Despite White House spin, the media quickly nailed the Bowe Bergdahl story

Fox News - 0 sec ago
It’s hard to imagine now, but the Obama administration initially tried to present the freeing of Bowe Bergdahl as a good news story.
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Alps crash co-pilot 'hid illness'

BBC News - 7 min 33 sec ago
Alps crash co-pilot Andreas Lubitz hid details of an existing illness from his employers, German prosecutors say.
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VIDEO: Yemen: Houthi heartlands targeted

BBC News - 10 min 46 sec ago
A Saudi-led coalition has carried out further bombing raids against Shia Houthi rebels in Yemen, hitting their northern heartland.
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US gives permit to rhino hunter

BBC News - 16 min 18 sec ago
A man who won an auction to shoot an endangered black rhino in Namibia has been given a US permit to import the trophy if he kills one.
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Boko Haram HQ in Nigeria 'retaken'

BBC News - 22 min 52 sec ago
The Nigerian army says it has retaken the north-eastern town of Gwoza, believed to be the headquarters of Islamist militant group Boko Haram.
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Dermot O'Leary leaves The X Factor

BBC News - 33 min 9 sec ago
Presenter and broadcaster Dermot O'Leary will no longer host ITV's The X Factor after eight years on the programme.
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Ukraine top official to be released

BBC News - 42 min 33 sec ago
A senior Ukrainian official arrested two days ago at a televised cabinet meeting over corruption allegations is to be freed due to a lack of evidence.
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Israel to resume tax transfers to PA

BBC News - 47 min 5 sec ago
Israel is to stop withholding tax revenues collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority, a move that has crippled the Palestinian economy.
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Ethics panel steps up inquiry of Kentucky Rep. Whitfield

Fox News - 52 min 2 sec ago
The House Ethics Committee is forming an investigative subcommittee to determine whether Republican Rep. Ed Whitfield of Kentucky violated House rules by allowing his wife to lobby staff members on issues related to her work with the Humane Society of the United States.  
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British medic declared free of Ebola

BBC News - 56 min 10 sec ago
A UK military medic has been discharged from hospital in London after being declared free of Ebola. Cpl Anna Cross was the first person in the world to be given the experimental drug MIL 77.
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Bomb and gunfight hit Somali hotel

BBC News - 1 hour 57 sec ago
Militants storm a hotel in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, after a car bomb explodes killing at least seven people.
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Dwyer found guilty of O'Hara murder

BBC News - 1 hour 14 min ago
An architect accused of murdering a childcare worker in the Republic of Ireland is found guilty.
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Sierra Leone in Ebola lockdown

BBC News - 1 hour 17 min ago
The authorities in Sierra Leone are enforcing a three-day national lockdown to curb the spread of Ebola, except for short windows to pray.
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Will Reid, Obama form bitter-end caucus?

Fox News - 1 hour 19 min ago
If Reid is, like Obama, still in a position of authority but beyond the reach of voters, things could get interesting.
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Intel official: Iran ‘pissed’ at Iraq for joining with US in Tikrit fight

Fox News - 1 hour 24 min ago
An intelligence official told Fox News that Iran's government is fuming over the U.S. joining forces with Iraq in the fight for Tikrit -- a decision that led Iran-backed militias to stand down.
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VIDEO: Ebola lockdown in Sierra Leone

BBC News - 1 hour 37 min ago
The authorities in Sierra Leone are enforcing a three-day lockdown to curb the spread of Ebola, with the entire population ordered to stay at home
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Singapore advises against Lee queues

BBC News - 2 hours 2 min ago
Singapore urges people not to join the queue to view Lee Kuan Yew lying in state, while India declares a day of national mourning for the statesman.
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Uighurs to remain in Thai detention

BBC News - 2 hours 19 min ago
A court in Thailand rules that a group of Muslim Uighurs at the centre of a diplomatic dispute between Turkey and China can remain in Thai detention.
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Sex abuse 'cover-up' inquiry extended

BBC News - 2 hours 21 min ago
Three new investigations into alleged corruption by the Metropolitan Police over claims of child abuse are to be managed by the police watchdog.
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US Senate's Harry Reid to retire

BBC News - 2 hours 27 min ago
The top Democrat in the US Senate, Harry Reid, has announced he will not seek re-election in 2016.
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