan, one that has existed even before the Soviet state was created. Putin is bringing a Stalin-like government back to the Soviet Union as per the plan. He has taken over the Russian media, killed his opponents, is in the process of retaking the independent republics and has engineered false flag terrorist attacks on his country, all to consolidate his power and complete the final phase of the Andropov plan. He is now moving into the Middle East with his forces. His nuclear forces have been modernized and his conventional military machine brought up-to-date as well. The rift with Turkey is either a false flag or something that he will eventually overcome with the aid of those in the U.S. that are part of the Andropov plan as well. It is also designed to demonstrate the impotence of NATO.

Those of us who have studied the early anti-communist investigations of the 1930s to 1960s, are aware of how deeply our government, in all its branches, has been heavily infiltrated for well over 60 years. The communists have taken our country many years ago for all intents and purposes, but they are designing a peaceful revolution in that the people will be disarmed and the media, the publishing houses and mass numbers of liberal/leftist sympathizers will aid them in their wresting of final control. There will be violence, but far less than an earlier attempt would have at attempting to take the West by outright force. Europe has been long lost and exists in a state of paralysis, and America is close, not far behind. Latin America is also lost for all intents and purposes. If you study Zbigniew Brzezinski’s, Henry Kissinger’s, and David Rockefeller's works you will see that their aim was the peaceful union with the USSR and creation of a world government ruled by the big three — Russia, China and the United States. Of course, history should teach us that there is no honor among the despotic. This will lead to wars and mass death of which the world has never seen.

References are available upon request.

Dr. Russell L. Blaylock is President of Advanced Nutritional Concepts and Theoretical Neurosciences in Jackson, Mississippi. He has written numerous path-blazing scientific papers and many books, including Excitotoxins — The Taste That Kills (1994), Bioterrorism: How You Can Survive (2001), Health and Nutrition Secrets (2002), and Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients (2003). He is Associate Editor-in-Chief and a Consulting Editor in Basic Neuroscience for Surgical Neurology International (SNI).

Putin- Erdogan feud!

“US urges Turkey and Russia to end row over downed plane, BBC, December 1, 2015

“…US defence secretary Ashton Carter later said Turkey had to do more to combat Islamic State militants , saying it had not effectively controlled its borders to stop the movement of IS fighters.
Speaking in Washington, he urged Turkey to increase its resistance to the jihadists ‘both in the air and on the ground’ ”.

“Mr Erdogan also spoke to reporters after Tuesday's meeting with the US president. He said his government wanted to reduce tensions and was ‘determined to keep up the fight’ against IS.

“…Until a few months ago, Turkey was reluctant to play an active role in the coalition against IS. However, in August it allowed the US-led coalition to begin using its airbase at Incirlik.
Russia has imposed sanctions on Turkey over the downing of the plane, including restrictions on imports of Turkish food and an end to visa-free travel.

“…Russian President Vladimir Putin - who is also in Paris - accused the Turkish government of attacking its jet to protect the illegal oil trade with Islamic State… IS earns much of its money from oil fields it controls in north-eastern Syria and western Iraq. Some of the oil is sold to the Assad regime and some is smuggled through middlemen to Turkey. Mr Erdogan reiterated his denial that his government was involved in the trade…

“President Erdogan has vowed to step down if Russia's claim about Turkey's trade with IS is proven…”